The 5 Best Event Management Plugins for WordPress

By on August 1st, 2021

If you’re looking for a feature-rich event plugin for your WordPress website, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the best event management plugins. WordPress platform also provides different calendar plugins, but it’s not the same as a fully functional events plugin or any event management tool.

Calendars only display dates of events, while the event plugins also offer you different features like ticketing, RSVPs, Guest management, and automated email notification. It also provides booking forms that allow your users to participate in the events. So, here in this article, we have some event plugin collections that will help you manage any events. You can use even these plugins on any size of the project, and these plugins come with various tools. 

It is possible to use the event plugins for different purposes, as it helps you sell the tickets for the events. You can even share detailed information about the upcoming events; these all things can be done with the free plugin. But if you want to give your visitors the ability to register attendance for the events, even make them allow you to purchase.

These event management plugins also allow you to integrate calendar plugins like Google Calendar. You will see both free and premium plugins in this article. The premium plugins will also provide customization options for personalizing the design of your calendar. Some of them are also capable of integrating and working with E-commerce tools like WooCommerce and Paypal.

Some of the event plugins from the list allow you to provide detailed information about the event. You can add images, maps, speakers, and payment methods. Some plugins also allow you to create and manage more than one calendar and event for your website. In short, you will find a great collection of the plugin with different uses and features. Let’s jump in with the plugin list, and then we will discuss each plugin briefly one by one.

  1. EventOn
  2. Events Manager
  3. Event Organiser
  4. Event Calendar WD
  5. Modern Events Calendar

1. EventOn

EventOn Event Management plugin for WordPress

Here, The first plugin of this article is the EventOn plugin. This plugin is only available as a premium, and it is a complete bundle of features. You can choose this plugin as your primary plugin if you don’t want to spend time choosing a plugin for event management because this plugin provides you with enough features that you will need to handle a perfect event plugin.

One of the best features provided by this plugin is its visual graphics and layouts. This plugin has some unique ways to display the upcoming events with a calendar. It provides the most colorful and modern-looking calendar, which can easily beat out all of this article’s plugins. All the details like event times, venues or locations, even event cancellations will be displayed right on the calendar widget.

EventOn is one of the most popular event plugins of CodeCanyon. It has 31,000+ sales and a bundle of good reviews. Just because it also provides an excellent and user-friendly user interface. It provides many different tools and features like Event Organizing Tools and Location Management features.

This plugin also provides an intelligent search bar; it helps visitors and users find specific events. EventOn also comes with social sharing buttons. It will help you share the event information on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The default tile design of the calendar design does look great, and even we can easily customize the appearance of the calendar. You can use the personalizing tools to look at the calendar as per your design.

The EvenOn plugin is one of the most used plugins for Event Management. You can find 4.4 out of 5-star ratings at CodeCanyon. It already has 49,000+ Active installations. So, let’s discuss some important features of this plugin. Here is the list of features provided by this plugin.

  • One of the best things about this plugin is, It is one of the most popular plugins. It is a feature-rich plugin that is available at a low price on CodeCanyon.
  • The visual layout and design of this plugin are stunning and modern. This plugin’s designs and customizations tool can beat all of the available plugins on this list. 
  • This plugin allows you to show detailed information about the event on the calendar. You can display everything like images, locations and maps, ticket purchase buttons, and Social share buttons. It will help your visitor to understand the event criteria and every vital detail about the event.
  • This plugin also allows you to add custom meta fields. You can add up to 10 pieces of custom event data fields.

The EventOn Plugin is only available as a premium version, and you can easily find this plugin on CodeCanyon. It also shows some of the best example calendars designed by this plugin. You can buy the premium version of this plugin for $25 with six months of support from the developer. You have to pay only once for the plugin license, and then after six months, you can easily buy the support for this plugin which costs you around $8 for 12-month support.

2. Events Manager

Events Manager plugin for WordPress

The second plugin of this article is Events Manager. This is another most popular event plugin, but this plugin is available as a free version. The free version has some limited features, and you can upgrade Events Manager Pro if there’s a need for advanced features.

But the free version has enough features required from a plugin to create and manage event calendars. Still, the premium version gives you premium support and a custom payment gateway too. The premium version will also provide you spam protection, and discount coupons support built-in. It also provides customization support so you can customize the booking forms. It also comes with PayPal support.

The Event Manager is one of the most popular plugins with more than 10,000 active installations. It regularly provides updates, and recently the developers upgrade Event Manager 5 with some unique new features. Even this plugin can enable registration for your events. It is designed to work seamlessly with the buddy repress plugin.Which will allow you to enable user activity feeds, discussion areas, and many more other features.

