The 7 Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress site

By on August 2nd, 2021

A plugin is a software that provides multiple functions and features. They are used to make tasks easier without a single line of code. Also, the plugins add various functionalities and features to the websites. Moreover, You can use thousands of plugins available on the WordPress Plugin directory. While selecting the plugins to install on your website, you need to be careful. Because there are many plugins available for free in the directory. But sometimes, they don’t come with tech support. Besides, plugins with additional codes can slow down your website. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right plugins for websites. Testimonials are an effective way to build trust among your users.

 The Testimonials are nothing but social proof given by your customer saying your products are satisfying. That’s why reviews are an essential part of any company or service. Reviews can convert your visitors into customers. Usually, people tend to go through reviews before purchasing products. Thus, it’s important to display reviews on-site for boosting sales. Testimonial plugins are used to showcase social proof on WordPress websites. Reviews of customers help in the business growth. It increases the conversion rate and visibility of websites. You can display reviews on your post or websites manually by copying them.

Nevertheless, testimonial plugins show reviews efficiently in various layouts. It provides many templates to create and modify the testimonial fields. The plugins integrate social media so that you can directly embed reviews from social media. 

Moreover, the testimonial plugin lets you embed reviews on your page through shortcodes. It also depends on the plugins you select; you can show images, businesses, and rating stars. These plugins also provide responsive layouts and customizable styles. Then, Some plugins offer many advanced features like importing from social media directly. Even so, customer’s reviews show the reliability of your product. Thus, it is essential to display on your site attractively. However, you can manually add testimonials to the post or pages. If you want to make it effective, then you should try these plugins. Here, we have a collection of the best testimonial plugins for WordPress sites. 

  1. Testimonial slider 
  2. East Testimonial
  3. Strong Testimonials
  4. WP Testimonial with Rotator Widget 
  5. Testimonial Builder
  6. Testimonial Slider
  7. The Testimonial Widget
  8. Testimonial – ShapedPlugin 

1. Testimonial slider

Testimonial Slider plugin for WordPress

The testimonial slider plugin is one most popular plugins available for testimonials. It displays the reviews and feedback attractively on WordPress websites. The plugin also provides a shortcode generator setting panel. The testimonial slider Plugin is not available for free, But it comes with various plans and use. The different plans of the premium version also come with different features. Features include multiple styles and layout options like Slider, Grid, Masonry, List and Isotope. You will have control over the speed of the slider as well.

Moreover, you can display unlimited testimonials on web pages. However, if you want to use advanced features, then you can purchase Testimonial Pro. Similarly, the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin supports any WordPress theme.

The Pro version comes with complete testimonial submission forms. It also provides 10+ customizable, designed themes. Another benefit of purchasing the pro version is multiple input fields in settings. Moreover, free and Pro versions are translation-ready. You can translate the testimonials into any language by using popular translator plugins. It supports all modern browsers such as Firefox, safari, and chrome. Now, with the help of this plugin, you can allow many types of input fields. For Example, this plugin provides Locations and Website URLs. It helps to attract more visitors. It also allows you to add Social profile links and Reviewer identity and position. So, Here below, you can see a list of the provided features. Let’s discuss it one by one briefly.

  • First of all, the testimonial slider plugin comes with various layouts—for instance, slide, grid, masonry, list and isotope. You can create a beautiful layout according to your website design.
  • Then, this plugin also provides 10+ free customizable templates and designs. It can save you a lot of time, and you have to select the layout and customize it as per your website.
  • One of the most beneficial features of this plugin comes with Shortcode Generator with 200+ Visual, customizable options. You can create an attractive testimonial section with the help of this plugin.
  • Now, Ratings and Rich snippets are another most critical element for the website. This plugin provides you with a star rating system and rich snippets support. 
  • This plugin comes with unlimited testimonial submissions.
  • As we discussed, this plugin comes with colossal customization options. Similarly, it also offers 900+ Google font options. 
  • This plugin also supports Multilingual websites, or it also easily integrates with the WPML plugin.

