Top 5 Best CountDown Plugins for WordPress

By on June 19th, 2021

Website owners and readers always question how to add a timer or a countdown of something on their website. These timers or countdowns are a great way to build anticipation, excitement and help us to create the FOMO effect. These countdowns are regularly used in Trade markets, e-stores, and product sales. If you have a website and you want to create marketing about your product with a hype. In that case, you can use these countdowns to attract visitors and readers. The countdowns about events, products, or limited-time offers will help you to attract visitors and traffic.

How can we put these countdowns on WordPress sites? It’s too easy with a WordPress site. We just have to install a plugin. There are many types of plugins available which offer different types of countdowns. These countdowns will be very helpful, it can get your visitor excited for anything that has yet happened. It also helps us engage the visitor with our brand and can be a great lead generation technique. So, just thinking about adding a clock on the web page which shows a product on sale with a discount can also boost your sales.

The countdown timers can be divided into two groups. The first one is called Normal Countdown Timers, or we can say static or fixed countdown timers. This type of timer will count down to a certain point. It can be a product launch or a sale start. The point is, this timer’s countdown clock’s endpoint is the same for everyone. It doesn’t change depending on who’s viewing. Now, the second type of timer will be called evergreen Timers or Dynamic timers. These timers are specific for each visitor. This timer will automatically start the countdown when a visitor arrives on the site. For example- it might be a 5 hours countdown to take advantage of the special offers.

Both timer techniques can be powerful marketing strategies. It will create a sense of urgency. So, in this article, we will learn about some Countdown plugins in brief. Many plugins will only allow you to put standard timers, but some will also offer evergreen timers. The plugins are…

  1. Countdown Timer Ultimate.
  2. Countdown Builder
  3. Evergreen Countdown Timer
  4. WordPress Countdown
  5. HurryTimer

Let’s understand each plugin briefly, one by one.

1. Countdown Timer Ultimate

CountDown timer Ultimate plugin for WordPress

The Countdown Timer Ultimate Plugin is a simple plugin that offers different timers on our WordPress website. But, this plugin is not capable of showing evergreen timers for specific users. We can use this plugin to show countdowns on your website as many as we want. Customize them as per our design as we want in a few minutes. We can even use these timers on our posts and pages.

The Countdown Timer Ultimate plugin will provide you a short code. We just need to copy the short code and put it on your required pages or posts. It offers a fully responsive WordPress site timer, which can be easily noticed by the visitor. There’s no limit on Customization; we can change background color and width, the timer circle’s background, and width. With the help of this plugin, we can change the Days, hours, minutes, and seconds. We can hide them as well as show them it completely depends on us.

Here, you can see some examples of the timer created in the Countdown Timer Ultimate plugin.

CountDown timer ultimate examples

This plugin also has native support from page builders like Elementor, Beaver and Site origin, Divi, Fusion page builder. These all features will be included in the free version. We can also go with the premium version; it also provides many advanced features like Custom CSS, Schedule Timer, Recurring Timer, etc.


CountDown timer ultimate pricing

The Countdown Timer Ultimate plugin comes in both free and paid versions. The free version will come with limited functionality. But, we can build as many Countdowns as we want. Then the paid version will come with advanced functionality, which costs you around $119 per year. But this plan will only be usable on 1 website. If you want to use these countdowns more than one website from one plan. In this case, they have a specific plan which costs around $149 per year. With this plan, you can set these timers and countdowns on unlimited websites.

They also have a lifetime plan with unlimited website support. This plan’s cost is $299.

2. Counter Builder

CountDown builder for WordPress

The Counter Builder is another plugin that offers multiple different style countdown timers. You can find many types of designs for the Counter timers, for example, Flip clock countdowns, Circle countdowns, and Coming soon page with countdown. We can also put this timer or countdowns to any post or page using WordPress block editor. You just have to select the Countdown block, which is available in the Widget section. We also can choose some specific post and page where this timer will automatically display.

Here you can see some examples of the timers which are created in Counter Builder plugins.

Countdown builder examples

If you want to change the timer’s look and design, you can use the built-in editor. We can change the clock look in detail like Font size, Labels, and Animations. Even if you don’t have to use any CSS for it, the built-in editor of this plugin is brilliant. This plugin is also available on both free and Pro versions. The pro plan will come with advanced features.



The Silver plan will cost you $20 with features like Email signup, scheduled timers in advance, Hide/ Show timer in mobile devices, and more. Then there are more than three plans available for different use as the Gold plan, Platinum plan, Bundle plan. With a gold plan, you can use the timers on the Woo-commerce website, and you can use the timers on up to 5 websites. It also has many features regarding E-stores. The Gold plan’s cost is around $35. The platinum plan comes with unlimited site support and almost all the features, which cost around $75.

Then the final plan called Bundle comes with all the features of the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plan, and then it also has its features list. The Bundle plan’s cost is $100 per year.

