The 5 Best plugins to Create Responsive WordPress Sites

By on August 1st, 2021

This article is vital for all WordPress website owners. Because every online business website’s primary need is to be responsive for all screen-size devices, we will discuss some plugins which are very useful for your website. These plugins will help your website visitors and users to use the website on mobile. Some of them will help you create a responsive website, and then other plugins will add some unique features to the website.

In short, think about a website that is not responsive, and the user opens the website on mobile. You know the rest; the user will turn away with other half of the people who tried to enter.

We will learn how to make our website more responsive and mobile-friendly in this article. Because mobile web traffic accounts for over half of all global internet traffic, we need a website that will work smoothly on mobile devices. It is also helpful for your business growth; people nowadays prefer to operate all the information directly on their smartphones.

Now, we can create a responsive website with the help of some plugins. It will automatically convert the website into a fully responsive mobile app. We can also add unique functionality for mobile users, like the direct call button and WhatsApp button. People also spend more time using their smartphones than desktops or computers. To create a mobile-friendly website, we need to understand the mobile interfaces first.

1.Responsive Website: A responsive website means the website’s content will automatically adjust according to the device and the browser settings. In other words, the content of the site remains the same, but it’s changed for viewing using media codes and settings.

2.Mobile App: The second interface is also a great idea. Have you ever seen a website that will automatically convert into a mobile app on different screen size devices? For example, Facebook and Twitter. It can be a completely different program that generally has more powerful mobile features than a mobile website. This app interface is more powerful than any other interface.

3.Mobile Menu: Some WordPress plugins can change the website menu into a responsive, mobile-friendly menu. There are many plugins available to do this because many websites fail to generate decent-looking menus.

Why is the mobile site important?

Many vital features will help you with the mobile site. You can see the list of fundamental reasons for mobile sites.

  • Website users and visitors will like to land on your mobile site when searching for the content on search engines. Your site should be responsive for smartphone users so they can use it with freedom everywhere.
  • People love to share the site’s contents with their social networks and other persons. So, the mobile app or website will help them to share the content easily. This feature will be beneficial for the business growth too.
  • The mobile app or responsive website will have a good impression. A well-performing website and mobile app will help you to engage the people as well as it helps to gather more visitors. Create a mobile app that can cover all the stores and provide a quick and comfortable way to access content for your loyal users.
  • We will discuss some free and premium plugins which will help you to provide mobile-optimized websites. You can also add many important tools which will add extra functionality to the mobile view. With the help of this article, you have a complete guide about some of the best mobile plugins.

Difference between Mobile Websites and Responsive Designs.

  • You can create a mobile website if you’re trying to grow your business online. It will also help if you want to leverage the search to attract visitors to your website.
  • There are too many differences between mobile websites and responsive mobile design. These both are different things. 
  • The Mobile website is nothing but a compact version of your website. It is not designed for the mobile-first. The main difference between desktop and mobile websites is that you will see the website content is adjusted. You will also notice that the mobile website often results in a reduced version of the desktop site.
  • Now the responsive and mobile-friendly website will look like an app. All the elements will be in a usable manner and give a more user-friendly experience than the mobile sites.

So, let’s discuss some of the best plugins that will help you add more functionality and help you create responsive website. Some of the plugins are free, and some of them are available as premium versions. Here you can see the list of the plugins which we are going to discuss in this article.

  1. AMP(Accelerate Mobile Page) for WP
  2. WP Mobile Menu
  3. WordPress Mobile Pack
  4. WPtouch
  5. AppPresser

1. AMP(Accelerate Mobile Page) for WP

AMP(Accelerate Mobile Page) for WP

The AMP for WP plugin allows you to create mobile websites. As you can read the title of the plugin, AMP stands for Accelerate Mobile Page. This plugin refers to its speed and efficiency. In other words, this plugin comes with special tools that require you to put in minimal effort to replace your current non-responsive theme.

If you have a responsive theme, you can test this plugin to increase the website loading speed. AMP is an HTML framework that Google introduces. The primary key feature of this framework is optimized web pages for mobile devices. Now, the AMP applies to web pages delivered across all the devices.

Therefore, the AMP for WP also sells many extensions individually or in packages. We can also buy different mobile themes, and these themes are typically more functional and beautiful than the default ones. This plugin is a popular solution that applies Google’s AMP principles to WordPress sites. It simply reformats your website’s pages into mobile sites to serve more efficiently on smartphones and tablets.

