How to Change cPanel Style

How to Change cPanel Style

cPanel is the most popular control panel on the planet and it is the one we do offer in our shared hosting plan. There is a basic style for the cPanel and it will be the default style for your cPanel interface. However, you could make your cPanel more beautiful and customize the look by applying different styles to it. In this documentation, we are going to see how to change the cPanel styles. You could make the control panel more attractive to the style you prefer.


Steps to change the cPanel style

1) Login to your cPanel interface. You can login to your cPanel interface from a web browser by accessing the following URL.




Be sure to replace ‘youripaddress’ with your actual server IP address.


2) Now you are in the cPanel interface. You need to go to the ‘Change Style’ option. It is available under the ‘Preferences’ section. A screenshot is added for reference.

Change cPanel style


3) A new window will open and here you can see the available style options and the current style. It is listed below.

1) Basic Style

2) Dark Style

3) Light Style

4) Retro Style

As shown in the below screenshot, the current style of this cPanel is the Basic style.

Change cPanel style


We can change to any other style easily. To switch to another style, you need to click on the Apply button at the top right corner of the preferred style. Suppose, I am going to apply the Dark style. I need to click on the Apply button on the top right of the desired style. You can refer the below screenshot for any clarification.

Change cPanel style


This is how  to switch between the cPanel styles.


If you need any further help please do reach our support department.