The 5 Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress in 2022

By on March 18th, 2022

Live chat support is often necessary to make any website successful. You need to constantly connect with your customers to provide better and faster support. But, how to choose the right plugin for your website to provide instant support to your customers.

There are more than 400 WordPress live chat plugins to choose from. It’s a little bit confusing which one to choose. Don’t worry; we’ve put together the list of plugins that suits you best according to your requirement. 

Before we start, let’s look at why adding a live chat plugin to WordPress is necessary.

Benefits of adding a Live Chat Plugin to the WordPress

WordPress is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use CMS than any other in the market.

Every 4th site is the WordPress site on the internet. So the point is if you create a site using WordPress CMS, then adding a live chat plugin is very easy.

When users visit your site, they can expect the following things on your site.

Instant Support

New users often get stuck on your site because of a new interface, for example, so they can directly contact the support team and try to resolve the problem. WordPress makes it easy for you to add a live chat plugin for you.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing quick support on time makes your users happy all the time. Satisfied customers visit your site repeatedly because they know your quality. WordPress plugins allow you to integrate with other tools, save time, and resolve customer queries easily.

Increase customers value

Customers that talk with brands are more likely to convert compared to others. Live chat plugins help you bind more customers, and your company creates more value with each customer.


Hubspot is one of the best and easy-to-use plugins with over 200,000 active installations in the market. The plugin helps you quickly add live chat to the website and provide 24/7 support to your customers. You can also add a chatbot to reduce instant replies and help your visitors while you sleep.

The plugin automatically sends an email to users when someone fills the form or engages with your live chat and chatbot. 

The plugin’s all features make it easy to interact with your customers and help you build a community in a better way. Let’s look at the plugin’s free and premium features.

Free Features

Live chat & bots

Live chat and bots features allow you to connect visitors in real-time to convert new leads and provide good quality support to your customers. You can also use bots to automate live chat conversations.

Contact & Lead Management

You can easily add company and contact records and keep those records up to date. You can also notify every interaction you’ve had with contacts.

Pipeline Management

The plugin allows you to add various deals to your CRM with a single click and track deal progress in your dashboard.

Email Tracking

You can easily check who opens an email and clicks on the link or download the attachment with email tracking.

Contact activity

You can see all interactions between a contact and your website in a single place, including form submission, sales activity, page view, and more.

Conversation inbox

The plugin gives you a universal conversation inbox that helps you manage all the replies from live chat, bots, or team email aliases. 

Premium features

Live chat with your branding

HubSpot allows you to implement your branding with live chat for your website for premium users.

Custom properties

Create a custom property to meet your unique needs, like handling your customers according to your business. You can create up to 1000 custom properties.

Set permissions

You can quickly configure user permission such as access to live chat support, send specific messages, and more.

Seamless integrations

You can easily integrate HubSpot with over 400 integrations, including live chat and customer support software like Drift, Front, Help Scout, Intercom, and many more.


The free version gives you full flexibility to use the plugin with ease. But, if you want to use more advanced functionality like SEO, team email, bot, lead scoring, and many others, you will choose from 3 premium plans, including Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The plugin pricing is very flexible in choosing multiple options according to your needs.


Tidio combines chatbot and live chat tools to help you provide better and more reliable customer service. The plugin offers free live chat support for your WordPress site to build trust with real-time assistance.

Plugin’s AI-fueled chatbots take care of your customers with automated customers available at any time. The plugin provides an inbox to manage all your customers’ conversations from one shared inbox. 

You can manage all your customers’ statistics, including who is visiting your website and what they are viewing, and with the help of those numbers, you can engage them to increase the chance of the costumes. The plugin is fully responsive with any device so that you can use live chat on your browser, desktop, or mobile. 

Free features

Limited unique visitors

The free version of the plugin allows you to reach only up to 100 unique visitors with unlimited chats. 

