Best 5 Free Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

By on June 19th, 2021

A location map on a website can be alike a tool on the website. We can set a particular location on the screen. It will look great when you have a website where the address is a priority. For example – A hotel booking website or a blog. Now, if you want to add map locations widgets on your website, in this case you will first think about Google Maps. And it’s too easy to Display a simple map using the Embed Code, It also gives you much more functionality, which will help you provide more information about your website or business.

There are so many plugins available in the WordPress library that will help you embed a Google Map location. And, it might be confusing because there are too many plugins. That’s why here in this article, we will discuss some of the best Google Maps plugins. The best WordPress Google maps plugin will help you add markers to locations, filters to the frontend, Custom Icons, Layers, Directions, and many more tools. It also allows you to customize the map to match our size, map style, etc. And then, you can display those Maps on your website by simply applying the shortcode.

Here is the list of some of the best plugins, which we will discuss briefly in this article.

  • WP Google Maps plugin
  • Maps Widget for Google Maps
  • WP Google Maps
  • Progress Map WordPress Plugin
  • Google Map Easy

We will learn in detail about all the plugins mentioned above. Let’s get started with the first one.

1.WP Google Maps plugin

WP Google Maps plugin for WordPress

WP Google Map is one of the best plugins; this plugin will help you display Google Maps. We can easily create a google map by just entering an address. We can also add buttons to Get Directions and Set markers. It offers hundreds of map styles; we can choose the style via Snazzy Maps. It will quickly apply the styles on all the embedded Google Maps on our website. This plugin also allows you to add the Google Map on the WordPress site’s sidebar or any widget area. It also allows our users to switch to street-view without leaving the website or that particular page.

The WP Google Map will allow you to add unlimited markers on the maps of your website. It has more than 500+ pre-designed markers, which are ready to use. If you buy a Pro version of this plugin, it will offer you features like display multiple routes and distance in miles or KM. It’s fully responsive, dragabble and re-shapable. You can also enable and display the traffic layer, bicycling layer, and transit layer with pro versions. It also supports different attractive shapes like circles, polygons, and polylines. Here is the list of some essential elements of this plugin called WP Google Map(free version). 

Feature list:

  • We can add unlimited locations with various information, Also assign multiple locations on a single map.
  • With the help of this plugin, we can display an info window with a message in case someone clicks or hover on the maps. We can even redirect them to a specific page.
  • It also offers options to select map types like roadmap, satellite, hybrid, terrain.
  • It also allows us to set the width, height of the map, and zoom level of the map. 
  • We have more functionality with the WP Google Maps like 45 imaginary, can add circles in maps, street view support, and create a map in seconds.
  • WP Google Maps is fully responsive and multilingual, tested with all the devices.
  • The WP Google Maps plugin is compatible and tested with all the browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

This plugin is viral because of its feature list. It provides lots of tools which are very helpful. But the described feature list is still limited and only available in the free version. There are more features available in the Pro version that cost you around $40, with a lifetime license including free updates and support also including advanced features that will help you to present these Google Map widgets with more information.

2. Google Maps Widget

Google Maps widget Pro

The Maps widget for Google Maps is another plugin that helps you to display a Google Map on the sidebar widgets quickly. This plugin is famous because we can put a Google Map widget anywhere on the website, like Sidebars and Widget area. It will also help you to get a perfect map with a thumbnail and lightbox in minutes. In this case, clicking on the map will open a large map in lightbox or Popup box with an extensive view. This plugin has a neat and clean user interface; it will help you to simplify the creation and customization.

This Maps Widget for Google Maps has some unique features which make it more efficient and reusable. We can create maps with custom settings, then we also store them in the maps library with the settings. So, we can use those maps wherever we want. We can reuse that library map with or without settings. It also has lots of features, and we can do many things with the help of this plugin. We can set a map position and zoom level of the map. We can add multiple locations and markers on the map. We can use our custom photo as a marker. We can customize the colours and dimensions. 

We can also go with the preferred map styles, which are currently on offer. This plugin also helps you to style your map using CSS. There are more features available; let’s see each of them one by one in a features list. 

