Choosing a Gallery Plugin for your WordPress Site


Choosing a Gallery Plugin

 There are various factors by which you may need to decide upon in order to choose the best gallery plug-in. Several criteria you may need to consider:

1) Rating/Number of Installs: By checking the number of installations and ratings provided by users. 

2) Features: The features provided by each plug in will be different from one another, so looking through the features will be an advantage too.

3) Speed: Optimization has a key role in loading the images in a website.


Mostly used WordPress Gallery plugins:

1) Upfront: Upfront allows you to create gallery within no time. It allows you to drag the pictures onto the page and also customize as you desire. Options include borders, captions, and padding.

2) Envira Gallery: While installing this plug-in it will be automatically added to the WordPress dash board. This plug-in looks awesome and is user-friendly.  Short codes for uploading the images are available to upload in WordPress. The upload button very next to the post editor allows to quickly add gallery or albums into the page.

3) Foo Gallery: Just like Envira Gallery, it has a much simple interface to create a gallery or album easily in a WordPress.  In this plug-in, templates are not shown, so as to insert gallery into the WordPress. It also adds upon a button for adding the Galleries into the posts easily.

4) NextGen Gallery: This plug-in is a bit more complicated than others. This plug in has its own interface which provides the details on database tables, folders of images in the gallery etc.  This all may lead to a complicated interface for NextGen. For the first time it may take some time to add a gallery and to post it.

5) WP Canvas: The WP Canvas gallery plug in can be considered as default WordPress gallery with more features in it. The additional features are caption options, gallery settings to define more size option, and display options. Various parameters of an image are available like that of a normal WordPress gallery.


How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

1) Login to WordPress admin panel.

2) Click on ‘Post’.

3) Click on the option ‘Add New’.

4) Click the Add Media button.

5) After placing the cursor at the required position, click on the Add Media button.

6) Add and/or Select the Images which you want to Include. From here you can upload the images needed to be uploaded. We have got 2 options to upload the image.

Upload Files: Images can be uploaded by dragging files from your computer. More than one image can be uploaded and they will be grouped automatically.

Media Library: This option allows to select the pre uploaded images in the library. Just click on the picture you wish to add.

7) Select the desired images and click Create a new gallery. You also have the option to enter the details of the images on the right side of the screen.


Edit Your Gallery

This feature allows you to

1) Rearrange your images: Image thumbnails can be dragged and dropped.

2) Reverse Order: The order can be reversed in the gallery.

3) Add image descriptions: Each image can be assigned with a caption and also descriptions.

4) Remove images: Images can be deleted by clicking in the “X” icon on the image.

5) Add more images: More images can be uploaded by clicking on the “Add to Gallery” on the left side of the screen. “Upload Files” or “Media Library” option help to select the images.

6) Cancel Gallery: The created gallery can be discarded by clicking on “Cancel Gallery”.


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