As we discussed, The Testimonial slider plugin is not available as a free version. But you can easily buy the premium version from the official site. It comes with two main variants as a Yearly and Lifetime plan. There are three premium plans available, and the first is a personal plan which costs $39 per year. You can also buy it for a lifetime subscription with #139, but it can be used only once and on one website. Then another plan is the Business plan, which allows you to use it on five websites. It costs $99 for a year, and if you want it for a lifetime, you have to pay $239.

The final plan is Agency which has unlimited site support. You can buy this plan for $199 for a year or pay $499 for a lifetime membership.

2. Easy Testimonial

Easy testimonial plugin for WordPress

Using Easy Testimonial, you can add reviews from the WordPress dashboard. You will have multiple input fields such as star rating and person details. The plugin also has Gravatar integration. It will automatically use their Gravatar picture if they have a profile on it. But, The free version doesn’t provide a customer feedback form feature. You need to purchase Pro plans to use that feature. Using the Pro version, you can create and add feedback forms on your WordPress website. This plugin includes 5 Gutenberg blocks (WordPress Block Editor). You can also add testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget, or any page using shortcodes.

Easy Testimonial plugin consists of 25+ professionally designed themes in the free version. With the help of customizable options and filters, You can also make the testimonial slider more attractive. It is also compatible with any WordPress theme. The plugin also links testimonials to any specific web page. Pro version consists of the form builder, font options, spam preventions, and advanced testimonial import and export. Regularly the basic plan of easy testimonials costs around $59, but you can get a discount if you’re lucky. So, let’s discuss all the essential features of this plugin. You can see a list below; let’s understand each feature one by one briefly.

  • Easy Testimonial plugin comes with huge Font Options. It offers you a vast collection of Google fonts with different colours and sizes. It gives you the freedom to choose a custom design with a testimonial section.
  • With all the customization support, this plugin also allows you to use the free design templates. This plugin comes with over 100 new easy themes; you just need to choose the template and modify it as per your need.
  • The easy testimonial is also famous for the customs form builder. With the help of a Custom form builder, you can create a testimonial collection form and add unlimited fields. You can even create and use multiple custom forms with the same plugin. 
  • This plugin also provides email notifications for the latest testimonial form submissions. It is also capable of sending multiple emails to different users.
  • You have too many layout options, like you can display the testimonial as a list or the latest list. It also allows fading widgets and sliding widgets. You can even use the option which will enable images with the testimonials.
  • One of the essential features of this Plugin is Spam Preventions. It allows you to use Google’s ReCaptcha and Simple Captcha Plugin.

Now, the core plugin of Easy Testimonial is free. It comes with all the necessary tools for displaying testimonial widgets on the website. Then, for advanced testimonial and customization tools, we have to buy the premium plugin. For, Example the first plan is a Personal plan which costs $99 per year for one website. It comes with all the advanced features and customizations. Then another one is the Business plan, and it costs you around $199 per one year. Users can use this plan with three websites. Then, an Agency plan allows you to use a single license with ten websites. But its cost is around $599 per year.

3. Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonial plugin for WordPress

Strong Testimonial by WPChill is also a powerful testimonial plugin for WordPress websites. The plugin comes with different styles and layout options. It also consists of many template designs. If you want to customize the templates, then you will need custom CSS. Like the fewer plugins listed in this article, this plugin provides a testimonial submission form in its free version. You can easily customize the form by adding or removing the fields. For displaying testimonials, you will have shortcodes or the widget. It has a variety of templates that are compatible with any WordPress theme. Unlike other plugins, this plugin provides unique features. If you use a testimonial submission form, the plugin will store the data collected in your database. 

Moreover, you can easily embed third-party testimonials on websites. It is a translation-ready plugin, but you need to install other translator plugins. The paid version of Strong Testimonial includes many premium features. For instance, Premium features consist of spam protection and custom testimonial form fields. Thus, you can easily create, edit and customize sliders using this plugin. This plugin also allows you to import your current testimonials from third-party platforms. It will enable you to add testimonials from Facebook, Google My Business, Zomato, WooCommerce. You can aggregate all the testimonials on one page. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin. Here you can see the list just below the paragraph. 