3. EverGreen Countdown Timer 

Evergreen countdown timer for WordPress

The Evergreen Countdown timer is also one of the famous plugins available in the WordPress library. This plugin will help you to create an EverGreen Countdown timer as its name. But not just the EverGreen timer; it also offers you to create an ordinary timer too. This plugin will use the cookie or IP address of the visitor to create an evergreen timer for a specific visitor. To add the timer on the page, we just have to copy the shortcode and paste it to your required place. Once the countdown hits zero, we can set a specific URL and redirect visitors to specific URLs like the Registration page.

We can create unlimited countdown timers for our pages and posts. Customization support is now mandatory for the web tools to customize the element as per our design. The EverGreen Countdown Timer allows you to customize the design of the timers. We can customize the colors, labels, and dimensions to match our landing page or website. You can create unlimited countdown timers with the Evergreen Countdown Plugin if you have many products or more than one landing page.

The most important feature of this plugin is, we can also display the available spots or seats, tickets also. It’s easily integrated with our Email address; it will help you send the timers as a marketing technique. This plugin is available with free and pro plans. The Pro plan comes with advanced features like unlimited colors and other features like spots/tickets countdown. 


As we discussed, the Evergreen Countdown Plugin is available for free, but it comes with limited features. There are 3 different plans available for different uses. The Personal plan is the cheapest plan which costs $47. This plan can be used on only one website, and it comes with all pro features with lifetime validity and one-year support. The second plan is the Marketer plan which costs about $77. The difference between a personal plan and a marketer is the marketer plan can be used on up to 5 websites.

Then the final plan of this plugin is the Hero plan which can be helpful for the developers. With this plan, you can use this plugin for up to 25 websites with all the pro features. Its cost is $127 with lifetime ownership and one-year support as well as upgrades.

4. WordPress Countdown Plugin

WordPress countdown widget

WordPress Countdown Plugin is a free plugin that allows you to put multiple timers on your website. Its drag and drop interface makes it easy to create and manage the countdown timers. This plugin will allow you to display the countdown timer on Widgets, Posts, and pages. You can create a customized Countdown timer in just a few clicks. This plugin also offers count-up timers, which allows our timer to count up from a point in the past than counting down to a point in the future. For example, we can create a plugin to show how long it’s been since a historical event like a birthday of someone.

You can use this timer to note a specific event in past on your website. So, the WordPress Countdown Plugin is a free plugin that offers Countdown/Count Up timers anywhere on your website. Also supports easy translation, color customization, and multiple instances. 


WordPress Countdown Plugin is a Free plugin, so we don’t have to pay anything to display the countdown timers. It does not come with a Pro or paid plan so you cannot upgrade to have better features in the same plugin. If you just want simple countdown timers on your website, you can go with the plugin.

5. Hurry Timer

Hurry timer for WordPress

The Hurry Timer plugin is also a good choice because its free plan lets you create standard and EverGreen countdown timers. The EverGreen timers will help you give each site visitor their unique Countdown timers depending on their local timezone and the moment they visited your site. These evergreen timers will use IP Address and Cookie detection to display the right time to each user. We can also create countdown timers that run between two fixed dates. This feature is helpful for those who want to get ready for an upcoming sale in advance.  

These timers can be easily used with Woo-commerce stores. You can even display many timers on the same page if you want. So, as we know Hurry timer plugin is available with both free and Pro plans. The pro plan has many other essential features like the Scheduled timer. It also provides Recurring countdown timers, which are also called self-repeating. It automatically runs as per the rules we set. And once the timer expires, you can set any actions like hiding Countdown Timer, Redirect To URL, Display a message, hide or change the product stroke or add to cart button.

The Hurry Timer also offers a Live design customizer; we can create designs that suit our website. We can use the custom labels like days, hours, minutes, and seconds. It is also compatible with all the page builders, with multiple uses. There are many pro features available, such as User Session, Advanced Live Design Customizer, Priority Support. But you have to pay for it.


Hurry timer pricing

There are two types of plans; the first one is Annual plans which are available with a 1-year subscription plan. And second, is the Lifetime plan; in this type, you will get the same plan as annual but with a lifetime subscription. 

The first plan is a Personal Plan. This plan will cost you around $39 per year and $69 with a lifetime subscription. You’ll have complete authorization to use every plugin’s feature in this plan but for 1 website only. Then the second plan is the Marketer plan. Its cost for 1 year is $79 and $99 with lifetime validity. And your subscription will work with 5 websites. The Agency plan costs you around $139 per year and can be used on 25 websites. You can buy an Agency with lifetime validity for $189.


Conclusion: WordPress always offers a lot of options when it comes to selecting a plugin for a specific task. In this list, we have explained in detail about the best we can find from the repository and in the marketplace. All the plugins have different types of features suitable for different types of users. You can read the in-detail review about the plugin and decide the best one according to your requirements. If you have any questions, please let us know in the following comment section. We are happy to help!

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