Top 5 Best Menu Plugins for WordPress

By on July 30th, 2021

Every website owner or developer wants to develop a website that is easy to use and flexible. So the visitors can easily find the required information without any real issue. If you want your visitors to find the best content, an effective navigation system is also a solution. Imagine once you visit a website with a large amount of information that is very useful, but no one can find the content from the website. In this case, the best way to ensure your website is easy to use is to upgrade its navigation areas. And, one of the easiest ways to do this is to install one of the menu plugins on your WordPress Website.

You’ll find too many menu plugins to upgrade these navigation menus. However, you can create a beautiful navigation menu that looks attractive, and it also supports animations. It can handle thousands of menu items or lists within the menu, or you can create categories for each type of product. We just need to make it more colorful and attractive for the visitors. That’s the goal behind this plugin; we just mentioned some of the best menu plugins available for WordPress. We will discuss each plugin one by one. Briefly, we will discuss every plugin’s features and price factor. But before that, let’s discuss some common questions which will hit your mind before installing the plugin.

Why do we need an extra plugin for Menus – WordPress already provides a responsive menu?

There are some plus and minus points if we talk about the default WordPress menus. But, it also provides you with limited features and functionality. So, let’s understand why we need an extra plugin for the navigation menus.

  • The default WordPress menu is good, but we can’t make more extensive mega menus with it.
  • Most WordPress themes and menus don’t support media files on the menu. The media images like product images or any other menu-related images.
  • Sometimes the default WordPress menu doesn’t come with a fully responsive design, so it doesn’t look great on other mobile devices.
  • The biggest reason we need extra plugins for navigation menus is that the default WordPress menu doesn’t have only one layout option. While the menu plugins will provide a variety of menus with different layouts.
  • The next important thing about the default WordPress menus is that you’ll not get that much technical support. But paying for a premium plugin for the menus will always have the backend support to resolve the issues. 
  • Creating menus with the default WordPress is somewhat tedious. The extra plugin with a drag and drop visual builder is always a better option.

What are the Must-have features for an ideal WordPress menu plugin?

Once you notice the advantages of the premium menu plugin, it becomes more apparent that having a plugin will open up more possibilities for your menus. And it becomes more critical when you have an E-store or e-commerce website. The most important thing is that most of the plugins are cheap or free. But First, let’s look at the required feature list of the ideal menu plugin.

  • The premium plugins are responsive; they will look great on any device and smartphone.
  • It also provides several templates which are ready to use; anyone can use that menu templates on their first website easily.
  • The premium plugin will allow you to build large and extensive mega menus.
  • These menu plugins also support media and icons; these features will make the menu more visual and attractive. This can be a unique feature of the E-commerce store.
  • It must have a drag and drop or visual menu builder support, so we don’t have to visualize the menu yourself on the backend of WordPress.
  • It also allows Unlimited integrations with all the WordPress themes and Plugins.
  • Also required customization tools that will allow you to customize every menu element, including font, colors, and sizes.
  • It must have unique menu styles like vertical and tabbed formats.

So, here you can see some of the best menu plugins; some of them are free. Let’s discuss every plugin with their feature list one by one in brief.

  1. UberMenu
  2. Hero Menu
  3. WP Mega Menu Pro
  4. Max Mega Menu
  5. Responsive Menu

1. UberMenu

UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

The UberMenu plugin is the ultimate plugin that creates fully responsive mega menus for WordPress websites. To become famous and achieve the developer’s goal of becoming the best menu plugin for WordPress, they packed this tool with an impressive selection of features. It provides pre-built menus and allows you to have complete control over the look, functions, and design of the menus. Some plugins are only available as premium versions, just like this plugin. But that type of plugin has both advantages and disadvantages. The saddest part is we can not test this plugin with a free version, and there are many companies available that don’t require any of the advanced features. 

The UberMenu has a one-time cost, and it comes with a complete feature bundle which we can’t complain about. Along with the advanced features, it also provides better customer support. Now at this price, you will get many types of menus which we can easily add to our website. It also provides some options of flyout menus, drop-down menus, tabbed menus, and of course, mega menus. The mega menu features will help you add content-rich drop-down options to the navigation areas; this tool will help you put images alongside the text. Even it allows you to change font settings like font family and size.

This plugin also can serve dynamic menus; these menus will automatically generate and change their content dynamically. So it looks better than the displaying list of static links and content. Moreover, with the help of this feature, we can change and update the latest content dynamically. Because if you have a busy blog or website, this feature will help you send the latest content to each visitor who deserves the content. For example, an extra dynamic menu on the top of the page with the latest information is a blessing for your visitors. Now, this plugin has a long feature list, so let’s discuss each feature one by one in brief.

