The 10 Best FAQ Plugins for WordPress site

By on July 31st, 2021

High-quality support is one of the most effective keys to a successful business. You’ll find many ways to maintain relations between you and your customer. So here, in this article, we will talk about one of the most reliable and essential FAQs components. The FAQs are a mandatory website component because your website users and visitors always wanted to make sure before making a purchase decision.

So with the FAQs section, the visitors ask frequent questions about the product or service. You can answer them online and provide some necessary information about the product. This will help you to increase interactions with your website users. While other new visitors and customers can also read out the question answers. 

Answering frequent questions can be time-consuming and repetitive. In this case, WordPress has the best solution called FAQs plugins. The FAQs will help your visitors to eliminate any frictions on their conversion path. The best way to cancel the repetition on FAQs, you can directly add the basic and frequent questions to your website. You can add the FAQ section on your website without using a single line code. Even the coding nature is too time-consuming.

So with the WordPress website, you can easily download a FAQ plugin and start using it to manage FAQs on your site. There are so many FAQ plugins available in the WordPress library. With the use of a Plugin, we can streamline the process and incorporate advanced styling.

So, In this article, we will talk about some of the best FAQ plugins. These FAQ plugins will help you to display the FAQ sections on a dedicated page. Or you can add multiple sections on different pages of the website. Most of the FAQ plugins will allow you to customize the FAQ sections. You can build a beautiful Section that can match up with your website. We will also talk about the benefits of an FAQ section and the advantages of the FAQ plugin.

So firstly we will talk about some important topics like the use of the FAQ section and how they will help us. After that, we will talk about some best FAQ plugins which are specially chosen for this article. So, let’s dive in and understand the FAQ section completely.

Why do we need an FAQ section on our website?

  • The FAQ section will help your visitors to ask frequent questions about your product or service. It will help us to boost the conversations and sales. 
  • The answers to the frequently asked questions will help your visitors to collect more information about the product. It will boost the trust and reputation of your website and brand.
  • The FAQ section is beneficial to grow the customer base for your website. And as your website and visitors number grows, you’re site also needs to grow with it. 
  • Your visitors or customers will have a good experience with your business. The FAQ sections can provide all the required information to complete a buyer journey on your website.
  • With the help of the FAQ section, we can provide one-on-one service to every customer who needs it. The customer also prefers the self-service and self-speaking websites then talk to a customer representative.
  • The Frequently Asked Questions will help you to keep your existing customers and visitors. It is easier because Attracting new visitors and customers will be six to seven times more expensive.
  • The FAQ sections will help you to make your users more satisfied. They will share the information related to your product with their friends and family. And this can be a prime opportunity to spread out your brand to the world without any cost.
  • The FAQ sections are free marketing techniques. Your customers and visitors will become your best advocates as long as they have a positive experience with your brand.
  • One of the most effective critical benefits for your business is, FAQ sections can increase traffic. As traffic grows on your website, it increases the chances of having more leads for your business.
  • It also helps keep your business in the spotlight and promotes more engagement and trust. It’s hard to serve 24/7 customer support for any business; the FAQs will help you to have the knowledge about some common questions.

So, we discussed the key benefits of the FAQ section. Now, let’s discuss some of the best FAQ plugins available for WordPress websites. We will discuss every plugin with its key features and pricing in detail.

So here is the list of the selected plugins.

  1. YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers
  2. Easy Accordion
  3. Ultimate FAQ
  4. Quick and Easy FAQs
  5. Accordion FAQ
  6. HTML5 Responsive FAQ
  7. Heroic FAQs
  8. Fancy FAQ
  9. Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs
  10. Arconix FAQ

1. YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers

YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers

There’s a specific need for FAQ sections for WooCommerce store owners. The FAQ section is one of the most important sections for WooCommerce stores. And it will help the visitors to get the extra information about the product. For example, an online fashion store has products like shirts and trousers. Now, people want some additional details on size, color, shade, and material. In this case, the plugin will provide FAQ sections on every product page. It’s imperative to add frequent questions and answers regarding every store item. So, with the help of this plugin, you can add these FAQs. 

There are many plugins available that can help you to accomplish your FAQs needs. But the YITH WooCommerce plugin takes it to the next level. You can do many things with this plugin that are helpful for your WooCommerce store. 

  • As we discussed, this plugin will allow your visitors to ask frequent questions related to products.
  • This plugin allows you to display all the questions and answers on the front-end. It will benefit the buyers; they will gain knowledge about the product that is not available in the product description.
  • This plugin also offers authentications to the website backend users. So, they can choose the questions which need to be answered. The Admin can also authorize some users, so they can set a limit on questions.

