5 Best Youtube Plugins for WordPress in 2022

By on February 21st, 2022

We all know that WordPress is now one of the most used CMS platforms in the world. WordPress powers more than 40% of websites on the internet. But what makes the WordPress CMS that powerful? The answer is simple: WordPress has many more unique features than other CMS like Magento, Drupal, Opencart, etc. WordPress is an open-source CMS. Anyone can use the WordPress CMS while technical or coding knowledge is not required. Yes, if you want to build a website with WordPress CMS. Then you don’t need any technical and coding knowledge. With the help of WordPress, we can build any type of website like E-commerce, Business, Static and Dynamic, Blogs, and Portfolios. 

There are certain things available in WordPress that make the Website Building process easy. You’ll find thousands of Pre-designed themes in the WordPress library. You just need to choose the theme according to your website needs. Just install the theme and change the content as per your requirement. Just like the theme section, WordPress also offers one more section called the Plugins or Extension section. This section is capable of adding any extra feature to your WordPress. For Example, If you want to integrate forms like Contact us or Client Information. Then you have more than one option available in the WordPress Library. You can choose WPForms or Contact Form 7. The use of the plugin is simple as themes. We just need to install the plugin on your WordPress and configure the plugin.

So, in this article, we will learn about one of the important features called Video Gallery. Yes, we can create a video gallery that allows your users to find quality content and videos. This feature is useful for many website owners. Suppose you have a website where you teach about cooking different dishes. So, you can use one of these plugins on your WordPress site and create a beautiful video gallery. This just doesn’t end here. We can also integrate our existing YouTube channels and other social platform contents in one place. There are thousands of uses of the Video Galleries on Websites. You can imagine a gamer’s life with these types of features. It provides infinite scroll and auto-suggestions related to video settings. So, we have selected the 5 best YouTube Gallery plugins here. Here is the list.

  • Youtube Showcase – Best YouTube Video Gallery for WordPress
  • Youtube Channel with Carousel Premium Plugin
  • Yottie YouTube WordPress Gallery for YouTube
  • YouTube Embed Plus Freemium WordPress Plugin
  • Essential Grid Premium WordPress Plugin

So, let’s discuss each plugin in brief. We also provide all the features within a list. Some of them are available for free, but some of them are premium. We already mentioned each plugin’s price and from where you can find it.

1.YouTube Showcase – Best YouTube Video Gallery for WordPress

YouTube Showcase plugin is one of the most used plugins for Video galleries. The gallery created by this plugin will be auto responsive to any screen size or device. It enables you to fill the gallery with youtube videos in different ways and grids. The YouTube Showcase plugin can build a gallery where users also find all the following videos below the original video. The pagination on the gallery is by-default, so users can find other videos. The default gallery comes with a 4 column grid layout, but you can change the column number as per your design. Youtube Showcase plugin is one of the most well-designed plugins for WordPress Websites.

Now, there are many more features available in the YouTube Showcase plugin. For example, each video resides on its own page and works well with WordPress Comments. It will also create a new page for each video automatically. We just need to insert the YouTube VIDEO ID of your required video. You can easily find the VIDEO ID on every video link; the last 11 digits will be the VIDEO ID on the YouTube official video link. This plugin also allows us to control gallery designs like we can define thumbnails quality and dimensions. We can go with a 4:3 image ratio instead of 16:9 for all the videos. The setup process is simple and automatic; the setup assistant will create all the required pages automatically.

One of the greatest features of this plugin is the Showcase with all the related videos. This atmosphere of the section will engage the user more. This plugin can be used in many ways and on many different websites. For example, Travel Blogger website, Online course or study related websites, and Product demo websites. So, let’s see all the important features of the YouTube Showcase Plugin one by one.


