cPanel Calendars and Contacts – CardDAV/CalDAV

By on June 20th, 2018

cPanel Calendars and Contacts – CardDAV/CalDAV

CardDAV is designed to allow end users to access and share the contact information/data on a server. Which is an address book client/server protocol, also the CalDAV is a protocol to allowing to access the scheduling information/data on a server. Simply these protocols are a calendaring and scheduling client/server protocol designed to allow users to access calendar data on a server.

With these two protocols (CarDAV/CalDAV), cPanel account users/Webmail users can access their contacts or calendars remotely with 3rd-party applications. The Calendars and Contacts client configuration menu is located under the Email section in the cPanel interface.



Let’s see how we synchronize cPanel calendars and contacts using CardDAV and CalDAV using iOS devices.

1) Click on “Settings” from the home screen of your iPhone device and then select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option.



2) Click on “Add Account” there on new interface and then choose ‘Other’ from the list appears.



3) To add a CardDAV account, click on “Add CardDAV Account” in the CardDAV menu and enter the following details to configure it there, you should see the configuration settings within your Calendar and Contacts interface of cPanel account.

Server: Your server hostname(if its resolving fine to your server)/server IP address with the port 2080 ( eg:

Username: Your cPanel username/the email address.

Password: Your cPanel password/ email account password.

Description: Enter a description.

Once you have entered the details correctly, click on ‘Next’. Once done, the cPanel address book will synchronize with your iPhone address book.


4) To add a CalDAV account, click on ‘Add CalDAV Account’ in the CalDAV menu and specify the following configuration settings there:

Server: your server hostname (if its resolving fine to your server)/server IP address with the port 2080 ( eg:

Username: your cPanel username/the email address.

Password: your cPanel password/ email account password

Description: enter a description

Once done, click on ‘Next’ and then select the options that you would like to use with CalDAV. Then click on ‘Save’ and now the cPanel calendar will synchronize with the calendar on your iPhone device.


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  1. Leo McIntyre says:

    Any advice on what to do if the verification fails on an iOS device? The same server details are working fine on two iMacs but the iPhone setup fails at the verification stage. I’ve tried deleting the failed account and restarting the phone, then re-entering but still no dice.

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