Configure the Number of Outgoing Messages in Plesk

By on September 8th, 2016

How to Configure the Number of Outgoing Messages in Plesk?

Plesk allows admins to set up a limit on outgoing messages for a domain or email address to avoid spam and it is set by the hosting provider. Follow the below steps to setup the limit on the number of outgoing messages in Plesk.


1) Log in to Plesk.

2) Click ‘Websites&Domains’ option.



3) Please click on the option ‘show more’.



4) Click the icon ‘Limit Outgoing messages’.



5) Select custom value for this domain to set limit outgoing messages.



6) Click ‘OK’ and ‘Apply’ to save changes.


To set up limits on the number of outgoing email messages for a mailbox

1) Click ‘websites and domains’.

2) Click the icon ‘Mail’.

3) Click ‘Email Address’ tab and select the email address you want to change the limit.

4) Click the option ‘Limit Outgoing Messages’.

5) Edit the custom value for the mailbox.

6) Click ‘Ok’ to save changes.


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