  • The YouTube Showcase plugin allows you to create two different galleries. The first is the YouTube video gallery, and the second is the YouTube video grid gallery.
  • This plugin also allows us to set the custom thumbnail aspect ratio of videos. There are two options, one is 16:9, and the other is 4:3.
  • The video gallery has the pagination features by default. This feature is very important when you have a long video series of related videos.
  • It also allows you to set the sidebar widgets of related, recent, and featured videos. So, people can easily reach all the important videos.
  • There are some default settings for both types of galleries. But the YouTube Showcase plugin allows us to customize the layout and default gallery settings. For example, the pagination setting is set to every 8th video, but we can change it on Shortcode. The paginations are also responsive; they change to large NEXT and PREV icons on small devices like Smartphones.
  • The Video gallery will be ordered by the last video first manner.
  • We can also display high-resolution YoTube video galleries with a 4 column and responsive layout. We can add video content and display youtube videos by their YouTube VIDEO ID.
  • The YouTube Showcase plugin allows us to use the galleries using ShortCodes. It makes this plugin easy to use.


The YouTube Showcase plugin is free. This plugin is available on the WordPress plugins library. You just need to download and install it on your WordPress website.

2.YouTube Channel with Carousel Premium Plugin (WPBakery)

The YouTube Channel with Carousel Premium Plugin is one of the easiest plugins for WordPress. You can add your YouTube Channel to your page or post in a couple of clicks using WPBakery builder. The WPBuilder is one of the most popular WordPress page builders. In simple words, this plugin is an add-on module for WPBakery builder. This plugin will allow you to add Your YouTube channel and display it wherever you want. We can customize it as per your requirement. For example, we have the freedom to choose a specific YouTube channel or playlist. There are more than 5 different styles available within this plugin.

Youtube Channel with Carousel Premium Plugin also has so many cool features. But this is a premium plugin, so we can’t try it without purchasing this plugin. You can buy this plugin from codecanyon.net. But we will try to explain every important feature of this plugin in this article. This plugin has some display layout options like masonry, fit row, and carousel. It also has some predefined tools to increase user engagement; this plugin also added Infinite Scroll and Loaded More buttons. The pagination feature is also available by default. With all the primary features, this plugin is fully customizable and provides tools to control the look of the gallery.

As we discussed, the YoTube Channel with Carousel Premium Plugin was used to add a youtube video gallery. More than that, this plugin generates auto-responsive layouts for galleries. It will auto-resize as per the device screen size. We can change column numbers and also customize the settings for responsive devices. So let’s take a brief look at all the features one by one in brief.


  • The YoTube Channel with Carousel Premium Plugin is an add-on for WPBakery builder, and it works smoothly. Before making a purchase, make sure that this plugin only works with WPBakery Builder.
  • We can generate unlimited galleries with the help of this plugin. And we can add multiple galleries within a page or post.
  • All the pagination features are already available, like Infinite Scroll, Load More button, Next / Previous links. And with all the pagination features, you will also have all the customizing options, for example, font size, text color, border color, background color, etc.
  • This plugin comes with designed templates and layouts. You will have 7 different design templates and 3 different layouts. Masonry, Fitrows, and Carousel are the layouts. Then you can also customize them as per your needs.
  • You also have options for animations; there are 132 predefined animations available within this plugin.
  • Full control over the look and feel of the gallery. We have options to display title, description, and metadata like Icons, HD tags, video length view counts, and likes.
  • There is an option for social sharing, so users can directly share the video to their social media platforms.
  • The full package with all the control over related video and suggested video sections. You can choose the Information which needs to be shown/hidden. This plugin does not need an API key.


The YoTube Channel with Carousel Premium Plugin is available on Codecanyon.net. You have to pay $17 for a one-time purchase. 6month of support is included Within the price. But you can extend the support by $5 for 12 months.

3. YouTube Embed Plus Freemium WordPress Plugin

The YouTube Embed Plus Freemium WordPress Plugin is one of the most popular plugins for the YouTube video gallery. This plugin currently crosses the 200,000+ active installation. With the help of this plugin, you can add a video gallery to display a YouTube channel or specific playlist. It has multiple customization tools and options, which will be helpful to give a decent look to the gallery. We can add auto-play and embed live streams automatically. This plugin also provides tools to customize the video start and add different types of content. This is a freemium plugin. The free version has all the basic settings which are required to display a basic youtube gallery. And the pro version has extra features like Video Lazy Loading.