The YITH WooCommerce plugin will allow you to have complete control over the FAQ sections. It will also help you to engage the users and new visitors. Also, as per the research, more than 70% of users prefer to read the FAQs about the product before making a product purchase.

The listing of the commonly asked questions will help your user to have the required information about the product. For example, suppose you want to buy a laptop online, and you have a specific requirement for an M.2 SSD slot. You can find the information about the product in two ways.

First of all, you can read the product FAQ section where other people already asked the related questions. Or you can request a frequent question to the store owner about your needs. In this case, you’ll find the required information in the FAQ section. Just like that, it will help other users to have the necessary information related to the product.

Now, the YITH WooCommerce plugin’s premium version will cost you $7 per year. This price also offers a voting feature where users can vote thumbs up or down to the answers. The users can submit their email addresses to ask questions and also get notifications with many more features. 

2. Easy Accordion

Easy Accordion for WordPress

The Easy Accordion plugin is another plugin that allows us to display FAQ sections for free. However, this plugin is lightweight and fast. And it comes with too many excellent features and customizations. But we have to understand some things about a WordPress website. Too many plugins can increase the load time of a WordPress website.

In this case, the Easy Accordion plugin is the lightest plugin that comes with many features. It allows you to choose from hundreds of Typography options. This plugin also has hundreds of icons and colors. It also offers many FAQ themes. You can directly use them on your website. Or you can customize them as per your website’s design.

The Easy Accordion plugin provides a variety of themes and customizations. It has some unique FAQ sections; if you have a widget area on your website, we can display it on that area. It’s a flexible plugin that also allows the Drag and Drops interface. Let’s discuss some cool features of these plugins.

  • This plugin has an Intuitive Admin Panel. Well managed and clean interface which is easy to use.
  • As we discussed, It is a lightweight plugin that doesn’t slow down our website. This plugin comes with a bundle of features; still, it is a fast-loading plugin.
  • This plugin is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. The FAQs will look beautiful on any screen size device.
  • It has complete customization options available with hundreds of Icons and colors. Some pre-design themes are also available in this plugin. We can directly use them on our website; customization is also possible.
  • One of the best key features of this plugin, it comes with Drag-and-Drop accordion sorting. 

The Easy Accordion plugin has a free core plugin. There’s a premium version available that has some extra features like more theme options. It also has some additional cool features, but you have to pay $29 for the premium plugin. The premium version comes with a wide range of styling options.

3. Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQ plugin for WordPress

The Ultimate FAQ is another best plugin available for WordPress websites. As per its name, the Ultimate FAQ plugin offers WooCommerce integration and Block Editor optimization. This plugin is genuinely flexible; we can use it on any type of website. It can also adapt to nearly any level of user ability. This plugin also provides unlimited tag and category support. It also has excellent visual features like accordion and toggle that makes it more attractive.

Visitors and regular users of your website can comment on individual FAQs. It provides a collaborative experience on your WordPress website. The best part of this plugin is, it can be implemented by shortcodes. Also, this plugin can be integrated with the Gutenberg editor, which is one of the best editors available for WordPress.

The Ultimate FAQ plugin also evaluates all the FAQs’ performance. The dashboard also shows all the numbers, like how many times the FAQ is seen and its many questions. In short, you will get all the statistics in place so you can see the FAQ progress and increase the interactions with people. Here is the list of all the features provided by this plugin.

  • The Ultimate FAQ plugin allows you to create unlimited FAQs and Categories.
  • This plugin offers three different FAQ-related blocks. It is helpful for various websites that have different designs.
  • It can easily integrate with the WooCommerce e-store. This plugin provides an FAQ tab for WooCommerce product pages.
  • This plugin offers responsive accordion layouts. The FAQ sections will fit on any website and any screen-size device.
  • The Ultimate FAQ plugin also provides bulk import of FAQs from Google Spreadsheets.
  • This plugin also offers Custom CSS styling options. So you can customize the FAQ sections as per your requirement.

The Unlimited FAQ plugin is available as a free version but with limited features. So, in case you’re thinking of buying a premium version of this plugin. Then first install and use the free version. The premium version of this plugin is available with a $30 per year subscription. The premium version will allow you more styling features and functionality.

4. Quick and Easy FAQs

Quick and Easy FAQs plugin for WordPress

The Quick and Easy FAQ plugin is another plugin that has similar functionality with some super cool features. This plugin allows you to create your custom post types. It can be used as shortcodes anywhere on your website. The shortcodes can be used to display the Questions and Answers, it can be used anywhere, like on Widget Area or Sidebar.

