Top 5 Best Review Plugins for WordPress

By on July 31st, 2021

There are thousands of different ideas which can help us To grow traffic and boost conversation. Just like that, Customer reviews are also away, which can help us to increase traffic. Those little words and ratings help generate trust about anything like Any physical product, An article, or information.

We can also use this feature to get reviews on your website. Having good reviews and good star ratings can help as social proof of your product. There are many websites and e-commerce platforms that use this review feature and have good sales. We think the reviews are one of the most straightforward traffic gathering techniques. So in this article, we will discuss some best review Plugins For WordPress.

The best review plugin will offer you many small features. It will add an attractive review summary box at the beginning and end of the reviews section. It also helps us to get those eye-catching star ratings on Google. If reviews and ratings are a mandatory feature for your website, this article will be good for you.

We have already collected the best review plugins for WordPress websites. It will help you to create a more interactive and user-friendly review section. We will also discuss the main key benefits of the plugin. All the information is available with examples that will be helpful to choose the best. We also discuss pricing details for the plugins in this article.

How the Reviews and Star Ratings will be helpful for our WordPress Website?

Primarily the benefits of the reviews depend on the business you’re running. For example, if you have an E-commerce store for clothing. Then the reviews will be for other visitors to make sure about the product quality, size, and other things. The reviews will also help us to give confidence about the product they select to purchase. So, with the e-commerce store the reviews, you can display each product rating underneath the product. Other than that, you can also use the review feature for your local store. For instance, if you have a local electric machine repair store that offers home service. Then the review feature will help you to make your service more reliable and trustable. 

If we talk about examples, reviews have some essential criteria about which type of features we require with an ideal review function. Then we will discuss some best benefits of the review feature.

  • The review feature can receive feedback from your customers and relations. The customers will let you know about the things you should utilize. It can be helpful to generate more information about your business, and people like it when you respond to their reviews. 
  • Good reviews and Google ratings are also beneficial for your Websites SEO. It’s also good for your website search ranking. 
  • The reviews and ratings also help complete as social proof. Customers are more likely to buy when their relatives and friends approve of a product or service. You can show them as a marketing strategy. Show them a product with its ratings and some good reviews or nearby areas. 
  • The online reviews are free advertising about your product or service. According to research, more than 90% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Google also likes good and quality people’s interactions and ratings. It prefers to serve a result that has good people interactions and thoughts.
  • The reviews can provide transparency to consumers. It also helps you to fill the blanks with information available on your website. For example, in case you missed some specs about a product or service. And one of your regular consumers just serves the missed information about the specs in reviews. 

The key features are required from the perfect WordPress Review Plugin. Now, here is the selected plugin that we will discuss in this article. You can see a list here below. We will discuss every plugin one by one briefly.

  1. WP Customer Reviews
  2. Reviewer WordPress Plugin
  3. WP Product Review
  4. Taqyeem
  5. WP Business Reviews

1. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews plugin for WordPress

WP Customer Reviews plugin is a free and open-source program. It is an excellent solution for accepting reviews from anywhere on the website. This plugin is available in the WordPress library for free. The developers only have the money that people donate to the plugin. This plugin will help you to collect reviews of your visitors and customers. As well as it can also help you to create your own product reviews.

This plugin is flexible in both ways; you can collect general customer reviews about your business. Also, you can place-review modules on your individual product pages. This is the ideal plugin for some people because they don’t have to pay for the plugin. There are many paid plugins available with the same functionality.

The WP Customer reviews plugin is simple to configure. It also provides a basic dashboard; with the help of a dashboard, you can accept and decline the review on your website. It also offers several options for review box design and display. As well as with the help of this plugin you can display several reviews on one page.

To add a review on your website, you just have to click on the Reviews option and click on All Reviews. Then you can see an Add New Button, click on the button and select the post for review. The Review form customization is also provided; you can create a review form to match up with your website. So, Let’s discuss the complete feature list of this plugin one by one briefly.

Feature List

  • This plugin has a clean and user-friendly interface. Anyone can easily understand and start working with this plugin.
  • This plugin comes with Shortcode Support. That means we can place the review on several parts of the website like sidebars, widget area, etc.
  • This plugin also has a basic Dashboard which can be placed on the WordPress dashboard. This dashboard will help you to monitor the reviews of the website.
  • The site admins and other authorized users can respond to the reviews. People also like when their thoughts are taken seriously.
  • WP Customer review plugin offers field customization. You can add more fields and rating options to the review form; it can be related to a product or service.
  • This plugin also provides you a setting that helps to show a dedicated number of reviews on the website.
  • The WP Customer Review plugin is constantly being developed by the developers. You will get the latest updates without paying anything for them.
  • This plugin also helps to show Rich Snippets to the search engines to improve the results. It also provides an excellent visual view of ratings and stars.