Now, if we talk about the gallery and its small features. There are dozens of small and important features available within the plugin. The free version is also feature full. If you want to display a simple gallery, then you don’t have to buy pro features. For example, the plugin will load a light version of the player to reduce the bandwidth and speed. The real version of the video player is also loaded, but it will interrupt the first click. This plugin is compatible with the Gutenberg block editor. This plugin also supports all the visual builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, and visual composer. After installing this plugin, you just need to click on the (‘+’) icon and find the YouTube Embed element.

With this plugin, You can easily create responsive video galleries for your WordPress website. Within the gallery, you can add the channel subscribe button as well as other sharing features. This plugin also has support for localization, and you’ll get other cool features with the Pro plugin. This plugin comes with all the required features for Live Streaming with simultaneous playback control. So users can play more than one video at a time that can be available on the same page. So, here are all the important feature lists available just below. We added all the important features, so let’s understand each feature one by one in brief.


  • The YouTube Embed Plus is available as both free and premium plugins. The free version has limited features, and all the free features are included in the premium version.
  • This plugin works perfectly with Gtenbuurg block editor and some page builders like Elemntor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin and Visual Composer.
  • The Video Gallery generated by this plugin is auto responsive. It will work smoothly according to the screen size or device.
  • We can add a whole channel or specific playlist within the gallery. It will generate grid-based galleries, which are customizable too.
  • Many small features are available within the plugin, like continuous autoplay, YouTube Live Stream, YouTube Premieres, and Simultaneous playback control.
  • This plugin has one feature called auto localization. This feature will allow you to change the language and player’s settings according to the user’s region.
  • This plugin comes with all the customization tools which allow you to give a custom look to the gallery. And use them with the shortcodes anywhere on your website.


As we discussed, the YouTube Embed Plus Freemium WordPress Plugin is available as free and pro versions. The free version is available on WordPress Plugin’s library. Now let’s talk about the premium version. The Pro plan starts from $39 for 1 website. Then you have to pay according to the use. For example, if you want to use the same plugin for more than one website, you can choose a $99.99 plan with 5 website support and 1-year plugin support.

4. Yottie YouTube WordPress Gallery for YouTube

Yotti YouTube WordPress Gallery for YouTube is another WordPress plugin that integrates your YouTube channel with your WordPress website. Here, we choose some unique plugins that provide some specific features. So, the Yottie YouTube plugin also has some unique features. For example, this plugin allows us to adjust the youtube feed with more than 100+ parameters. It comes with multiple predefined color schemes. Even this plugin supports more than 15 languages currently. So, it might be a perfect plugin for a vlogger who has their website on WordPress. Yotti also supports other famous video websites Vimeo and Dailymotion. Customization support is also available; in simple words, the yotti is one of the simplest plugins.

Yotti YouTube Gallery plugin is compatible with the popular Visual Composer page builder. It makes layout and other elements customizable, including video feed. With all the features, this plugin also allows you to apply different add-ons. For example, you can have innovative add-ons such as playing private Vimeo videos. This plugin also provides more opportunities to deal with video content. We can add any single video, youtube channel, and any custom playlist as a source. You can even create a group of videos and add a custom title as per your requirements. We have certain ways to display the video content, which is more important for your website. 

The Yotti YouTube WordPress Gallery plugin allows you to use predefined. You have 3 options for gallery layouts. Choose any layout with a couple of clicks and give an appearance as per your website design. We also have many customization options that help you to show/hide Information. With all the features, we can also customize the Header with more than 5 switchable elements with editable titles and descriptions. So, let’s see all the important features one by one in brief.