This plugin provides custom post types where all the FAQs are live simultaneously. These FAQs can be displayed by filterable groups like Datewise or Titlebase. In short, this is one of the simple plugins which comes with default style settings. You can easily customize it as per your website’s design.

One of the most essential key features is, this is a free plugin. There is no premium version of this plugin, and with this price, it allows plenty of customization features. It also allows you to use CSS codes to customize the FAQ section; you can easily modify the FAQ section, which looks good, and Match Up with your website. In other words, this plugin allows you to customize the FAQ section elements like design, color, font, and much more. Now let’s discuss some cool features of this plugin. Here is the list.

  • The Quick and Easy FAQs plugin comes with pretty cool customization tools. You can customize the FAQ section as per your requirement. It allows you to change the colors, fonts, and other layouts. You can do it from the settings as well as With CSS codes.
  • This is a Translation ready plugin; you can use it on multilingual websites and E-stores. So, you don’t need many plugins to give translations in different languages and different countries.
  • And as we discussed earlier, this plugin supports custom post types. It will help you to create a custom post on FAQ sections. You can even divide them into different categories.

The Quick and Easy FAQ plugin is a Free Plugin. You can download it from the WordPress plugin library for free. This plugin has many powerful features that can be available at a high price with other popular plugins. The customization support is also good, you can use it, and it will work well with any kind of website.

5. Accordion FAQ

Accordion FAQ plugin for WordPress

We already discussed some best uses of the FAQ section. Some of the features are super cool and can increase traffic on your website or blog. But there are some disadvantages of FAQ sections; it feels terrifying when the FAQ section becomes long and cluttered. But there’s a solution for it; you can give a search bar upon the FAQ section.

So, people can find the related content or other users. Or we need a Collapsible, accordion-style layout which is already popular with FAQ sections. With this type of layout, you can save the visitors, who mostly leave when they feel they scroll excessively. Even the Accordion style layout will help them to have content and topic of their interest.

The Accordion FAQ plugin is not available as a free version, so you can’t try the plugin without purchasing. You can buy it from CodeCanyon for a basic amount. It comes with feature update support at that price. This plugin has the most popular FAQ displaying accordion-style where all the answers are hidden. People can read the questions and choose the topic of their interest.

As they click on the related question, it expands with other users’ solutions and additional related information. This plugin comes with all the essential features like Unlimited FAQ sections and shortcode support. You can change the FAQ style to a list in case you want a regular FAQ layout. It also provides drag-and-drop reordering. Let’s discuss some of the cool features offered by this plugin.

  • The Accordion FAQ plugin is a well-documented and translation-ready plugin. It can be used with any type of websites like blog, community, or E-commerce store.
  • With the help of this plugin, we can create multiple FAQ sections and accordions. 
  • You can display the FAQ sections with the help of shortcodes. It can be shown anywhere on the website where you can use the shortcodes to display elements.
  • Customization support is one of the most essential features. This plugin provides various types of customizations on colors. So, you can choose the best layout and colors which can match your website.
  • This plugin also allows access to some cool Font Awesome icons. It can be used on FAQ sections to have some cool effects.
  • And the final interesting feature of the Accordion FAQ plugin. It comes with a drag and drop builder; you can use it to organize the FAQ questions.

If you want a low-budget but powerful plugin, then this can be the right plugin for you. The Accordion FAQ is available free as well as premium version. We can easily download it from the WordPress library, but it comes with few basic features. You can buy an Accordion Pro version, a highly affordable price of $9 for six months. It is also available with a lifetime license for $29; you can use it on unlimited websites with this price.

6. HTML5 Responsive FAQ

HTML5 Responsive FAQ plugin for WordPress

The HTML5 Responsive FAQ plugin is one of the most famous and free WordPress plugins. With the help of this plugin, we can add unlimited questions and answers to our WordPress website. Even it let us create total categories of different FAQs. After making the FAQs, you can easily add them to your pages, so the visitors can use the information. And as per this plugin’s name, this is a responsive plugin. The FAQ created by this plugin is fully responsive. Then it can easily be displayed on any screen size devices like Laptops, Desktops, iPads and iPhones, Smartphones. This plugin has some unique features; it is fully customizable and also looks decent on our website.

