Top 5 Best Plugins to Boost traffic on a WordPress site

Posted on April 14th, 2021

Creating a delightful website for your users is more important nowadays. We must create a website that is more attractive and valuable. But after you create a website, It is more important to increase the traffic on your website. There are many different methods to improve the traffic on your website as the time goes. We can use marketing strategies or social sharing for it, but there’s tough competition these days. You have to put extra effort into the website to improve the traffic.

WordPress is one of the best Free Content management system in the market. Because WordPress is built in PHP and MySQL, an open-source programming language and a database management system respectively. In conclusion, You can create a beautiful and helpful website for your business with WordPress easily. WordPress has a library containing many Plugins and themes that are also free. There are many paid plugins you can use for free with limited features. In case, if you want to use the plugin’s main features, you can buy a subscription for the plugins.

In this list, we will discuss the 5 best plugins that will help you improve the traffic on your website. Please understand that the process of improving the traffic on your website is not automatic. It means that, you can’t expect the rise in traffic just after installing these plugins on your werbsite. These plugins will only enable you to market your website effectively and collect traffic overtime.

So, in this article, we will discuss some WordPress plugins for your personal or business website. These plugins will help you to increase the user traffic and also provide some essential features. So let’s raise our knowledge about WordPress and discuss some necessary plugins in this topic.

1. Hubspot

Hubspot plugin for WordPress

HubSpot is the most powerful and easy-to-use plugin in the WordPress library. This plugin will help you to increase traffic and also grow your business. This plugin will help you to convert visitors into regular clients. While Hubspot also has many great ways to turn the visitors into leads or customers. Even HubSpot has an eye that measures business growth.

Yes, there’s a feature list for the Free and paid versions, and with the help of this plugin, you can easily:

  • Create beautiful Email Marketing templates inside your WordPress CMS, Set automatic Template Email triggers, and convert the visitors into customers.
  • The key feature is a Real-time business growth dashboard with easy-to-understand and straightforward Charts and calculations.
  • Keep the visitors engaged with the help of live chat tools, Help them to understand the website. Solve the real-time client issues.
  • Create different groups with the help of an in-built list builder and manage the whole contact database in one place.

Now, Let’s understand the features and HubSpot plugin in detail.

The HubSpot is so flexible that it automatically collects your existing website forms. So, anyone can easily manage their Data and Contacts. This auto-integration will help you to control the segment of your website. In Short, HubSpot can be a great platform to analyze the content of your website.

The HubSpot serves you a better way to create an Email Marketing template with Drag and Drop Email template builder. You will always get notifications when any visitor or a user fills out a form or try to connect to Live chat. Again thanks to HubSpot because of the Pre-designed Email templates, which saves your time too. There are more than 15 pre-designed templates available for different uses. You just have to add your custom content in the template and click on Send button. But that’s not all; HubSpot will also track the E-mails you send out to your contacts. So, at the end of the conversation, you can easily measure your Email engagement.

Now, The next important feature of the HubSpot is that you can build more attractive forms and Pop-Up boxes with it. It comes with a Drag and Drops facility, which makes it more reliable. After that, You can choose the pages to show the Forms and Pop-Ups on your website. Even you can add triggers to display the pop-ups according to visitor’s behavior. In the HubSpot plugin, you can create forms like Servery forms, Login forms, Feedback forms, Signup forms, Mobile pop-up, etc. 

There are many required and necessary integrations available in the HubSpot Plugin. More than 400 integration support is ready to use in HubSpot like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Twitter, WhatsApp, Mailchimp, Gmail, WooCommerce, Ninja Forms, etc. These integrations are beneficial and make your task even easier while time is more critical. Now, as you know, HubSpot is also providing a Dashboard to measure Website growth. Even these dashboards are also customizable, So you can customize your site dashboard and design it as per your requirement.

2. Bloom

Bloom Plugin for WordPress

As we all know, Email marketing is one of the best and effective way to increase the traffic on our website. And, it is also helpful to keep our customers up to date about our business. It helps us increase traffic, get more new visitors, and convert visitors into regular clients.