  • The Yotti YouTube WordPress Gallery plugin is a premium plugin. You can buy this plugin from Codedanyon.net. This plugin does not provide any demo or trial period, so we will try to explain each important feature here in this list.
  • You have more options for layout and content presentation. Just need to choose the layout from the predefined layouts available in this plugin. You can create your own flow of videos. 
  • As we discussed in the introduction of this plugin, this plugin will help you to add a single video, YouTube Channel, or any group of videos. More than that, we can customize the video information like title, logo, buttons, and comments.
  • This plugin has a wide range of video gallery layouts. You can choose one of them and apply it to your website in a couple of clicks. Then we can even change the selected layout according to the website design.
  • We can change the grid layout, the number of columns, rows, arrows, scroll, and pagination features. There are more options available to create a better user experience.
  • Now, if we talk about the style and themes. This plugin comes with 4 default theme styles with full customization tools. You can even change the colors and fonts according to your website appearance. 
  • The Yotti YouTube Gallery WordPress plugin works smoothly with Google Adsense. So you can convert your views into profit.
  • This plugin works with any WordPress theme, including popular themes like Avada, uncode, and Enfold.
  • The environment of this plugin is user-friendly and simple. The interface is fully organized and well-managed. We can directly manage all the galleries from one place without using coding.


The Yotti YouTube WordPress Gallery plugin is a premium plugin. This plugin does not offer any trial or demo. So we have to buy the plugin from Codecanyon.net. You can buy this plugin for $49 with 6-month support.

5. Essential Grid Premium WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid Premium WordPress Plugin is used to integrate a YouTube video gallery. You can assume the working mechanism of this plugin by its name. This plugin allows you to add an essential grid video gallery in a couple of clicks. Somehow this is one of the best solutions for YouTube Video Gallery because this plugin provides all the essential settings to integrate your gallery into any page or post. Just like other YouTube video gallery plugins, this plugin also allows customization tools. The tools to edit the layout and appearance to change the look of the widget according to our website. This plugin also solves appearance issues and provides a live skin editor to quickly edit the look, grid, and colors.

The Essential grid Premium WordPress plugin has a large source support list. With the help of this plugin, you can integrate YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted video, iFrames, images, posts, pages, custom post types, WooCommerce, and galleries. More than that, this plugin also allows you to use predefined animation and loaders. That can give a better look and feel to the widget. The widgets and galleries are already responsive and work smoothly with all kinds of devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops. But this plugin is only available as a premium plugin, so we have to buy it first to use them on our WordPress site. This plugin comes with premium support once you buy this plugin from Codecanyon.net.

This plugin has a huge feature list that can help us build great-looking images, video, and audio galleries from different sources. We can also connect this plugin with social media streams like Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and Flickr. So let’s see all the important features of this plugin one by one in brief.


  • The Essential Grid Premium plugin is a premium plugin. You can buy this plugin from Codecanyon.net, as we learn in the introduction section. This plugin comes with an all-in-one solution for all types of media content.
  • We can create a virtual grid gallery with different sources like Audio, Video, and images. We can also connect this plugin with social media streams like Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • This plugin has some default gallery layouts like cobble, masonry, and even. It also has settings to make it more responsive on different devices. For example, we can choose the column numbers for each screen size to provide a premium look and feel.
  • Navigation and the sorting mechanism is always a mandatory feature for a grid gallery. While we can add content and files from different platforms, the filter property will help your users find the best content from the gallery.
  • The plugin already has all the necessary features like navigation, pagination, customizations, sortings, and layouts. We just need to set the gallery layout according to our needs.
  • This plugin also has many predefined skins and themes. You can choose any of them as your gallery theme with our customizations.
  • One of the most liked features of this plugin is the visual skin editor. You can change all the content looks and feel to create a matching gallery for your WordPress website.
  • You can create unlimited galleries with the help of this plugin. The visual editor will allow you to change elements like color, font, sizes, and borders.
  • The Essential YouTube Premium gallery plugin has one unique feature called Import/export developer tools. With the help of this tool, you can easily import and export your gallery skins. You can use the same gallery on different WordPress websites.


The Essential YouTube Premium gallery plugin is available as a premium plugin only. We don’t have any trial or demo plugins. You can download it from Codecanyon.net for $69. This price includes 6 months of premium support. You can extend the support with $12 for 12 months of extra premium support.


Congratulations, You just finished and learned the five best plugins for the video gallery. All the plugins that are selected in this article are based on their features and uniqueness. You can choose any specific plugin as per your requirement. All the information available in this article is based on experience and research. We also integrate the links so you can easily redirect to the plugin download page. You can find both Free and Premium plugins here. Thank you so much for being so supportive.

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