Features list:

  • We can set custom size measurements like Map Widget’s height, width.
  • This plugin provides the freedom to choose any map type, such as road map, satellite map, terrain map, hybrid map, or custom map image.
  • It also allows us to set custom information on the map like Zoom level, Pin type, Pin color, Pin size, Pin label, custom map pin icon, or any image as a pin.
  • More than 1500 pin icons are available in this plugin; you can use them with a Pro subscription.
  • This plugin also allows us to set custom links on the map. So, if someone clicks on the map, it can redirect them to any Custom URL or lightbox.
  • Also allowed to change the Google Map Language, we can hide the Widget title, add text above and below the map.

The Maps Widget for Google Maps also has a Pro version. The features mentioned above list are available with a free version. This plugin’s Pro version also has many features like Interactive google maps, which can be loaded on Lightbox. It also has all the standard interactive google Maps features which a customer requires. With the Pro version, we can set custom measurements of the Lightbox like width and height. It auto adjustable in small devices. Also offers more functionality to the map mode like Directions, search view, and google street view. If you want to use the Google maps you created with this plugin, just copy the short-code and paste it on the website as per your design.

You can buy Maps widgets for google Maps Pro unlimited Agency. This plan will allow you to use the plugin on unlimited sites with lifetime priority support. It will cost you $79.

3. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps plugin for WordPress

WP Google Maps is another free Google Map plugin for WordPress. We can easily create maps by entering addresses with the help of this plugin. This is a viral plugin with more than 500,000 active installations. This plugin also allows you to put the map widget on sidebars or on the widget area of the WordPress website. Our users can also switch to the street view without leaving or reloading the page. The reason behind the popularity of this plugin is, it doesn’t have any advertising or links. It lets you share vast amounts of information with our users. For example, we can use as many Google standard pins as we want.

Just like other plugins, the WP Google Map has its unique features available. As a result, this plugin will allow a right-click on the map. We can add and edit the marker pins then we can also drag them to our required locations. This plugin also allows you to add animations, polygons, and polylines. This plugin also supports Google maps auto completion, localization, and four map types like Roadmaps, Terrain, Satellite, and Hybrid. It also offers Transport layers like Traffic, Bicycle and public transport. This plugin will allow you to display the Google Maps widget on several areas of the website with the help of a short code structure. It can display the map on Posts and Pages very easily and quickly.

As we discussed, every plugin has its own unique feature list. So, let’s discuss the WP Google Maps feature list one by one.

Feature List:

  • This is the most popular plugin which allows us to choose between Google Maps or Open Layers maps.
  • It has the most straightforward user interface, which allows you to display as many markers or google pins as you want on the Map widget.
  • It provides a fully responsive and adjustable Google Map widget, even we can interact with the map widget. We just need to right-click on the map, and we can add or edit markers.
  • This plugin allows you to choose Map themes; it also provides the 9 best-looking themes for the Map Widgets. We can also use our own customized theme.
  • We can add a Map block on the page and drag the markers to the exact required location. These markers are also filterable by categories, custom fields, and more.
  • These markers also contain information in many ways like descriptions, links, images, videos, locations, and directions.
  • It also allows your user’s location as a start or endpoint for the direction support; they can add their own markers on the maps.
  • Also, marker data can be edited by importing setting files like URI(Rest API), XML, CSV, JSON, and GPX. We can export the default settings and marker details as CSV files.

The Paid license of the WP Google Map plugin will cost you $40. The Pro plan has many exciting features; you will have many map styles which are not available in the free program. 

4. Progress Map WordPress Plugin

Progress Map for WordPress

The Progress Map WordPress Plugin is a must-have plugin because it has some unique and usable features. The main concentration of this plugin is, it shows the routed process. In other words, this plugin allows you to build a Locational map, Which will enable you to add physical map locations. As a result, this guided path will be shown to the user to quickly identify the nearby places and find the right path. The road drawings will help the user. In short, this plugin can help people to reach their destination. 

