Top 5 best Search Plugins for WordPress site

By on May 4th, 2021

A properly functioning search system is also an essential part of every website. It is also the crucial element for online stores, magazine blogs, news websites, forums, and directory websites. It also provides a practical user experience. For example, if you have an online retail store and you have a universal search box on your site, your customers can easily find the products they want. Also, you can provide auto-suggestions and product previews. So the customers can find the required products quickly.

So, in case if you wish to use an advanced search system for your website. Then this article is just made for you. WordPress provides a basic search system on their website by default, But these plugins will automatically integrate with the default search system to effectively search products and posts on the site.

Most of the time, we use the default search function of WordPress. Which only helps us to some extent. So you need to install third-party WordPress search plugins to create a user-friendly search system. Today we will discuss the most powerful search plugins of WordPress. Let’s see which search plugins are best for your website.

Why do we need WordPress search Plugins?

WordPress comes with a default search function. It is pretty limited, and it is also not suitable for finding the relevant content because it can’t provide advanced results. If you have an online E-store, your search function must have the ability to find the products and pages. If you want a new website, you can go with the default search system until you post unique content and articles.

When your site has lots of different type of content, the user will feel difficulties finding the required results. Some of us depend on SEO best practices to find particular things. But it is not helpful every time. So many WordPress search plugins are most potent and beneficial for the search function. Some plugins are mainly designed for woo-commerce product search, and some improve the search experience across your website.

Here is the 5 best WordPress search plugins for a WordPress site.

  1. FacetWP
  2. Relevanssi
  3. Ajax Search Pro
  4. Ivory Search
  5. SearchWP

We will learn about all these plugins in detail. Let’s get started with the most popular plugin from the list, FacetWP plugin for WordPress.

1. FacetWP for WordPress

FacetWP search plugin for WordPress

FacetWP is an advanced filtering plugin for WordPress. It also allows you to add faceted search to your WooCommerce sites, listing pages, resources pages, search pages, directories, and more. FacetWP will work with most themes. Also, you can easily add themes and filter passwords using shortcodes or PHP on your page or theme.

It uses your site’s existing custom fields, texts, and post data (author, post date, post type, etc.). It also comes with many different aspect types, including Checkbox, dropdown, date range, sliders, proximity (geolocation), and more. FacetWP is based on Ajax, so filtering is quick and works without refreshing the page. The plugin also uses the index table for extra speed.

Here are the features of FacetWP plugin for WordPress.

  • Easy implementation
  • Add faceted search functionality to WordPress
  • It creates its search index for better performance
  • Create facets based on custom fields, taxonomies, and regular post data
  • Integrates with page builders to design the results page
  • Thirteen different filter types, including date/number ranges, maps, search, proximity, and more
  • Works with WooCommerce to create detailed faceted WooCommerce menus
  • Built-in integration with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • Easy Digital Downloads integration
  • Use your site’s existing data for filtering

Operational Function

FacetWP comes with a complete set of extensions. Which also allows you to choose or pick the right one which features you want. Whenever you install the relevant extension, you will create your first facet using the simple interface. You can also use the template builder to design the layout of the individual search result. It allows you to put the different types of filters on your site.


FacetWP only comes in a premium version. You can use it on up to 3 sites and the option to filter post types at $99 per year. A yearly plan is available only at $249 that lets you use it on up to 20 sites and filter both post types and users.

2. Relevanssi for WordPress

Relevanssi Search plugin for WordPress

Relevanssi is also another very popular WordPress search plugin. This plugin provides more relevant results for searches. It is available for free with basic features and a premium version with all features. It also provides a more comprehensive and relevant search result. On this plugin, you can get lots of features and configurable options. 

Relevanssi also supports multiple sites and plugins. It also helps a customer search WooCommerce products, categories and tags, custom fields, PDF content, user profiles, shortcodes output, and more. Search results are sorted in order of relevance. It supports bbPress and also adjusts the weighting of the titles, tags, comments.

And here are the features provided by this plugin.

  • Search results are sorted by relevance.
  • Integrates with various eCommerce plugins.
  • Creates an index of almost all types of content.
  • Able to create a search index.
  • Able to search for phrases, texts, comments, and more.
  • Provides automatic full-style search suggestions.
  • Highlights the query found in the search results.
  • Supports various subscription plugins (advanced feature).
  • Offers search result throttling to improve performance on large databases (advanced feature).
  • ‘You mean?’ Suggestions like Google (Advanced Feature).
  • Redirects specific phrases to a particular page (premium feature).
  • Provides export and import settings (premium feature).
  • Finds arbitrary MySQL columns in wp_post (premium feature).
  • Replaces operator on the fly if required (Premium feature).

Operational Function

Relevanssi free version is available in WordPress Plugins Repository. You can also have a premium version installed from Relevanssi works with the standard WordPress search, so you won’t need to add any special search box. Relevanssi plugin has auto-integration with various e-commerce plugins. It creates the index for almost all types of content and also updates it automatically. Relevanssi generally works well with Ultimate Members and can be used to search Ultimate Member profiles.

You can easily use this plugin for search across multiple sites.


Relevanssi is free with basic features and you can install it from WordPress itself. Just log in to the WordPress site and find “Relevanssi” plugin from the “Add new” section. You can also use the permium version at $99 per year or a Lifetime licence for $299.