Desktop and mobile apps

You can manage your user from your mobile or laptop using a free Android/iOS app and stay in touch with your customers.

Visitors information

Allows you to check your visitor’s location and create custom properties, tags, and content details.

3rd party integrations

You can integrate Tidio with other 3rd party apps like Facebook, Messenger, Zapier, Shopify, WordPress, Google Analytics, and many more.

Javascript API

You can use the JS API to handle and manage the advanced behavior of the live chat widgets and send custom data with short copy/paste javascript snippets.

Premium features

Live typing

See what your visitors are typing before sending the message. Premium versions increase the response time of the message.

Live visitor list

You can get a real-time overview of all the visitors to your website. And see full statistics of what your visitors are interested in and initiate a personalized conversation.

Set permissions

You can add/remove account access permissions of your operators and customize the limitations rule based on your needs.

Unlimited active chatbots

You can activate and use unlimited chatbots on your website as you want.

Visual chatbot editor

Customize the template of the chatbot without writing a single line of code. The only thing you do is drag and drop and connect the elements.


The free version of the plugin helps kick-start and improve your business. If you want to unlock advanced features of the plugin, you will need to upgrade the plan to the Communicator or Chatbot, which costs you $150/year and $390/year correspondingly. 

3CX Live Chat

3CX Live Chat plugin is the next on the list of top live chat plugins. It is the most popular and reliable live chat plugin with over 1,900,000 downloads. The plugin helps you easily increase conversions and customer satisfaction by communicating directly with your website visitors.

You can easily customize the chat box and set it according to your theme. Installing the plugin and setting up it is just the task of two minutes, so you can quickly get in touch in real-time with your customer service team.

The plugin allows you to build a strong rapport with special customers to provide better quality support. The customer statistics feature of the plugin is so powerful that it can show you the customers’ pain points so you can work accordingly.


Showing only features rather than free or premium features is because of plugin-specific pricing plans. You can use the fully-featured plugin for one year free for unlimited users hosted by 3CX. After a year, you need to pay the bill for extending the services.

Unlimited agents

You can add unlimited agents to help customers find what they need. Answer all questions of customers and upsell products or services.

Data Triggers

You can Set time, scroll, page, and the page leave trigger with ease.

High-quality chat speed

Using the 3CX live chat server for sending and receiving chats gives you lightning-fast speed.

Advanced integration

3CX integration for accessing advanced features like video and audio chat and other progressive features.

Fully customizable

The plugin allows you to edit text, color, design, and other animations.

Geolocation details

The plugin displays the city and country of visitors with its geolocation details.

Set up departments

You can create departments that agents can be assigned, and users can select a particular department for a particular query.

Custom fields

The plugin enhanced the ability to customize the chat by adding your own custom field.


The plugin pricing is a bit different, and because of that, it covers the market ethically. You can use the plugin’s full features with a total 12 number of users and 4 simultaneous calls for one year free. After a year, you can pay accordingly. 

It comes with three different pricing plans, including standard, pro, and enterprise. All pricing plans are flexible in terms of their features, so you can add those features to your plan which you want to use.


Crisp is the ultimate free live chat plugin for WordPress to grow your email list, generate leads, and easily make strong relationships with your customers. The plugin is trusted by more than 300,000 brands worldwide.

You can set up the plugin without any hesitation in a matter of minutes with just two clicks. By adding the plugin to your WordPress website, you’ll gain access to your inbox for crisp helpdesk, sales, marketing, and support team.

Let’s look at how a live chat plugin helps you capture more leads with its free and premium features.

Free Features

Live chat

The plugin allows you to embed a free live chat module on your website and let your customer chat with you.

Real-time notifications

Receive a notification on your desktop and your phone at a time when a visitor sends a message.

Mobile app support

You can reply to your customers from your mobile while not on your computer.

Team inbox

You can also reply to your customers from the crisp team inbox. 

Contact form

You can easily create a contact form linked to your crisp, which you can include on your website.

