Configure Server Backup to Google Drive in cPanel

Configure Server Backup to Google Drive in cPanel

The cPanel new version v66 introduces a new feature that we can configure server backup to Google Drive. In this tutorial, we can check how to configure server back up to Google drive in cPanel.

You can update your cPanel to the latest version using the below command.


You can check version after updating cPanel by using this command.

#cat /usr/local/cpanel/version

This feature allows system administrators to use 15GB of free Google Drive cloud storage to remotely store their data and access it from anywhere in the world. You can save up to 15GB server space by using this feature.

To configure backup to Google Drive, perform following steps

1) Log in to WHM as a root user.

2) Go to Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration, then scroll down to the ‘Additional Destinations’ section.

3) In the ‘Destination Type’ dropdown menu, select Google Drive™.

Configure Server Backup to Google Drive in cPanel


4) Then click ‘Create new destination’.

5) Enter your desired destination name.

6) Enter the desired folder where you wish to store backups.

7) Enter your client ID and client secret.

8) Click ‘Generate Credentials’ to generate the credentials file. A new tab will appear for you to authorize access to your Google Drive data.

9) Enter your desired Timeout duration.

10) Click the button ‘Save Destination’.


Minimum Free Disk Space Update

New installs of cPanel will check for a minimum 5% of free disk space before allowing backups on your machine by default. Users can adjust the minimum allowance by percentage of space, megabytes, or choose to completely disable this feature altogether.  If you enable this option and available disk space is less than the amount specified, the system will not perform the backups.

Configure Server Backup to Google Drive in cPanel


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