Changing Admin Password and Contact Information in Plesk

Posted on March 8th, 2019


In this documentation, we can check how to change the admin password and contact information in Plesk.


Please follow the below steps to change the admin password in Plesk.

1) Login to Plesk.

2) Click on “Change Password” icon from the section “My Profile”.

Change password


3) Enter your old password and the new password.

Administrator Password


4) After entering the passwords, click on the button “OK”.


In case, if you forget your Admin password, please follow the below method.

1) Please enter the Plesk URL on your web browser’s address bar. For example, https://hostname/serverIP:8443

2) Click on the “Forget your Password” link on the screen.

Admin Password


3) On the prompted screen enter your login name and registered email address respectively into the Login box and Email box and click “OK”.


4) An email will be received to the specified email address and click the link on the email.


5) On the prompted screen, enter your login name and new password. The system will automatically fill the filed “Secret Code”. If the Secret Code filed is not filled automatically, copy the secret code from the email that you are received.


6) Click “OK” to submit.


Also, we can update our contact information from the Plesk control panel.  To update your contact information, please follow the below steps.


1) Click on the “Profile & Preferences” from the section “My Profile”.


2) On the prompted screen, update the new information and click “OK” to update the new entered details.

Change password



If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.


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