Change Email Quota of an Email Account in Plesk

Posted on February 25th, 2019


It is possible to manage mailbox size for a single email account in Plesk. For this, please follow the below steps.


1) Login to Plesk Control panel.

2) Click on the “Email Addresses” icon to edit the email quota.

change mail quota


3) Then click on the email address, which you wish to update the size.

change mail quota


4) From the ‘General’ tab, you can update the quota size of your email account.

By default, the quota is set to the default size. You can customize the size by clicking on the radio button beside the option ‘Another size’ and from there you can increase the size.

change mail quota


5) Then you would need to click the ‘OK’ button to apply these changes.

change mail quota


6) You are done; your mail user quota has been changed.

change mail quota



It is also possible to change the mailbox size via command line with the administrator privileges on Linux server.

Command to set quota to 100M for all emails for a domain:

# plesk bin subscription_settings –update -mbox_quota 100M

Replace with your domain name.


Command to change the quota limit for a specific mailbox.

# plesk bin mail –update [email protected] -mbox_quota 50M

Replace [email protected]  with your email address.


If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.


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