Bloom is a WordPress plugin from Elegant themes. Bloom plugin allows us to create beautiful and attractive pop-ups, forms, and email templates. Also, bloom supports triggers that fire on the decided time or visitor’s behavior. Bloom can also integrate more than 15 email marketing platforms to send mails, Notifications, and news about our site to the subscribers. All opt-ins are fully customizable; even you can change the Location, Colours, Fonts, and Images. In the bloom plugin, we can create six different types of pop-ups as below-


Pop-up box example

As we know, the pop-up box is a handy opt-in method nowadays. With Bloom Plugin, we can create light pop-up boxes and set them on our website’s required web pages. Even these pop-ups can be auto-triggered based on time or the client’s behavior. The bloom plugin has many trigger options, and You have to set the trigger criteria as per your requirement. These Pop-up boxes will significantly improve the numbers on your mailing list. Even you can put forms in the pop-ups like Contact Us and Subscribe form.

Bloom plugin has many pop-up design templates. We need to change the content as per our requirement and save it for further use. Before you start using the bloom pop-ups, we need to connect bloom to our existing Email marketing services. With the bloom pop-up design tab section’s help, we can customize the pop-up box. After that, you can choose the specific place to display a pop-up box like Specific Post or Specific page.


Fly in for E-mail list development

The Fly-In is similar to the light Pop-up box, but Fly-Ins are smaller than Light pop-ups. Fly-In can be more effective than a full-page Pop-up because the Fly-ins can be set anywhere on the webpage. As per the web experience, we know that too many pop-ups are not suitable for the website and the customers. So, The fly-ins can be more reliable and effective than pop-ups without getting aggressive. That’s why it can be a great option instead of Pop-ups.

Just as the Pop-ups, the Fly-Ins are also fully customizable. Even you can set the attractive images as per your requirements. As you can notice in the blue area on the above given image, the Fly-Ins will slowly slide up from the bottom of the web page with selected form and content. Bloom also has many Pre-designed templates of Fly-ins, just like Pop-ups. So, we can choose the template and change the content without wasting our time. It also can be triggered based on the client’s interactions like after finishing the article, after purchase, or any optimum moment.

Below Post

Subcribe box below post content

This type of opt-ins are generally used in Blogs; Have you ever seen a Subscription box below Article or Post? It’s the same thing we are talking about. It’s a good idea to increase the number of subscribers and traffic. All the Visitors who subscribes to your newsletters will be added to your Mailing List automatically. With the bloom, you can create this type of Subscription boxes that are fully customisable. You can see some examples of the Below Post boxes in the below image.

You can display this opt-in below Specific post, All post, below comments, etc.

Inline Opt-in forms

In-line Opt-in form in WordPress

The inline opt-ins or boxes are the most common in traffic generation methods. The inline opt-ins can be used anywhere in the posts and the pages. There are many pre-designed templates available in Bloom. Choose the template as per your requirement, and as you know, these opt-ins are also customizable.

As we know that we can display in-line boxes anywhere in the post or page. In this case, Just after you create an inline box, you will see a Generate Button. Click on that button to know your shortcode of this inline box. Copy that shortcode and paste it to your required place on the web page. You can put it between one article or, Corner of the webpage.

Locked Content

Locked content Opt-in form in WordPress

Now, the locked Content method is one of the great ideas to increase subscribers. Have you ever seen a Subscribe box when you click on some premium content like Stock market news, download some premium themes, etc. In this case, you can put a locked Content box on a specific content. Whenever a user clicks on that post or page to get more information, the locked content box will be auto-trigger. It will ask a visitor to subscribe to the mailing list in order to unlock the locked content.

In short, You can increase your subscriber count with the help of Locked Content opt-ins. Create quality content, and ask for a subscription to access these types of quality content. The Locked Content opt-in can also be created as inline opt-ins and have a shortcode of the Locked Content opt-in. You can put it within a post or wrapped around the content.

Opt-in Widgets

Subscriber Opt-in Form Widget

The Widget opt-ins are automatically generated in the form of Widget, And it will auto-appear in the widget section on the WordPress dashboard. These widget opt-ins can be used on any widgetized area on your website. Widget opt-ins can be used on the Slider or Footer section of the website. One great place to show widget opt-ins is the sidebar. Majority of the WordPress blogs have a sidebar that contains different kind of widgets. You can add one widget in the sidebar to boost the E-mail list. With the help of the bloom plugin, you can even build a widget that is customizable. 