This plugin will provide some tools which will improve the browsing experience while boosting rankings in Google. If we talk about the extensions provided by this plugin, one of the extensions will allow you to post ads on your mobile theme. Then other extensions enable your theme to work better with contact forms, WooCommerce, caching plugins, and more.

If you want to use all the tools and extensions of this plugin, then there’s another option available as membership. This plugin also provides you a lot of flexibility and utilities for free. The developers also sell extensions that will make this plugin compatible with different popular plugins like WP Forms, WooCommerce, Elementor, Divi, and Contact Form 7. This plugin will add more advanced features. So, let’s discuss all the features of this plugin. Here you can see the list of the features, and we will go through the features one by one briefly.

  • The plugin is available for free; you will get all the features included within the plugin. 
  • The mobile responsive site created by the AMP for WP will be most likely going to be much smoother and more transparent than the default theme. This plugin comes with the tools which are required to optimize the mobile website.
  • The AMP for WP plugin is created with JavaScript or CSS, which are most likely available in the market. So, this plugin also provides you with Star ratings and Comments elements. You can use these sections on your website to engage more people. It also supports 
  • The membership plan is also reasonable. It allows you to access all the extensions and themes available in the AMP for WP plugin. You can have plenty of extensions for just $10.

The AMP for WP plugin is available for free, and it is available in the WordPress library. But one crucial thing is vital for this plugin. You should try the essential plugin first if you like the interface and it fulfills your requirements. Then you can go with the extensions. So, you can buy the whole extension membership for a personal website at the cost of $149. It means the personal plan will work only for one website.

Then, another plan is multiple plans which cost $199 per year. You can use the same license with three different websites. Another one is webmaster, which costs $249, and the last one is the Freelancer plan. The freelancer plan supports 25 websites, while the webmaster supports ten websites. And if you want unlimited support for the extensions, you have to pay $499 per year.

2. WP Mobile Menu

WP Mobile menu for WordPress

The WP Mobile Menu plugin is one of the most famous plugins available in the WordPress library. This plugin is for those who want to focus on the website’s mobile menu part. As the owner of the website, everyone wants an attractive menu. Then this plugin allows you to create a menu for mobiles and other devices.

You can create a terrifying responsive menu for your website. You can imagine a perfect mobile menu, and it can be a smooth slide-in effect and a large icon on the top. This plugin allows you to create a menu as you want. You can create a convenient menu that can be helpful for your visitors to move around the website.

The mobile screens have some less space, so it presents a navigational challenge for the developers. I just mean, how will a visitor know how they can redirect to different pages? Because we didn’t have the space for header or sidebars. Here, the WP Mobile Menu is the problem solver. The freemium plugin adds a responsive, three-layer menu to any WordPress website. This plugin allows you to add simple text menus and icons within the menu.

Even this plugin will enable you to add pictures and logos too. These sliding menus can be hidden on load and conveniently slide into view. The main reason behind the consideration of this plugin is if you don’t have a responsive website. Then you should try this plugin, and you will wonder how your menu looks beautiful on small screen devices.

This plugin will never affect the current screen layouts. You can freely install the plugin as soon as the plugin is installed. You will have complete access to the menu settings. You can customize the menu as per your requirement. To have more advanced features, you can buy the premium version of this plugin. Here, you can see the list of features provided by this plugin. 

Features list

  • The basic core plugin is free. Then for advanced features, you have some different plans like Professional Plan or E-commerce plan. The other plans have different functionalities and different uses. For example, the e-commerce plan will help you add a shopping cart to the menu, etc.
  • Some of the plans have thousands of Google fonts and icons support. You can use them to design your mobile menu. Like you can create a creative and visual menu for the mobile screens.
  • The free plugin allows you to use the options for three depth levels. It can extend with five depth levels, and for that, you require at least a professional plan subscription.
  • This plugin gives you complete control of the header menu section. You can decide which option will be available on the mobile site. Not every option of the regular site needs to be available on the mobile site. You can hide the parts which are not necessary as per your requirement. 
  • We can even add the Logo at the top of the menu slider with a free plan.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can customize the slider menu for mobile sites as per your requirement. For example, you can choose a transparent background or naked background, adding an image for the background. Both are amazing options, and they will look excellent and stand out with your mobile design.

