Configure Free Shipping in Magento

Posted on February 22nd, 2016

Free shipping is something that every eCommerce customers love. The shipping costs are always minute compared to the price of the products, but free shipping improves the number of products sold on an eCommerce store for sure. Free shipping might be hard for the store owner if the margin on the products is thin, but if you can provide free shipping to the customers, expect them to purchase more and more from your store.

If you are using Magento, you can configure Free shipping directly from the admin panel. You can also customize the free shipping options based on various conditions and in various locations. Magento provides an easy to use user interface to update these options. To understand the tutorial visually, you can refer to the screenshots given after every step. So, let’s get started with the tutorial.

Configure Free Shipping in Magento

First of all, log in to the admin panel of your Magento store. Now, hover over the System option given in the main menu to see a drop-down menu containing additional options. From the drop-down menu, click on the Configuration option just like the following image.

Configure Free Shipping in Magento - Step 1

On the Configuration page, click on the SALES option given in the left sidebar. It will show you detailed options. From that list, click on the Shipping methods option.

Free Shipping in Magento - Step 2

On this page, you can manage all the kinds of shipping methods. Right now, we want to configure the Free shipping method. So, click on the Free shipping to expand the section.

Configure Free Shipping in Magento - Step 3

To enable free shipping, select Yes in the Enabled drop-down menu. You can also update the title of the shipping method, Minimum order amount, Error message, Country and much more. You can also set the sort order if you want.

Free shipping in Magento - Step 4

After entering all the required information, click on the Save Config button given at the top-right corner of the section. It will instantly update the shipping method in your Magento store.

Configure Free Shipping in Magento - Step 5

So, this is how you can enable the Free shipping method in the Magento store. There are many reasons to enable free shipping for your customers as it allows you to expand your business. If you are facing any issues while working on the free shipping method in Magento, please let us know in the comment section given below.

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