Premium features

Unlimited history

This feature lets you access the previous conversation you have had with leads. And also how long ago you have had them.

Canned responses

Tired of answering the same question, this feature allows you to add your favorite answer to Crisp. You will reply to the answer faster than light.

Internal search

This feature provides your team with a great internal search experience to help them find leads instantly.

Chat reminder

It is a great feature that can help remind you of future events. For example, you can use chat reminders to remind you of scheduled callbacks.

Automated campaigns

The automated crisp and drip campaigns engage and retarget your customers so you can send a personal email to users segment and follow your open rate.


You can get up-to-date analytics on your chats, ratings, emails, and employee efficiency. With the help of analytics, you can make data-driven decisions according to your business plan.


magicBrowse allows you to see your visitors’ screen live. By giving you a view of your visitor’s screen, you’ll be able to close more deals.


The plugin comes with 4 pricing plans, including the free one, available on WordPress’s official site. The premium plans include Pro and Unlimited, which costs you $25 month/per website and $95 month/per website, respectively. The plugin offers 14 days free trial with no credit card required.

Pro plan is for early-stage startups who want to improve their customer relationship. The unlimited plan is made for companies requiring a full-featured solution to communicate with customers. Enterprise plan is necessary for those who created large-scale companies and are willing to benefit from specific features and personalized SLAs.


LiveChat is the feature-rich WordPress plugin trusted by more than 34,000 companies worldwide. The plugin helps you automatically send personalized messages to people and trigger the chat when users meet predefined criteria like after specific time spent by the user, after clicking on the other page of the site.

You can customize the chatbot’s color and message and set different themes for a better mobile experience. You can also add a photo of yours for personalizing interactions. The main feature of the plugins is handling multiple chat windows to make the customer support process easy.

LiveChat works with any WordPress theme without any editing of code. And also compatible with eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Ecwid.


You can use all features of the plugin for 14 days free. After that, you need to pay according to your selected plan.

Canned responses

Quickly save responses to commonly asked questions. You can reuse them in conversation with just a few clicks.\

Better live chat experience

Engage your customers with good quality live chat support to never lose any customers. You can place a button in the chatbox to create a clickable response, set predefined instant replies that users can select, and add a temporarily displayed app to attract customers.

Customer engagement

You can engage customers with interactive messages like sharing announcements, introducing new products, and other notices that mean a lot for your business.

Chat widget customization

Set the chat widget’s colors, theme, and position to match the website design. You can also set your name, photo, and title in the chat widget. Not all customers are from the same country, and that’s why the plugin offers you more than 45 native languages for chat widgets and greetings.

Report & analytics

You can check all your in-depth agent activity along with all chats. Also, growth-leading insights like total chats, missed talks, greeting conversations, chat surveys, response time, staffing predictions, new tickets, solved tickets, and many more.


The plugin supports more than 200 integrations with popular third-party apps like Zendesk, Facebook, Salesforce, HubSpot, Twitter, and more.

Ticketing system

The ticket system helps you handle complex cases that can’t be resolved during a chat. Costumes also can leave you a message in the chat widget. You can also access all tickets on android, iPad, or iPhone devices.

Team management

You can divide your agents into a group of agents who handle separate kinds of customer activities like sales and support. Not only that, but you can set secondary priorities for agents who play a background role, so they only get chats when no agents with primary priority are available.


The Starter plan costs you $16/mo if billed annually, and $19/mo billed monthly. Similarly, for team and business pricing plans, the monthly and annual cost is $33 and $39 and $50 and $59. 

The enterprise plan is the custom plan you can discuss with the LiveChat support team and conveniently use for your business. This plan gives you an exact customer experience platform that fits your needs.


There are so many WordPress live chat plugins available in the market, so it is hard to choose the right one for your site. And that’s why we collect the top 5 plugins to go with and make your customers happy with you. That’s it. We hope this article might help you find the best plugin for your needs.

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