HTML5 Responsive FAQ plugin can create a professional-looking FAQ section. It has some customization tools available that will help you make a FAQ section that can match your current WordPress theme. This plugin will help you to add a FAQ section that will look as professional as your site. This is an SEO-friendly plugin, so it can be used with any visual composer and content builder plugin. It has all the essential features required in an idol FAQ plugin, like Shortcodes and customizations. It has a layout that looks similar to the accordion FAQ layout, but you will have a list of questions with this plugin. All the visitors have to click on the question for the answer. Here is the list of all the unique features of this plugin.

  • The HTML5 Responsive FAQ plugin has customer shorting features. People can control the sorting of all the FAQ questions. You can find different sorting options; users can use them as per their requirements.
  • This plugin also comes with customization support. We can customize different elements and colors, Fonts family, and sizes. We can create a FAQ section that can match up with our website.
  • Also differentiate all the FAQs by their categories. You can add unlimited classes and create personalized categories titles.
  • Also supports shortcodes so we can display the FAQs anywhere we like. It has a fully responsive design, so it’s easy to deal with all screen-size devices.
  • And the last key feature of this plugin is the layout of the FAQ sections. It comes with Accordion style for clutter-free pages. 

The HTML5 Responsive FAQ plugin is available on the WordPress library, and it’s completely free. There are no premium versions available. All the features are accessible with a free plugin. It has features that are too expensive in case you choose any different paid version plugin.

7. Heroic FAQs

Heroic FAQs plugin for WordPress

The Heroic FAQ plugin is another plugin that allows us to add FAQs to your website. This plugin has some cool features like an easy backend interface and a well-designed plugin. It comes with some basic pre-defined styles which are ready to use. Just select the design according to your website design; you can even customize those pre-defined designs. The Heroic FAQ plugin is created with ease of use; it also supports drag and drops ordering. The drag and drop ordering will help you to edit or change the FAQ orders. All the changes will be done from one page; you don’t have to struggle more with this plugin. The most fantastic thing about this plugin is that the created FAQs will blend with your existing theme.

Heroic FAQ plugin also allows you to edit or customize the FAQ section with Visual editor and drag and drop interface. It also provides a wide range of icon styles and CSS3 animations. In short, it has many excellent features of other plugins. It represents them in the newest ways and avoids the adverse effects of the plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can add beautiful FAQs to your WordPress website.

Working with this plugin doesn’t require any programming knowledge. It has all the necessary tools to create and use an FAQ section. This plugin also provides options to add media files like images, videos, and lists. It will help the users to express and improve the user experience. It also saves more time consumed by pre-sales and support tickets. So, let’s discuss the features provided by the Heroic FAQ plugin one by one in brief.

  • This plugin provides fully responsive pre-defined templates. You can choose any of these templates which will look more attractive on every device. It has five pre-designed templates to choose from; you can even edit it with a visual editor. 
  • This plugin also allows you to add CSS3 Animations to your FAQ sections. If you have anything about CSS3 codes, then you can also create your own animations which look attractive on your website.
  • The drag and drop interface is a noticeable feature of this plugin. It will help you to arrange or edit the ordering of FAQs.
  • This plugin comes with 1-year support.

The Heroic FAQ plugin has 3 different plans for different uses. The first plan is Heroic FAQs Basic which will cost you $49 per year. It comes with 2-year support and updates. But it could be used only on one website. The second plan is Heroic FAQs Pro, and its cost is $69 per year. This plan allows you to use this single license on 3 websites. It has all the features of the Basic plan. The final plan is the Heroic FAQs Business plan which costs you $149 per year. It allows you to use this license on 5 websites.

8. Fancy FAQ

Gancy FAQ plugin for WordPress

Another excellent plugin helps us add FAQ sections on your page, post, or widget area. The Fancy FAQ plugin is easy to use and lets you quickly add FAQ sections to your required place using Shortcodes. This plugin allows custom post types from FAQs. You can easily create FAQ sections with categories according to your requirements.

All these things you can do directly from the WordPress dashboard. This plugin also provides responsive layouts of FAQ sections. So, it will look like beautiful FAQs for every screen size device. The shortcodes will allow you to display the FAQs. It also allows additional customizations like choosing the categories, sort orders, and limiting the numbers of FAQs displayed.

The Fancy FAQ plugin is fully responsive; it even looks better on smaller devices. All the animation effects work perfectly and respond quickly on different devices. You just need to create a FAQ section as per your need and paste the shortcode as per your required place. The Fancy FAQ section also provides options for toggle animations.

You can choose the best spirits as per your designs. And just like other famous plugins, this plugin also allows you to add images and videos directly from the WordPress editor. This plugin also allows customizations, you can change the colors and styles, but it doesn’t have many customization options. So here is the feature list of this plugin; let’s see each feature briefly.