After creating the Widget opt-ins, You can manage these widgets from the “Appearance > Widgets” section of the WordPress dashboard. Choose the area of the page, And place the widget as per your requirement. The Widget opt-ins can be placed anywhere on the web page.

3. Monarch

Monarch plugin for WordPress

We already learn about Email marketing and Opt-in method for marketing. So, In this section, we will learn about one amazing plugin from Elegant Themes. Monarch will help you share the content on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Additionally, with Monarch, we can add 5 different types of Social media sharing buttons. The Monarch provides a platform to share the media on over more than 20 social networks.

Also, Monarch supports 6 types of automatic Pop-up and Fly-in triggers. These triggers will help you to Fire the social sharing pop-ups. Triggers like after commenting, upon Scroll, after purchasing, after inactivity, and bottom of the post, even we can set the time delay triggers.

Monarch has 5 different Social Sharing Button types because every website or content has its own different social sharing needs. Social sharing will behave differently for every content or webpage. The five different types of social sharing buttons are:

Floating Sidebar

Floating social media sharing in WordPress

There are so many live examples available which represent the Floating Sidebar. As we know, this floating sidebar with social media sharing options is the most common and effective way to share our website content and increase the social media traffic. Monarch provides these types of floating sidebars that are also fully customizable, as shown in the below image.

We can place these sidebar icons on any page. It also has five unique hover styles like the Auto-hide option, Mouse hover slide, etc. We can display the click count besides the social icon. In the small devices, the sidebar will condense into a non-intrusive drawer.

Above and Below Content

Monarch above and below content opt-in forms

Monarch plugin also provides social sharing icons for heavy content pages like detailed guide. You can display these icons above the content, below the content or at both the locations. When a user finds any interesting information on the article, they can directly share the content by clicking on the social media icons. And as we know, These icons are also fully customizable. So, you can give some effects as per your website design. Take a look at the below image; these are examples with some unique customization.

On Images and Videos

Monarch social sharing buttons on media

Graphical information or media like photos and videos are the most shared content on social media networks. Monarch also provides a feature that will help you set the share icons on the media like images and videos. Yes, Monarch makes it easy to share the media from website to social media. So, Whenever a user hovers over the media elements, they will find the social icons with a fade-in effect. This Monarch’s feature makes it easy to share media on the visitor’s social network accounts. You can use this feature with a shortcode, and it’s mobile-friendly too.

Automatic Pop-ups

Automatic social sharing pop-ups for WordPress

As we saw in the Bloom plugin, how easily we can create pop-up opt-ins. Just like Bloom, Monarch also supports automatic pop-ups with social media networks. Creating Pop-ups like the below image are effortless and effective ways to share content on social networks.

These icons will also affect your visitors and subscriptions acount. Monarch plugin supports many types of triggers which fire these pop-ups like timed delay, after making a purchase, nn scrolls, after inactivity, after commenting. We can also change the contents and icons we want to show on the pop-up box. These pop-ups have ten intro animation support which makes them more attractive.

Automatic Fly-ins

Automatic social media sharing button fly-in

The Automatic Fly-ins in Monarch are just similar to the Bloom plugin’s Fly-ins. The only difference between Bloom fly-ins and Monarch fly-ins is, You will see social media network icons in the Monarch plugin.

These fly-ins can also be auto-fired. You have to set the triggers like Pop-ups. But Fly-ins will slide up from the bottom of the page. You can see the below image as an example.

4. WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro plugin for WordPress

WP Subscribe PRO Plugin is one of the most famous and influential plugins these days; This plugin can boost your traffic conversion to subscribers. This plugin’s popularity is integration, unlimited colour choices, attractive IN-OUT animations, responsive design, and Pop-up triggers. The plugin’s auto integration will automatically integrate with your mailing plugin. So whenever a user or visitor enters their email and clicks on the Subscribe button, the user will be added to your mailing list. WP subscribe PRO supports auto-integrations with many plugins. Let’s see its feature list one by one in brief.