The WP Customer Review plugin is a free and open-source plugin. You can download and use this plugin on many websites. This plugin is recommended for beginners. And those who just need minimum review features for their website. 

2. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

Reviewer Plugin for WordPress

Reviewer is a Premium WordPress plugin. The reviewer plugin will allow you to add a review box with comparison in just a few clicks. This plugin is not that popular since its launch. But now, people like this plugin because of the upgraded features and visuals after some time. The visuals like Photos and Badges.

And, now this plugin is one of the most feature-rich plugins on this list. To add a review, you just need to set the title and add a score, then you’re ready to go. This plugin is a good deal in this price tag because this plugin has a bundle of features.

The Reviewer plugin will help you to add more details than a review on the website. We can show the details like summary, pros, cons, and multiple images with the review. The best thing about this plugin is it can connect and serve more information to the visitors. For example, this plugin allows users to customize and mark a score of 5.

It also allows the users to write down the pros and cons of the review. Another great benefit of this plugin is, we can also provide specific criteria to the visitors to rate. For an intense, a shirt size rating and material ratings. You’ll get all the reviewers’ names and emails just after they post a review on your website.

Then, we can use those ratings and reviews in widgets. So, we can display those good ratings on another website or on a product page. Let’s discuss a feature list of this plugin one by one briefly.

Feature List

  • This plugin generates a comparison table for the reviews. It will put two reviews next to each other for better understanding.
  • The reviewer plugin allows you to display ratings with Bars and Stars.
  • This plugin also allows customization to the different areas of the reviews, like criteria, pros and cons, a list of reviews, and even grading scales.
  • All the visitors and users can upload their own product images and media on the reviews.
  • This plugin also offers some review widget options. You can use the widgets to show the list of reviews, top scores, and best reviewers.
  • The Reviewer WordPress plugin allows you to display the most attractive review boxes. The provided designs are modern and highly customizable, with all sorts of icons to play around with them.
  • We can also add affiliate marketing links to our reviews.
  • It also provides Google Rich Snippets on all the search results.


The Reviewer WordPress plugin is only available as a premium plugin. You can buy this plugin for $29. Then we have to pay for customer support, and its cost is $8 per 12 months. This plugin is recommended for those who require the most beautiful review boxes. This plugin is fully customizable and responsive. So you can edit the packages as per your website design. This plugin is already tested with all screen-size devices. 

3. WP Product Review

WP Product Review plugin for WordPress

The WP Product Review plugin is developed by Themeisle. This plugin is created to give customers the option to review your products and service. The WP Product Review plugin is a free plugin available in the WordPress library with essential tools. It comes with some basic functionality, like it can turn your post into product reviews. You can add an extra “Is this post a review?” checkbox to the WordPress editor.

This plugin also offers some more unique features like the Pros and Cons section and affiliate link integrations. We can also integrate this plugin with Amazon easily. So, the affiliate links are easier to use in your customers’ reviews.

The WP Product Review plugin has many features which can be proved too helpful. For example, It provides a feature called Review Summary. This feature will give a summary of the product or service. It also provides Ratings where visitors can provide ratings as starts. The WP Product Review also offers Pros and Cons sections. We can also add a button as Buy Now. This button will help us to redirect the visitors to the product page.

Visitors can also upload images of the product with reviews. This plugin also allows you to add popper schema markup to get Google Rich Snippets. We can create review widgets and display them on different websites with the help of shortcodes. So, let’s discuss each feature of the WP Product Review plugin.

Feature List

  • The WP Product Review plugin helps you to put the review module anywhere on the website. We can even organize the reviews to push some better reviews to the top. 
  • It comes with some unique features, like it automatically creates comparison tables. This plugin uses the existing information to show in the comparison table.
  • This plugin also provides an import tool. It will help you to import the past reviews to your existing sites.
  • This plugin offers frontend review submission. In other words, anyone can come to your website and post a review.
  • The WP Product Reviews plugin comes with multiple review module layouts. You can choose the layout design according to your website design.
  •  This plugin also offers a free version. You can use and take a test drive of this plugin before you buy a premium version.
  • This plugin allows us to import some information from amazon. The information like images and product details when you have a running affiliate site.
  • We can also divide the product or service specifications. With it, we can let the users rate each of the specifications of the product. For example, A Home service that provides electric maintenance. Then you can allow them to rate the quality of service, speed, and maintenance rates.
  • This plugin also offers a bundle of customizations. We can adjust the elements according to our design like border, width, font family and size, colors, etc.
  • It also provides different rating icons. You can use the rating icon according to your product. Generally, it offers bars and stars as a rating icon.


The WP Product Review plugin is available as a free version with some essential tools. We have to buy a premium version of this plugin if you want some advanced tools and designs. The premium version will cost you $59 per year. You can also choose a development plan if you’re going to use a single license with many websites. 