Events Manager also allows you to integrate other plugins with this plugin that can improve the appearance of the booking calendar. The Events Manager will also allow you to create many venues as per your need to be assigned to future events.

The event Manager plugin provides you many exciting features that will help you engage visitors to your website. For example, You can integrate the Google Map with the event details to ensure your visitors about the venue and directions. There are so many features available in this plugin which is very beneficial for event management. Here is the list of features provided by this plugin. Let’s discuss each feature in brief.

  • The Event Manager provides complete event creation and sharing tools for free. It is the second most used plugin for event management. You need to upgrade the plugin with a premium version if there’s a need for paid support.
  • You can easily manage single-day events with this plugin. It has a simple interface that will automatically start registration at the selected time and ends as per your requirement. It will send the event information to the visitors and users who just registered themselves to attend the event.
  • This plugin has some main focus on Google Maps integrations. You can add a Google Map with location with the event information on your website. Even this plugin provides this feature with a free version.
  • The events Manager plugin also provides features for your visitors and users. With the help of this plugin, your website visitors can submit their events. This feature is a great option provided by this plugin; it is also helpful to increase the number of visitors and public events. 
  • This plugin has all the tools which are required from an Event management plugin. For example, you can easily offer registration for multi-day events, and the admin has all the rights to accept and reject the registrations.
  • We can easily attach this plugin with BuddyPress; it will help us to share the information on social media networks.

As we discussed, this plugin is available as free and premium versions. The free version has enough features required by the average person who wants event management for the personal website. The Premium version has some advanced features which will make your event management more manageable and attractive. You can upgrade your free version to premium at $75. 

The premium version will provide you with some features like custom event attributes to add additional structured information. I suggest using the free version first, and then you can upgrade it anytime if there’s a need for extra cool features.

3. Event Organiser

Event Organiser plugin for WordPress

The Event Organiser is another WordPress plugin that provides suitable event calendars for WordPress websites. It is a perfect solution for your website because this plugin can interconnect with WordPress and provides combinations with default custom post types. We need to install the plugin, then choose the right custom post type to maintain the WordPress post and formats. It will also provide you additional control for event modules.

This is a free plugin that allows you to create both one-time and recurring events. This plugin also allows you to create specific locations and venues to associate with multiple events. One of the most reliable features of this plugin is this plugin has many different widgets to display the events. You can use the shortcodes to display those widgets anywhere on your website.

The Event Organiser plugin has an intuitive user interface that provides tools that can easily manage one-time, recurring events. It also allows you to install add-ons that also help you to manage events. This plugin is available in both free and paid versions. The premium version will provide features like a booking form customizer, a complete management area, customizable emails, and various payment gateways.

With the help of this plugin, you can manage all the events from the WordPress dashboard. It provides a calendar view with different filters to easily manage all the events from one place. The free plugin has all the tools which can help you to create and manage the events. Then you can upgrade this plugin to have plenty of features and add-on support. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin. Here is the list of all the features available in this plugin.

  • The essential core plugin is free, and you can download it from the WordPress library. It has all the features which are required to create and manage the events. For the extra feature, you can buy a pro version which is not that expensive. The pro version comes with extraordinary features like coupons, customizations of the forms, etc.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can easily display the event lists or calendars. You can use the shortcodes to display the event information. It provides various widgets and event lists to select the design according to our website design easily.
  • You can also use this plugin for the local areas; it has substantial advantages for local businesses. This plugin supports dozens of languages provided by the contributors.
  • Events Organiser also allows you to create and maintain local venues and locations for the events. This plugin includes Google Maps, so the visitors and users can quickly identify events in their areas.
  • This plugin also allows you to manage complex recurring events. So, if you have an event for three days, then this plugin can manage it easily. 
  • The developers of this plugin provide a good amount of support. So, if you’re a beginner, you can choose this plugin and get help from the developer.

The Event Organiser has many different plans, and you can choose as per your required features. The price of the plugin will depend on the features you select. The more advanced features you select, the higher the pricing. The plugin’s price starts at $15, then the heist price of the plugin will be $50. 

4. Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar WD is another WordPress Event plugin. This plugin is available in both free and premium. If you’re looking for a Mobile-friendly and SEO Friendly plugin, then it is the perfect plugin for you. This plugin is cable of showing recurring, multiple-day, and single-day events.

Also, you can create and manage unlimited events with the help of this plugin. Even this plugin is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a plugin that allows you to share the event information. Even this plugin is capable of collecting RSVPs through a WordPress site. In short, the Event Calendar WD plugin allows you to create a calendar that we can manage through WordPress. It will also provide you with options to sell the tickets and send the invitations.