  • Just like other plugins, the Strong Testimonial plugin comes with Pre-designed free templates. You can directly use them on your website, and you can customize them if it doesn’t suit your website design.
  • This plugin also comes with Spam Protection so that you can protect your testimonial submission forms. It’s a vital tool that is required to stop spam and other automated abuse.
  • This plugin also offers Testimonial Assignment. So, you can easily categorize the testimonials and assign them to custom post types for easy management and filtering.
  • The Strong Testimonial plugin also offers multiple Layouts. So, you can choose any unique testimonial layout as your widget.
  • This plugin also offers Advanced View Settings, which will help you create a view for different layouts. You can create your testimonial section and testimonial Form view, and Star rating view. All you can customize from one place.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can easily create multiple testimonial submission forms. So you can easily collect the testimonials from numerous submission forms. Also, this Plugin is SEO-Friendly. So, you can take full advantage of this feature and get help to rank your website.
  • The Strong Testimonial plugin also provides Custom Form Fields. So you can easily collect additional information with the testimonial submissions.

The Strong Testimonial plugin is available in both Free and Premium versions. The free version will come with limited functionality, and you can easily install the Basic core plum from WordPress Library. The advanced feature has some pricing plans—a Basic plan that costs $49 with 1 Year Premium support and updates for one website. Then the second plan is Plus Plan. It costs $69 with one-year premium support and updates, and you can use this plugin on three websites. The third plan is the Business plan, which costs $99 with one year of support and updates for five websites.

4. WP Testimonial with Rotator Widget

WP Testimonial with Rotator Widget

Testimonial Rotator is also one of the most popular and free testimonial plugins. It can display testimonials using custom post types and rotators. So, you can group different sets of testimonials. This plugin also lets you showcase multiple testimonials. This plugin also has options to add the author’s info, company, and image. In addition, these plugins provide shortcodes and widgets to display reviews. In this case, the shortcode comes with several parameters. It also lets you customize the appearance of testimonials. For Example, it will offer you three layouts- grid, slider, and list. You can also embed the website URL and job title of reviewers. 

The WP Testimonial with Rotator Widget Plugin provides you with a widget called Easy Testimonial Widget, displayed anywhere on the website. This plugin also allows you to display the testimonials category wise. It also can be set on random testimonials. Wp Testimonial with Rotator Widget will automatically take one random testimonial to display on your website. It only provides four template designs in the free version. If you want to explore additional features, then you can purchase premium. Premium features include star rating, page builder support, and template designs. So, let’s briefly discuss all the features. Here is the list of the features provided by this plugin.

  • The WP Testimonial with Rotator Widget offers one of the most famous Gutenburg block support. It perfectly works with the Gutenburg shortcode block.
  • The free version of the WP Testimonial Rotator plugin will have limited design support. While the Pro Version has 15 new Pre-designed layouts available and ready to use.
  • Like other plugins of this article, this plugin also allows you to create a Testimonial front-end form. So, you can display it for your customers. 
  • This plugin also comes with a Star rating system. You can also create SEO friendly Star-Ratings, which is another important element of your website. 
  • This plugin also has support for Visual Composer. You also have one option called WPBakery page builder support. You can use it to create a beautiful page for your testimonial section.
  • One of the essential key features of this plugin is, now it has more than 15 new designs available. Most of them can be easily used as widgets.
  • This plugin has fully responsive layouts. You can use them on any screen size device. But firstly you should try everything on the free version. 

The core WP Testimonial with Rotator Widget plugin is freely available at the WordPress library. But it still comes with limited support and features. You can buy an Essential Plugin bundle for $79. You can use this subscription for one year and on five websites. It’s a good deal.

5. Testimonial Builder

Testimonial Builder Plugin for WordPress

Testimonial Builder plugin is available as both free and premium WordPress testimonials plugins. It has many customization options and the ability to choose your colours, Fonts family and Size. This plugin has a drag and drop builder, so you can quickly moderate it. It provides only two template designs with a free version, but you can customize the posts and strategies. Multiple advanced custom fields are also available in the builder. The plugin has draggable box items, which makes it easier for sorting. It allows you to choose different fonts, text colours, and photos. Testimonial Builder does not have a slider or rotator. Thus, the plugin will display testimonials in a grid or list style on websites. You can also customize the background and border colour of testimonials. The plugin lets you add the website link of the reviewer in the testimonials. 