Responsive & Optimized

The WP Subscribe is a responsive plugin, and it displays the pop-ups in different device’s screens ideally without any errors. Because of the Responsive design, It can collect Email subscribers from any device. This plugin’s opt-ins are lightweight and has a clean code. It means that it doesn’t require any JavaScript or CSS files to execute. That is why this plugin is very Fast and Smooth. 

Exit Intent & No Code Required

Whenever a visitor or a user tries to leave your site, your site will display a WP Subscribe Pop-up. It is a default feature of this plugin, and It gives a chance to the visitor to become a subscriber of the site or a blog. To use the WP Subscribe PRO’s pop-up box, We don’t require any coding knowledge. The WP Subscribe supports seamless integrations. It allows us to add a subscription system in just a few minutes, and it doesn’t require any coding skills.

Integrations & Built-in Widget Support

Integration is one of the best features that are available in this plugin. WP subcribe Pro supports integrations with many E-mail & contact management systems like MailerLite, Benchmark, Aweber, Mail Chimp, GetResponse, FeedBurner, and many more. It is also compatible with SEO Plugins. WP Subscribe supports built-in widget Support to display subscribe widgets on the widget areas of our websites and web pages.

Animations & Triggers

We can choose many types of animations effects on pop-up’s Entry and Exit. This animation will attract the user’s attention. Also, it’s pop-up has an eye-catching designs. With the customizable feature, we can create a pop-up more attractive and match our site. This plugin also supports triggers which defines how and when the pop-up should be on the client’s display. There are more than six triggers available in the this plugin. You can allow this plugin to fire the Pop-up on Scrolls, Time delay, leaving the site, etc.

5. WP Rocket

WP Rocket plugin for WordPress

The speed of your website is the primary practical element that has a considerable effect on traffic. And, everyone wants their website light and fast, with any supported device. Because slow websites are pretty boring, a web user wants quick access to the website. We have already learned some of the E-mail list development techniques and social media sharing in this guide. We will now talk about one of the best available plugins to improve your website’s speed incredibly.

WP Rocket is a very popular plugin that allows us to improve the loading time of our website with various techniques. Here are some of the methods or features we can use with WP Rocket to improve the site’s speed.

Page Cache

The WP Rocket will save some temporary cache memory in the visitor’s browser. WP Rocket keeps the information like most common page files, which are rarely updated. So, next time the same user visits again, the cached files will help the browser access and load up the site information from the saved cache. Also, Google and other search engines love fast websites.

Page cache is very important for blogs that get a lot of traffic but are rarely updated. It is because, Once the cache is stored, The server can directly deliver the cached page instead of firing queries and PHP files again and again. It saves a lot of computing power, improves the speed of your website and also allows the server to have more room to handle more concurrent visitors.

Lighter Files

WP Rocket provides file optimization feature. It means that all the supporting files like CSS, JS and the actual HTML of the website can be minified to decrease the page size. And WP Rocket will help you to delay the JS file loading until the first user interaction which is very important. You don’t need to learn code; everything can be done with a single click. We can also combine multiple JS and CSS files in a one file to decrease the number of connections required on the server.


The media files are the main elements that affect website speed. So, WP Rocket provides a feature called LazyLoad. This LazyLoad will help you to pause the Media loading on the website load. And, It will load the media file when the user needs it. LazyLoading is an excellent way to save bandwidth and optimize the overall performance of your website. It saves the user’s bandwidth because they don’t need to download all the images. WP rocket can also create cache files to re-serve the same files if needed.

Tidy Database

The website will always load smoothly if has a clean database. A clean database is more effective and helps to speed up our website. So, with WP Rocket, you can clean and optimize the database files. It helps to clean the comments, Post revisions, and transients of your site. WP Rocket also provides scheduled Cleans-ups for the database and website; everything can be done in just 2 clicks.

Extras Features

WP Rocket also provides extra features like Varnish Cache, Sucuri Integration, Google Tracking, Facebook Pixel, Cloudflare Integration. These features will help your website in different ways, like clearing cache and tracking your website. Also, you will have the facility to integrate Sucuri and Cloudflare. Facebook pixel is also provided with extra add-ons which help you track marketing campaigns on Facebook and Retarget the prospects.

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