  • As we discussed, this plugin supports custom post types. You can create custom post types and categories directly from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • This plugin is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. The FAQ section added with this plugin will look pretty beautiful on your website. It blends itself according to your website’s design.
  • The FAQ sections can be added anywhere on your website. You can add it by using shortcodes, and it allows you to add it even on post and widget areas.
  • Also provides some toggle animations which fire on visitors’ clicks. You can add animations on click to show answers.

The Fancy FAQ plugin is available in CodeCanyon for $19. With this price, you will also receive future updates and six-month support from the developer.

9. Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

It can be confusing to choose one and the best plugin when we have so many different choices. All the plugins provide similar types of features, some of them are paid, and some of them are free too. There are many plugins available that are free, still providing the features of paid plugins.

So, the most impressive thing about the Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQ plugin is it brings something different to the table. This plugin can do more than just creating an Accordion-Style FAQ list; it can also build the website and entire knowledge base of your site. This is a professional and intuitive plugin, which is already trusted by more than 50 WordPress Administrators.

The Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQ plugin is an SEO-friendly plugin. SO, it also helps you to increase the site rank as well as increase the Visitor numbers. Now the main reason behind the popularity of this plugin, it organizes FAQs by team, service, or product.

It provides different tabs for different types of FAQs; it is beneficial to have a neat and clean interface without any codes. This plugin allows customizations; you can set all the required changes with the Setup Wizard. Here is the list of provided features by the Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQ plugins.

  • The Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQ Plugin provides you a Setup Wizard at the starting. You can change the basic default settings as per your requirements. The setup wizard makes it easy to understand and use this plugin.
  • This plugin also allows users to upload other media files like documents, images, and videos on the FAQs. 
  • It provides different tabs for different FAQ sections like Team, Service, and Products. With the help of these organized documents, you will get a neat and clean user interface.
  • With the FAQ sections, this plugin also provides a search element. This search bar will help your clients and visitors to find the required documents and FAQs easily.
  • This plugin’s customer support is available seven days a week. 
  • The Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQ plugin also provides pre-designed themes. You can use them directly, or you can even style them with some customizations tools. 

The central core plugin of Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQ is freely available with limited features. So you can take a trial of this plugin with your website, then it also has several premium add-ons which will allow you to use some advanced features. But you have to pay some cost for the advanced or premium features. It costs you around $15 to $80 per year. 

10. Arconix FAQ

Arconix FAQ plugin for WordPress

The Arconix FAQ plugin is another plugin that helps us to add FAQs to our website. This plugin is easy to use and beginner-friendly. If you have confusion between these plugins, then you can choose the Arconix FAQ plugin without thinking a while. The Arconix FAQ plugin will generate Shortcodes, which can be helpful to display those FAQs on different websites. You can display the FAQ sections on pages, posts, and widget areas. The FAQs generated by this plugin will be displayed using an accordion box with a jQuery toggle button. It doesn’t have much more functionality; it comes with specific functions.

 This plugin also provides a “To top” button at the bottom of the screen. This button will help you to go back to the top of the page of the FAQ section. The Arconix FAQ plugin displays the questions and answers with a toggle button or with an Animation. This plugin also allows you to group the FAQs with related topics or discussions. Grouping of the FAQs can be done with the WordPress editor during the creation of the FAQs. Here is the list of features provided by the Arconix FAQ plugin.

  • This plugin has an Accordion FAQ display layout, as we discussed. You can display these FAQs by pasting the generated Shortcodes. It can be used anywhere on your website, like Sidebars, Pages, Posts, and Widget areas.
  • The FAQs also provide an essential element for a website called the “To Top” button. It will help your user to get back to the top of the page with one click. 
  • The FAQs created by this plugin can be displayed individually as well as in groups. We can easily create groups of related topics so visitors can easily find their topic of interest.
  • The Arconix FAQ plugin also supports some basic customizations and toggle animations. You can use these features to make a more attractive FAQ section for your website.

The Arconix FAQ plugin is a free plugin that can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins library. So, you can start using it right away! Just install it from your WordPress dashboard and start creating awesome FAQ sections on your WordPress site.

We hope this tutorial was helpful for you. We have explained in-detail about all the best FAQ plugins for WordPress in this list. All the plugins have different types of features suitable for different types of customers. We hope you found the best plugin for your purpose. If you are facing any issues or questions, Please let us know in the comment section given below. We will respond as soon as possible with answers!

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