Now, this plugin comes with Shortcode support. It allows you to display the testimonials anywhere on the website. It has fully responsive layouts, which provides beautiful designs on any device. The paid or premium version comes with many advanced features. For Example, it comes with 100+ Pre-designed slider layout templates. To use integration and customization, you need to purchase the Pro version. The Pro version of the plugin provides many additional features and add-ons. Premium version includes testimonial layouts, templates, and submission forms. The slider effect and rating feature of testimonials are not available in the free version. Let’s understand the feature list of the Testimonial plugin. Here you can see the list of features provided by this plugin.

  • The Testimonial Builder plugin is one of the most famous plugins. This plugin is available in both free and premium versions. In short, this plugin provides you with a trial version for free. So, you can buy the premium plugin if you find this plugin has all the required features.
  • This plugin comes with Bootstrap framework support. Bootstrap framework is used to create attractive design layouts. It also comes with unlimited colour schemes.
  • This plugin has a Beginner-friendly user interface. It also provides a slick Front-end and Backend user interface.
  • The premium version of this plugin comes with various customization support. It has 100+ slider layout templates and 55+ Grid layout templates within the plugin. These templates are ready to use, and it also allows you to customize the layout as per your website’s design.
  • This plugin also comes with Multiple Advanced Custom Fields. With this feature, you can create any custom fields and collect any kind of information like Company name and Profile Image. It also allows you to use any custom CSS designs.
  • This plugin is compatible with all the browsers available in the market. It already comes with a fully responsive design for all the device compatibility. The layouts and designs will look beautiful with all the devices or browsers.
  • And lastly, this plugin is tested with all the popular WordPress themes. It works smoothly with any WordPress theme, and you can add and remove the testimonials from the backend quickly.

The Testimonial Builder plugin comes with three different plans according to use. The first plan is Single Theme, Which allows you to use selected themes and one-year updates and support. It will cost you around $49 to $55 with lifetime usage. Then another plan is the Standard Club plan which costs you $79 for a lifetime membership. This plan also has limited support and update support. But with this plan, you can gain access to all the themes. The final plan is the Lifetime Club plan which costs $159 with lifetime premium support and updates. It also allows you to access all the themes.

6. Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider plugin for WordPress

Testimonial Slider provides an effective WordPress testimonial slider with an improved user-friendly interface. The plugin comes with a slider and list layout options. You can also add a contact form to collect customer testimonials. You can add testimonials using the shortcode or sidebar widget. The testimonial slider is touch / mobile friendly. Slider works well with any screen size. It also allows you to choose the Grid style according to the device. You can also see the Layout preview under the shortcode generator. This plugin also offers an unlimited Shortcode Generator. The plugin doesn’t provide any add-ons and social integration in the free version. If you would like to upgrade, then you can purchase the paid version.

Then there are so many different features that come with the Testimonial slider plugin. For Example, this plugin provides you complete control for selecting primary colours. It also comes with pagination support. With the help of this plugin, you can create a custom query using a custom query generator. It also has many widgets layouts, which widgets can display anywhere on the website. Now, Let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin. Let’s understand each feature briefly.

  • One of the most likely features of Testimonial Slider is, this plugin comes with Fully Responsive and Mobile friendly layouts. The layouts will look attractive on all the screen size devices. 
  • This plugin also provides you with more than 30 layout options like Grid, Slider, Isotope and Video. You can choose any of the pre-design templates and display them on your website. You also have an option called Even and Masonry grid for all the grid styles. 
  • As we discussed, this plugin can generate unlimited grids. We can easily use them with the shortcodes. The shortcode generator provides you with live previews. You can even select the number of testimonials to display per page. 
  • We can also display the posts by any taxonomy, like categories and tags. It even allows you to sort the testimonials by Name, Id, Date or Random. 
  • You can also upload the image with the testimonial submission form. Then, this plugin provides you with some customization options like the Size of the picture. You have many options like thumbnail, Medium, Large, full and custom image size.
  • Customization support is one of the most important factors nowadays. This plugin provides you complete control of all the elements like Text Colour, Size and Button Color. Even it allows you to get control over Overlay Color and Opacity.
  • The Testimonial Slider plugin comes with all the customization support for Text colour, Font size and Family. This plugin comes with built-in Ajax pagination. But you can enable and disable the pagination support as per your requirements.