Feature list

  • This plugin allows you to add featured images on your menus by pulling the image or adding them to the media library.
  • It supports maximum customizations so you can design your advanced and beautiful menus. Some features like a visual Grid-based system will help you to create an attractive menu design.
  • It doesn’t stop with images; it also supports some highly advanced features like Maps, Search Bars, and contact forms. Even though this plugin also provides custom menus, you can create your own design with the help of Custom code.
  • The visual customizer of this plugin provides up to 50 different style settings to adjust. This also includes headers and spacing.
  • The most exciting feature of the dynamic menu creator is, it can automatically create an active menu by pulling the site contents like posts and pages.
  • It supports AJAX saving systems, so there’s no fear of losing your data.
  • We can also organize extensive collections or menu items in a tab.


This plugin is readily available on the CodeCanyon marketplace; this plugin costs you around $21 with a lifetime membership. But you have to pay extra for the support. 

2. Hero Menu

Hero Menu - Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

The Hero Menu plugin aims to save time by creating the most straightforward plugin that can easily upgrade a website’s menu system. This provides you a beautiful drag and drop builder, which is very easy to use. This builder will help you to transform the website menu in just a few clicks. It also has the simplest way to add icons on the menu and create an essential multilevel drop-down menu. It also provides Fully responsive menu templates and relatively simple tools used to build a mega menu. This is an ideal plugin that can create the most straightforward menus to the most extensive mega menus. However, it can do more than that.

Now, the mega menu capabilities of the hero plugin are the most impressive feature of this fantastic tool. The plugin is organized perfectly, and it will help you manage your links using multiple columns in your drop-down menus. This plugin is also capable of including small and large images in the mega menu. All these are done because of the straightforward interface. You also add the photos you just uploaded on the post; it will automatically show the post image as a featured post image. We can also add the background images which look beautiful and attractive; the images will show up on the drop-down menu, which looks stunning. It also allows you to add icons and menus on the top of the page; it can also be helpful for accounts and dynamic menu features.

WooCommerce can also integrate with the Hero Menu Plugin. It gives you a hike and makes it versatile for promoting the products and categories. The user interface is intuitive and set up as a visual builder; it will help you add a new menu or menu item. These are all settings available right on the spot. You don’t need to worry about the plugin; it will be much easier to create enhanced website menus. The Hero plugin can be customized through an intuitive set of controls, including the drag and drop menu editor and other buttons. You can define your menu how it looks and works. So let’s discuss each and every feature of this plugin one by one in brief.

Feature list

  • The Hero Menu plugin can directly link with WooCommerce to reveal some of the more essential elements of any online store like the Shopping Cart.
  • It also allows you to short all the menu items, including other menus like Social media buttons and Images to your products.
  • this plugin also allows you to customize the menu; it has more than 60 color varieties and many font options that look perfect.
  • We can place the menu anywhere on the website. This tool also allows you to set the vertical menu.
  • This plugin is fully responsive and comes with all the responsive features, and it also provides a sticky menu that is not mandatory to use. 
  • The Megamenu feature has a drag and drop interface, which makes it easy to use. It also has a bunch of features which you can also try.
  • It has an extensive library of icons. 


We can purchase the Hero Menu plugin for $20.

3. WP Mega Menu Pro

WP Mega Menu Pro - Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress

Another good plugin is popular and also has excellent reviews. The WP Mega Menu Pro plugin is the plugin which is one of the most popular plugins which has plenty of sales and a feature list that looks wonderful for the price it’s being sold. It has a clean interface and menu-building process, which is not quite as intuitive as the competition. One of the key features is this plugin comes with Collections of widgets to add modules for contact information, different product lists, and many valuable tools. In short, it is a good mix of pre-build menu designs and lots of customization tools.

The WP Mega Menu Pro is a plug-and-play solution that can also add more menu staples to your website. You can set custom navigation menus anywhere on the website. In addition, the WP Mega Menu Pro can help you activate pro features; with the pro plan, you’ll get 14 different menu styles and design templates. You can choose any of them to use on your website, Even you can customize them as per your design. This plugin also allows you to add a traditional horizontal or vertical navigation menu, and both will come with multiple variants which are ready to use.

The WP Mega Menu Pro plugin is also capable of building a custom tabbed Mega Menu. These mega menus are also customizable, and we can set them to display a range of contents. We can show the content on your sidebars, including text and images, Icons, and links. These drop-down menus can be divided into two rows and columns. This feature will help you to create an excellent effect which will help you to increase page views. And also, the feature of displaying images with links is the most useful feature available in this plugin. The E-commerce store can increase its sales number with the use of this mega menu feature. So, let’s discuss each feature of this plugin one by one.

Feature list

  • Some templates will allow you to build anything from the new lists to product menus and shops to portfolios.
  • Allow customizations of Colour, icons, and fonts, which will be very helpful to create a menu design that matches your website.
  • We can add more tabs to the menu to display more data and information on your website.
  • The plugin already offers Vertical and horizontal navigation layouts, so you can use the feature to create new designs which are more powerful.
  • With the WP Mega Menu Pro plan, you will get more than 100 customization options that are also customizable.
  • This plugin provides strict menus which automatically change their place as per the user’s actions. Not all plugins offer this type of sticky menus.
  • These plugins also help us add more unique functionality to the website, like the Register button and search bar. The plugin even includes the options for the WooCommerce store and for the logo.