3. Ajax Search Pro for WordPress

Ajax Search plugin for WordPress

Ajax search pro is also a Popular search plugin for WordPress. Ajax search pro comes with the latest and unique features. It supports highly customizable searches with different filters. This plugin is also perfect for online stores, real estate websites, classified directories websites, and more.

You can use it to design your custom page form with these different filters. This plugin is also compatible with the page builders like Elementor and WP Bakery page builder. It allows you to create multiple search bars. This plugin is excellent for web designers and developers to make an advanced search system for client websites.

And here is the list of features this plugin provides.

  • Supports commercial and multisite
  • Advanced search system with a simple setup process
  • Provides over 400 search options for customizing the search system
  • There are 60+ different theme styles for search form design
  • Creates customizable index with support for all content types
  • Provides auto-complete and search instructions
  • Offers unique search result templates
  • Beautiful layout (horizontal, Ical, isotopic, polaroid)
  • Gives high accuracy in search results
  • Works as a performance tracker
  • Export and import settings
  • Smart image analysis.
  • Adjustable search engine.
  • It provides powerful taxonomy and also custom field search filters.

Operational Function

There are two ways to add ajax search pro search form to your site. Firstly you can have it try to replace your theme’s default theme search. And another is to use dedicated shortcodes/widgets to display the plugin’s search form anywhere on your site. From there, you can use the detailed settings area to control how everything works, including the search form’s styling. In the setting area, you will find the options like General Option, Image Option, Frontend Option, Layout Option, Advanced.


The free version of the plugin is available in WordPress plugins repository. It is called Ajax Search Lite if you want to install the free version on your website. If you want a Pro version of this plugin, you have to pay $36 at one-time to get lifetime access to the plugin. The paid version also comes with Lifetime updates for one site and six months of support.

4. Ivory Search for WordPress

Ivory search plugin for WordPress

Ivory search is a simple to use advanced WordPress search plugin. It is one of the best search plugin for WordPress. It boosts the default WordPress search and also allows you to create a new custom search form. This plugin will enable you to create an unlimited number of search forms and configure the search form individually to customize the WordPress search. It performs different types of searches of site content. Using short codes, you can display the custom search forms anywhere on the site. It also works with popular WordPress multilingual plugins and WooCommerce. It is also most affordable than most other plugins.


  • Initial-friendly setup and settings page.
  • Highlight search terms in results.
  • Finds commercial products.
  • Allows you to Create unlimited search forms.
  • Displays a search form anywhere on the site
  • Supports multilingual search
  • Detects images, files, and attachments
  • Customize the search form using the customizer
  • Search using Ajax Search
  • Search analytics tracks tracking in search analytics.
  • Configures each search form separately
  • Configures search forms to find specific content
  • Excludes specific content from search results
  • Integrates with popular plugins like WooCommerce, Polylang, bbPress, WPML, etc

Operational Function

Ivory search automatically creates a default search form for your native WordPress search. It controls the functionality of the regular search widget and your built-in search. You can also create as many new search forms as you want. You can configure search forms to search specific content and also display search forms anywhere on your site. It is search posts that include the whole search term and also search the base word of searched keyword. You can convert any search form, including the default search form, to an AJAX search form.


The free version of Ivory search is available in the WordPress Plugins Repository. The premium version of this plugin is available at $19.99 for a single site. You will receive support and updates for a year in this plan. The full-featured plan starts at $49.99 for a single site. If you want a lifetime plan, It will be $189.99. If you want a premium version for multiple sites, you have to pay more for adding more sites.

5. SearchWP for WordPress

SearchWP plugin for WordPress

SearchWP is one of the best WordPress search plugins. There is no need for coding, and it also allows you to add an advanced search system to the website. It is easy to use and users find related content with ease. SearchWP is a premium plugin in which there is a deeper level of search capabilities. This plugin also provides scan and search content in PDF documents. It allows searches for keywords in post/page title, content, categories, tags, and comments.

Features you will find in SearchWP plugin.

  • Auto-integration support with other Site Plugins.
  • Provides multiple search engine support.
  • Results can be customizable by their rank.
  • Excludes specific results from search.
  • Redirects specific search phrases to a particular page.
  • Best plugin to search powerful contents of the website.
  • Bits of help find everything, including custom fields and output from shortcodes.
  • Creates different search engines according to personal requirements.
  • All user provides detailed information about search and searches terms.

Operational Function

SearchWP plugin is automatically unified with another search plugin that exists. So you do not have to set it or remove it. This plugin also works efficiently with the default search function of the WordPress theme. With this plugin, you will also find a module approach, which means you can choose which extension you want to use. When you upload the required attachment, you also get a well-designed interface, which helps search efficiency waiting and other search engine efficiency. You can also create a different search engine as per your requirement. This plugin algorithm is also very customizable. So you can easily modify it according to your choice.


As we know, the searchWP plugin is a premium WordPress search plugin. Its cheapest Subscription is $99 per year with the Standard Extension. If you’re looking for WooCommerce Integration, Customer Results, and Matrix so that you can go with $149 per year. And the final plan is $ 299 per year, which allows you to install this plugin with all the extensions on unlimited sites.


Conclusion: So, these are the 5 best WordPress search plugins you can find on the Internet. Most of them provides us a Free version with enough features. In most cases, the free version is enough for a typical WordPress website. Each plugin from the list provides us different types of features. You can freely select the plugin that suits your requirements and start using it. If you have questions, please let us know in the following comment section. We are happy to help!

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