This Progress Map WordPress Plugin has a location-based listing. So, in case you have a website which displays specific information on the map like Restaurants, Hospital, Real-estate listing or Job listing. This plugin will be handy for you. As we discussed, this plugin allows you to display physical location images on the map. Other than that, this plugin also provides a list of these locations. So the user can easily find the place, the navigation will be very easy for them. They will have all the information on the single map; they don’t have to start any other secondary app like Google Maps for the directions. We can also give directions in this Progress Maps plugin.

Feature List:

  • The Progress Map WordPress Plugin allows you to upload and display the images of physical location, so the users can catch up with the places and navigate themselves to the correct location.
  • We have a search and filter tool that evaluates the location’s descriptions and distance information between two zones.
  • We can add routes using shapes and lines, linking lists, and it shows the best options for driving and markers.
  • It also offers more than 70 map styles and designs, most of them modern and user-friendly.
  • Now, the locations also can be an informational carousel. The map images connect to the carousel. You can use this carousel to add a large image and more information like the school name and nearby areas. 
  • After the addition of several locations, we can also add custom markers with image thumbnails, so visitors can see several images of the local area or places.
  • Review and suggestions can be a great marketing tool. We can even add the reviews and comment section with the carousel and listing of the locations.
  • We can also add more designed elements like ground overlays, image labels, and image opacities.
  • Use a feature called Custom icon to add your custom images as icons on the map.

The Progress Map WordPress Plugin offers local maps, so the best thing about this map is that we can place local landmarks and stores on the map. This plugin can create modern and listing-centric maps with high interactivity. This plugin will benefit the sites that provide local information about nearby places—for example, hotel and resort booking sites or travel websites.

5. Google Map Easy

Google Map Easy plugin for WordPress

Everyone wants the most straightforward option when it comes to plugins and third-party software. So, the Google Map is an easy plugin that allows you to create Google Maps in just a few minutes. The Google maps easy plugin offers custom Google Maps, and like other Google Maps Plugins, it also allows you to put markers and descriptions on the map. Google Maps Easy markers will enable you to add any media with the features like Videos, Images, Links, Text, and Descriptions. We can use these Google maps by using short-codes. We can use it on a popup window or as a widget. 

We can create unlimited maps with the help of the Google Maps Easy plugin. Also, we can use them on the page without spending a lot of time. It is a fully responsive map builder that can also be re-designed using Short-code and PHP codes. It also supports customizations, so you can create colorful map designs with remarkable marks. We also can highlight some areas, which can show specific information like traffic and populations. Google Maps Easily provides sleek and beautiful maps, allowing visitors and users to interact with the map’s information. This can be an ideal plugin for bloggers because of its Whimsical appearance.

Feature List:

  • Google Maps Easy provides fully responsive maps. It will auto-adjust in small devices.
  • The key benefit of these plugins is you can create unlimited custom maps and markers.
  • You have to use the Frontend editing tool in case you want to edit the markers information like locations or place. If you can allow your visitors and users to edit the details they want on the maps, then your website can be handy for some people.
  • It also offers an extensive range of map styles. It already allows basic Google Map themes, which are good at some point. But the other map styles like satellite, terrain, and road maps will add more exciting structure to Google Maps.
  • It helps give some personal twist to the maps, like it allows adding polygons and lines to mark routes and draw out the borders. It will look more noticeable when we use different colors and shapes to describe the information.
  • It also allows you to get a live preview of the changes.
  • It also allows you to create buttons that will be helpful when it comes to giving advanced features like getting directions and routes. It will help the user to navigate to the correct location. 
  • We have many options to reveal different layers of the map. A great example is a traffic showing colors on the streets. It also includes the transits or bicycles.
  • You will have more than 300 themes for the immediate starting point when designing the map. 

The Google Maps Easy core plugin is free to use, but there are more than three plans of premium versions. The first plan is a Single License, which costs around $39 per year. Then a Developer license costs you about $69 per year. Then we have an Unlimited License. This license will allow you to use the plugin on unlimited websites. Its yearly cost is $149.

Conclusion: So, These are some of the best Google maps plugins for WordPress. Each and every plugin is unique in itself and suits different types of users. You can go through the feature list of all the plugins to understand which plugin fits your requirements the best! If you have questions, please let us know in the following comment section. We are very happy to help!

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