There are three different variants of plans available with this plugin. As we discussed, the core plugin is free, but we have to buy a plan for the extra features. The professional plan will cost you around $7 per month. It also allows you to save some money; if you buy the professional plan for five websites, the cost per license will decrease by $4 per month.

Just like a professional plan, there are three different variants of the Business or WooCommerce plan. The business plan will cost you around $10 per month. Then the Enterprise plan is available for $30 per month.

3. WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack plugin for WordPress

WordPress Mobile Pack is Another, Feature-rich mobile website plugin for WordPress websites. The best thing about this plugin is, it enables users to package their existing content into a cross-platform mobile web application. This plugin comes with a mobile-optimized user interface. It automatically detects varying screen sizes and is too sensitive because it can also see orientation changes.

In simple words, the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin offers you progressive web apps. These are nothing but fast and reliable apps with many exciting tools and features like smooth animation for the user interface. It also pushes the notification to send the notifications quickly and directly on the mobile website app.

Now, It’s very important to know a mobile website app and actual store app. So not to be confused between a play store or apple store app but a well-managed website that looks like an app. And This is the most critical and stand-out feature of this plugin. This plugin can provide your users a Complete app-like mobile browsing experience.

So, If you want a real app like the Playstore app, then go elsewhere because this plugin offers you different themes and customizations. Your website will stand out compared to some of the standard responsive themes. Even the accessible version of this plugin has many features and an easy setup process. 

The Mobile Website app created by this plugin tries to mimic an app the best it can. With the help of this plugin, you can send a notification to add a home screen link to their desktop. This plugin also offers you to adjust items like logos, Fonts, and Colors. The best thing is, we can do all the settings directly from the WordPress dashboard. So, let’s discuss all the features of this plugin. Here you can see the list of the features provided by this plugin.

  • The WordPress Mobile Pack core plugin is free with all the required features. You can easily download it from the WordPress Plugin Library.
  • Your website users can add your mobile website app to their home screen. As we discussed, this plugin can behave like an app, but it is a website.
  • You can go with the premium plans of this plugin, and it provides many exciting features. For example, with the pro plan, you will have monetization options and unlimited push notifications. 
  • This plugin provides you complete control over all the pages and posts. This plugin offers you complete control over the mobile app site. You can decide which content and pages will be displayed on the mobile app. You can easily hide the contents which are not necessary with the app. For example, the app layout designs already contain contact details on the header of the mobile website app. So, you can remove the contact us page. 
  • Again, This plugin just allows you to create a real app-looking mobile website app. This plugin will not make a real app for you. But you don’t have to worry because this mobile app will work exactly like a regular mobile app. 
  • Now, one most important thing about this plugin. It can integrate with Google Analytics, so you can distinguish between who and how many people are visiting your mobile site instead of your regular location.

As we discussed, the core plugin is freely available at the WordPress library. If you want some advanced customizations and features, you have to buy a pro version that starts at $99 per year.

4. WPtouch

WPtouch WordPress plugin

WPtouch plugin is one of the most popular plugins available in the WordPress library. This plugin is already famous for its speed and quality to create a Mobile interface. The WPtouch plugin is one of the most popular solutions for the immediate needs of an admin and code-free mobile site solution. It is an automatic plugin that can be used with any of the WordPress themes and websites.

This plugin will automatically apply the data designs and turn them into a mobile site. Then the plan will display only users accessing the site on phones and tablets; for example, After successfully applying this plugin, if you open your website on the desktop. Then it will be unchanged, but if you open that website on tablets and mobile browsers, you can see the difference. 

In short, this plugin can quickly make changes on your default WordPress website/ And makes it more usable for people directly from their smartphones. The free version of the WPtouch plugin has all the tools required to change the mobile website design. Even this plugin also provides the speed, style, and user-friendly performance of your website.

If you don’t like the default mobile design then, this plugin also includes customization tools.You can use them and create a plan which suits your brand website. The turned website for mobile devices will be lightweight and fast to load. Like other plugins, this plugin also allows you to hide the unnecessary parts of the website on mobile websites. You have the toggle settings for turning on and off different website’s functions.

WPtouch plugin is also available as a premium version. The premium version comes with advanced features which can be necessary for a Mobile Interface. The premium plugin will also provide some best fully responsive design templates. The premium version contains many themes for different uses, like business websites and eCommerce websites. So, let’s discuss all the features of the WPtouch plugin. You can see a feature list below.