The Core plugin of the Testimonial slider is free, and you can easily download the Plugin from WordPress Plugins Library if you want to go with premium plans. The first plan comes with single site support, and it costs you around $17 per year and $79 for a lifetime subscription. Then the second plan will come with five website support. The second plan’s cost is $59 for one year and $199 for a lifetime membership. Then the final plan is available with unlimited site support. You can buy the final plan for $75 for one year and $299 for a lifetime membership.

7. Testimonial Widget

Testimonial Widgets for WordPress

Testimonial Widget is a popular Testimonial Plugin. The plugin lets you display testimonials using widgets. There are widgets to display testimonial categories, archives, and one for rotating testimonials using a slider. The main settings area of the plugin has many settings options. However, most of them can be enabled or disabled via a checkbox. However, the plugin focuses on its use of widgets, shortcodes. They are provided to let you insert testimonials into posts and pages. The premium feature gives you access to five-star ratings, testimonial caching. You can also add additional shortcodes, user-submitted testimonials, and more. You will also have many transition animations like Carousel, Fade and Slide. 

The Testimonial Widget plugin also has Additional features like caching, ratings and read more links. It also offers advanced capabilities like Custom Post types as testimonials. We can create more than one testimonial widget and display it on one page. It also allows you to display a short and long list or rotation of testimonials anywhere you need. For easy customizations, this plugin provides custom styling with the help of a CSS class identifier for each testimonial widget. There are hundreds of features available with this plugin. So, let’s discuss all the essential features. Here you can see the list of the features available in this plugin.

  • This plugin has a user-friendly interface, and you can easily create and manage the testimonial posts directly from the admin area. You can even edit the pre-designed testimonials as per your requirements.
  • The testimonial widgets also support multilingual websites. You can easily integrate this plugin with the WPML plugin.
  • The testimonial widget plugin allows you to add a testimonial widget with static and rotating testimonials. It also provides animations on transitions, and you can manage the speed and type of the animation.
  • The Testimonial Widget can display much more information about the testimonials. For Example, You can Link Listing with images. You can add the author’s name, title, location, company and URLs fields.
  • This plugin also provides you settings for Import and Export the testimonial backups. So, you can easily import the data from the last used testimonial plugin. 
  • Now, some plugins from this list provide device size-wise layout settings. In other words, you can now set the default settings as per the device.
  • The Testimonial Widget plugin also provides paging options. So, you can display the testimonials as a list with paging.
  • Here in this plugin, you can also enable or disable comments for testimonials. You can allow each testimonial comment with a separate page.
  • This plugin also provides options for optimizations. So, you can increase the performance of your testimonial section.

As we discussed, the accessible version of this plugin is available on WordPress Library. But it comes with limited functionality. So, three different plans are accounting for the number of site supports. The first plan is for Personal plans, which costs you $30. The second plan is for a business plan; its price is $60, and it will work with three websites. Then the final plan’s cost is $120 for unlimited site support.


Testimonial plugins are used to display the review efficiently. It showcases the reliability of your products or services. Customer reviews are an essential aspect of any business. To display the testimonial attractively, we have recommended the ten best testimonial plugins for WordPress websites.

The plugins come with many built-in layout options like slider and carousel. You can easily embed social media reviews on your website. Some plugins provide social media integration for free. At the same time, others offer the paid version.

In the feature comparison, you can see that not every plugin offers an add-on in the free version. These plugins allow you to modify the fields along with many add-ons. You will have templates and theme designs in the free version. However, if you want to have additional features, then you can purchase their premium version too. Above mentioned plugins are updated frequently. You don’t have to worry about the slow-down issue of websites. These plugins provide spam protection as well. 

We hope this article helps you in finding the best testimonial plugin for WordPress websites.

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