Check attachment Integrity in SMF

Posted on March 16th, 2016

SMF, also known as Simple Machines Forum is a lightweight forum management system that you can install on your server to run a forum. Forum is a kind of website in which people can discuss a specific topic in detail in the form of threads and replies.

In the process, the forum users also upload various attachments to support the discussion or for other purposes. In short, images and documents uploaded by users are considered attachments. These attachments are subject to corruption. I mean, they might corrupt due to various reasons.

Even being so lightweight, SMF provides a feature to check the integrity of all the attachments listed in the database. In this short tutorial, we will show you how to check attachment integrity in SMF.

First of all, Login to the administrative section of your SMF. In the admin section, in the main navigation bar, click on the Admin option.

Add Language in SMF

It will redirect you to a new page in which you will find a sub-menu below the main navigation bar. It will contain options like Main, Configuration, Forum, Members and Maintenance. Hover over the Forum option to see a drop-down containing few more options. Click on the Attachments and Avatars option from the drop-down menu.

Attachment Integrity Check

It will redirect you to a page in which you can manage attachments and avatars. It will contain one more menu with an option File Maintenance. To make it easier to understand for you, refer the following screenshot.

Attachment Integrity Check

In the File Maintenance section, you will find a card with the title Attachment Integrity Check. On that card, you will find a button with text Run check now.

Attachment Integrity Check

Click on the Run check now button and it will start the integrity check task. Once the check is complete, you will see a card with title Maintenance complete and text No errors were found!

Attachment Integrity Check

So, this is how you can check attachment integrity in SMF. Let us know in the comment section if you need more help with this process. If you are an active InterServer use, please reach our support department for help.

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