  • As we discussed, the WPtouch plugin is free. The free core plugin comes with all the required features. It comes with all the tools we need to turn a theme into a beautiful Mobile website.
  • The customer support system of the WPtouch plugin is offered through an Email address. But you can also find many important articles for this plugin. These articles will help you to understand the use of this plugin briefly.
  • Suppose you find this plugin good for your website and fulfills all the requirements. Then you can go with the Pro plan of this plugin which is not that expensive. It provides a wide range of beautiful themes and excellent extensions for things like ads and advanced typography.
  • The setting page of the WPtouch plugin is nicely consolidated with the WordPress dashboard. So, you can directly use the settings from the dashboard, and Even users find it easy to understand.
  • The WPtouch plugin is an expert in replacing responsive themes that heavily use attractive image files, Javascript, and CSS. The mobile site provided by this plugin will be Fast and lightweight. In short, this plugin will create a perfect mobile place for you if you’re not satisfied with your current mobile themes.
  • And lastly, the most important thing about this plugin is this plugin also allows you to apply custom customizations. It provides enough tools that will enable you to customize the mobile browser viewing experience slightly. You can even select the default layout settings depending on the screen sizes.

The WPtouch plugin is available as a free version, as we discussed. The free plugin comes with limited but powerful features to create a mobile website. But for the advanced features, you have to buy a pro plan. There are various types of subscription plans available for the WPtouch plugin.

The First plan is the Go Pro plan which costs $79 per year. You can use this license with one website, and it has some specific themes included. Then the second plan is a Business or Mobile store plan, which applies to 5 different websites. It costs you $189 per year with more theme options than the Go Pro plan. 

After that, the third plan is the Developer plan which costs $259 per year. This plan can be used on 20 websites. And last plan is the Enterprise plan which is available with a $359 per year subscription. The enterprise plan can be used on up to 50 WordPress websites.

5. AppPresser

AppPresser for WordPress

The AppPresser plugin is another plugin that can completely turn your website into a mobile app. This plugin can also pull blog articles by using RSS Feed and displaying the articles on the app. This plugin can create both Android and iPhones apps. It provides excellent combinations of features to integrate with your plugins and make your website look stunning on a mobile device.

But the plugin’s interface will require some web development experience because the plugin does not have A beginner-friendly interface. It will take some time to learn and understand the plugin interface. In short, this plugin takes an entirely different approach by making real apps that can be linked to your WordPress Website. This plugin also comes with several integrated WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Learn Dash, and BuddyPress.

The AppPresser plugin also supports popular plugins and can turn a website into a mobile app. The features provided by this plugin are custom pages, templates, dashboards, etc. this plugin helps developers to transform a pre-built WordPress site into a duly functional mobile app. We can save the app on our phones and place it on any app store.

Even this plugin also allows your mobile website app to use the device features like a Camera, Contacts, and more. So, if you have a WordPress website and are thinking of publishing an android app that shows the same content as your website, this is the right plugin. So, let’s discuss all the provided features of this plugin. Here, you can see the list of features down below.

  • The AppPresser helps to transform the previously built WordPress site into a fully functional mobile app. It will contain all the regular website content, but it will look like an android app. Users can save the app into their smartphones, and Site owners can place the developed app on any app store.
  • This Wptouch plugin can be easily integrated with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, LearnDash, and BuddyPress. This plugin is an intelligent tool; it understands your requirements and can also develop any app.
  • This plugin comes with custom pages and templates. It will help you to add and manage outside content that is already on your website. 
  • Now, one most important feature of this plugin is that it offers an online dashboard. This dashboard will help you manage all client apps and be accessible with your laptop or desktop.
  • AppPresser plugin comes with an app tester that comes with a program for running your apps through your phone. The main reason behind this feature is, it can test out all of the buttons and pages.

The AppPresser plugin does not have any free plugin for trial purposes. It is only available as a premium plugin with different annual plans. It has three main types of plans available, all of the plans contain different features. The first plan is the Standard plan which costs you $59 per month. You can create only one app with this plan; it has some limitations with notifications. The second plan costs you $79 per month, which is called a professional plan. Then the final plan is the Advanced plan which costs $129 per month. The final plan can use all the features of this plugin.

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