If we talk about other Event Calendar WD plugin features, it comes with five different themes. You can choose a calendar theme per your website design, and you can even customize them as per your requirement. This plugin provides you complete control of the appearance and how the users will interact with it. This plugin also has a Customer support team that is ready to help. It provides filters and headers, which are customizable too.

Even though it also supports plugins, you have 14 different add-on options. It will help you to provide various functionalities and designs to your business website. One of the most fundamental features is, this plugin also supports Google Maps integrations. It also allows you to add categories, locations, tags, videos to your event directly from your website. So, here is the list of features provided by this plugin. 

  • The Event Calendar WD plugin comes with modern, responsive, and beautiful calendars. Your visitors and users will interact with it and gather information about the event. This plugin also allows you to create unlimited events with categories.
  • This plugin comes with the highest level of flexibility. It allows you to publish the event’s information on social media networks. It supports one-time and recurring events. You can even post those calendars on pages and posts of your website. We will provide all the information on the calendar.
  • Event Calendar WD plugin also allows you to offer multiple event display views. You can create a separate page for separate events or categorize them as per your type.
  • This plugin offers you some customizable themes you can access, but first, you have to buy one of its premium plans.
  • It also has the full support for Google Maps so that you can help your users and visitors with physical venues. It will help them to guide through the venue of events.
  • We can even sell the tickets with the help of the Event Calendar WD plugin. The essential requirement for this feature is a pro plan. 
  • This calendar has some unique ideas for displaying. It allows you to provide calendar options to the user like monthly view, list of events, etc. 
  • Even though various extensions are available, it will help you provide some unique functionality like front-end management, custom field, and event tickets.

This plugin is available in different variants as per the features. The first plan is a Basic plan which costs you around $25, and it will support only one domain and six months of updates and support. The second one is a standard plan which will cost you around $40. This plan Will supports three domains and other features like one-year support and updates. Then the final plan is the Advanced plan which costs $60, and it has the highest support for dominos. You can use it with 30 domains with one-year support and updates.

5. Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar plugin for WordPress

Here is the last plugin of this article. The most exciting fact about this plugin is that this plugin has modern, beautiful, and responsive designs. The name of the plugin is Modern Events Calendar. There’s a benefit to this plugin. After you choose this plugin, you don’t need any customizations.

This plugin has the most beautiful and modern designs ever. But there’s one thing to be clear about this plugin. If you need any online ticketing system, then this plugin is not for you guys. This plugin comes with list and calendar view designs. It also has the capability of a countdown plugin. The essential core plugin is free, and it is capable of creating and booking directly from the calendar. Also, support single and recurring events.

This plugin has a wide range of calendar designs. It is the best option for branding and fitting into your website. More features help for recurring events. We can create repeating events, which makes it easier to handle the events and saves enormous time. In other words, you can keep the party going all night if you want.

The most impressive thing about this plugin is that you can add more functionalities with the pro version. The pro version will allow you to use features like weather updates, embedded maps, and local timezones. It also worlds smoothly with PayPal and Stripe gateways. So, let’s understand all the features provided by this plugin. Here, you can see the list.

  • The first feature of the Modern Events Calendar is you can import all the events. Even it allows you to import previously created events from different plugins.
  • This plugin can create and manage single and recurring events.
  • This plugin also allows you to add countdown modules, never-ending events, and event repeat options.
  • You can even mansion the reason for the event cancellation. 
  • Modern Events Calendar is one of the plugins which allows you to create forms however you want.
  • Just like all the plugins from this article, this plugin is also responsive and mobile-friendly. Its awesome designs and calendar themes work smoothly with every device from all the screen sizes.
  • This plugin comes with free integration of some essential tools like PayPal and Google Maps.
  • This plugin is fully compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce.
  • One of the most important facts or features about a plugin is Customer support. This plugin has powerful customer support.

The essential free plugin is available at the WordPress library, but it has a limited number of features. The Core plugin has enough features which are required to manage the events successfully. Then the first premium plan for one website will cost you around $59. It comes with lifetime auto-update support. Then $199 for five websites. Both are applicable to access all the themes of this plugin. Then this license for ten websites will cost you $339.

Conclusion: As you saw, Event plugins in WordPress are different from Calendars. A great event plugin will not only show you when the event is, but it will also help you with execution of the event. You saw, All the plugins do some task very well! So, You can select a plugin from this list and try it out. If your first choice is not the best first, there are 4 more to try. Let us know in the comment section if you need help regarding event plugins in WordPress. We will respond as soon as possible with help!

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