4. Taqyeem

Taqyeem Review plugin for WordPress

The Taqyeem plugin is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. It has already been downloaded from CodeCanyon more than 1,700 times. If the name of this plugin surprises you, then there’s a logic behind it. ‘Taqyeem’ is an Arabic word of Valuation. The main focus of this plugin is to give maximum customizations so it can match up with your website.

This plugin offers a bar rating where people can rate a specific number from 1 to 10. It also allows you to display stars as rating icons at a one-to-file scale rate. Taqyeem can create its own review box and accept reviews from visitors and other users.

With the Taqyeem plugin, it is possible to have many formats. Like other plugins, this plugin also offers schema markup to help us to get rich snippets. The Taqyeem plugin does not allow you to add a button to the preview box. But you can purchase a button Add-on that will let you do that. This plugin offers you complete control of the colors and review criteria.

You can also choose from three different review styles like Stars, Points, and Percentages. The key feature of this plugin is unlimited colors support. It will help you to match the review box with your website. So, here is the list of features available in the Taqyeem plugin. Let’s discuss each one by one briefly.

Feature List

  • The Taqyeem plugin shows the Google Rich Snippets for some potential customers. Mainly for those customers who are viewing your listings through search engines.
  • This plugin allows Percentage reviews when customers do a review to specific criteria.
  • The review module of the Taqyeem plugin can be placed in any place on the website. You can display it on Posts, pages, and widget areas.
  • This plugin is one of the few online review plugins which offers unlimited color support. This plugin is also popular because this plugin allows them to have unlimited criteria.
  • It also offers Typography and web fonts collection. Just because of that feature, this plugin is suitable for every business if you are looking for formatting that fits your website.


The Taqyeem plugin costs $29 with standard Envato Licensing. This is only a one-time fee, then you just have to pay for customer support. You can add some add-ons like the Button add-on for $19. There’s no free version of this plugin. But the feature list of this plugin can justify the small price tag.

This plugin offers plenty of customization support with options for comparing reviews and products with this price tag. Many companies use this plugin and display beautiful review modules on their website. You can easily buy it from CodeCanyon; even you can check the reviews if you want to verify before purchase.

5. WP Business Reviews

Wp Business Reviews plugin for WordPress

WP Business Reviews Plugin is a Powerful review plugin. If you want a perfect review plugin for your business, this is the right plugin. It comes with powerful features and also works with Google, Yelp, and Facebook incredibly. This plugin does not have a free version. But this plugin has so many features that, for the people, this is the proper business review plugin.

The installation process is straightforward; after installation, we need to connect the plugin with our Google, Yelp, and Facebook accounts. It will automatically compile the information. Then it will allow you to display that information on your website as a widget. We can put it anywhere on the site, like the Widget area, Sidebar, or Footer.

The WP Business Review plugin will pull the latest reviews repeatedly. We can Monitor those reviews and filter out some negative reviews from them. Then it’s ready to go as a widget on your website. This plugin also offers customizations like Colours, background dark or light, transparent, and others depending on the themes.

The best key feature of this plugin is, we can filter some minimum ratings and negative reviews. Then it will show on your website as a widget. Let’s discuss the Feature list of the WP Business Review plugin briefly.

Feature List

  • The WP Business Reviews plugin will allow you to display the highest ratings on top of the list.
  • This plugin can pull and extract the reviews from some of the most famous websites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Even the Food delivery company zomato is also associated with the WP Business Reviews plugin. People like to give an excellent review with a happy tummy nowadays. Zomato is now working globally, one of the best food delivery partners.
  • It comes with the latest Dark and Light theme effects. It is an excellent feature to attract people.
  • The information collected by this plugin is neat and organized. It Also shows which reviews come from and also shows customers’ names and avatars.
  • It comes with different layouts like List and Galleries. You can choose a layout depending on your website’s design.
  • This plugin also allows you to add customer reviews directly from your website. They don’t have to go to Google to give a review.
  • This plugin provides an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly interface. You can easily filter some minimum star ratings. These will be hidden only, not deleted.
  • The WP Business Reviews plugin also provides customizable rating icons. You can choose the colors and shapes as per your requirement. It can be out of 5 or 10 scales.


Any type of small, mid, and large-scale business can have a beautiful rating widget with the help of this plugin. As we discussed, this plugin is not available as a free version. So, there’s no testing plugin; you have to pay for the plugin. There are 3 types of plans available with this plugin. Frist is a Basic Plan; this plan is open for $69 per year cost. This plan is focused on Small businesses and also applicable only on 1 website with essential support.

The next plan is the Pro plan which is also the most popular plan of this plugin. This plan will cost you $99 per year with 5 sites license. This plan comes with premium support with 5 different websites. 

The final plan is the Agency plan with a $199 per year subscription. This license can be used with 25 websites, and it comes with VIP support.

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