The WP Mega Menu Pro price is $19; after that, you can extend customer support.

4. Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

The Max Mega Menu is one of the most popular and free plugins. But you can upgrade to some advanced tools, but the free version is also a great choice because it has enough features required for a mega menu. The popularity of this plugin is very immense; it’s already installed and active over 300,000 times. It will no longer matter which theme or layout you’re using; you can add different types of widgets after you activate this plugin on your mega menu. It will increase the functionality of the website for your visitors. This is an ideal plugin for those who want complete control over their mega menu’s style and design.

This plugin also has some excellent features like configuring sacral menu locations and a pretty lovely drag and drop editor. With the help of drag and drop builder, we can easily organize and rearrange the menu contents and layouts. This plugin actually works alongside WordPress’s default navigation menu. It just adds more functionalities to enhance the default menu’s features. It also makes it easier to work and handle an extensive mega menu. The Max Mega Menu customization settings can be more exciting, but thanks to the different ways, they allow you to modify the appearance of the menus. Like other plugins, it also allows you to customize the text family and size, Colour combinations, and visual settings.

The Max Mega Menu Plugin also provides some effects that we can add to our site navigation areas. It can be done with a free plugin too, the free plugin offers the effects with flyouts, Hover triggers, and fading menus. With the help of this plugin, you can get complete control over these animations and the styling of the navigation menu. These styling options are also capable of adding icons to the navigation menu. Let’s discuss every feature of this plugin, in brief, one by one.

Feature List

  • The most important feature of this plugin is, the Max Mega Menu plugin is free. This plugin also gives you a vast feature list with that price.
  • This plugin utilizes the WordPress default navigation menu area, so it takes familiar time to rebuild a mega menu.
  •  We can also add WordPress widgets inside the menu. It will help your visitor to have more functionality and an easy-to-use navigation menu. It also saves the visitor’s time, and it looks more attractive too.
  • The Max Mega Menu also provides several designs and formats like flyouts, submenus, tabbed menus, and vertical menus.
  • The free version of this plugin allows you to add icons to the navigation menu.
  • Many animation effects are also available for the navigation menu effects. You will have effects like fades and slides.
  • The premium version of this plugin will also provide support for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • The premium version has great visual tools like Sticky menus, any other plugin doesn’t provide these types of extra tools which can increase your traffic.


The Max Mega Menu plugin is free; it also has all the features required to customize the navigation menu. But in case you want advanced quality and styling options, you have to buy the premium version of this plugin. It starts at a $29 per year subscription.

5. Responsive Menu

Responsive Menu – Create Mobile-Friendly Menu

The Responsive Menu is another popular plugin that will help you to upgrade the WordPress navigation menu. You’ll find the name of this plugin relatively simple and tell you what this plugin actually does. This plugin can turn your Navigation menu into an exquisite and mobile-friendly menu. This plugin will help you just buy a WordPress theme, and you notice that the mobile version is not that responsive and attractive. Because this plugin provides you huge customization options like 150 different settings which can be possible to use 22,500 setting combinations. The Responsive Menu is ideal for those who have a distinct vision for their website and want a perfect responsive design.

You can also choose this plugin in case you have an old WordPress theme that is not responsive. Because along with all the elements, we can customize all the aspects like Fonts, Text Size, Colours, and layouts. This plugin also allows you to set a background image to display on your menus, which is the easiest way to make your navigation menu more attractive and noticeable. And when it comes to defining the menu’s work, we can also choose the menu designs like Horizontal or vertical. We can even choose the direction of the menu’s flyouts. So the flyout also has an available set of animations and speed, so we can set these settings as per our design.

This plugin can solve every problem you might have with the designs just because of the visual builder. It doesn’t require any codes or no need to hire a developer. This plugin is available as a free version with limited functionality, but it supports animations and sub-menus. Now, let’s discuss each feature of this plugin briefly.

Feature List

  • This plugin provides you with a beautiful and attractive starting point for a responsive menu. It has the maximum number of customization support with over 150 customizable options.
  • It allows customizations for many elements like Text, Border Colour, and Background, where we can add custom images.
  • You can upload the images to the WordPress media library to use them as a menu’s background image.
  • The Responsive menu plugin also provides the tools which will help you to create your custom menu triggers.
  • It also allows you to upload and use visual elements like Icons and logos.
  • The animation support of the premium version is capable of providing animations to each individual menu.
  • The color combinations and opacity is also customizable with this plugin.
  • This plugin also provides a header bar for announcements or sales.


The Responsive menu free version is available with limited functions. However, you can buy a premium version that provides so many advanced features with a $20 per year subscription cost.

Conclusion: When we think about menus, We think limited. However, The dedicated WordPress Menu plugins can change our whole perspective and allows us to create very advanced menus to make the map of your site very clear and loud! These plugins have different pricing structures and different features. Most paid subscriptions online have refund period. You can try out the best one you can select and try it out.

If you need our help, Feel free to comment down your questions or queries. We will reply you with the best answer we can. Also let us know in the comment section the best WordPress menu plugin according to you.

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