cPanel & Plesk Price increase 2021

Posted on October 1st, 2020

cPanel and Plesk continue with dramatic yearly price increases (see 2019 price increase) even in the midst of a global pandemic while people and countless businesses are making sacrifices to stay afloat. The brass over at cPanel and Plesk are clearly unfazed. Announced today 10/1/2020 there will be a 10-15% price increase on all license costs. Justification for this price increase being –  NGINX support – which is still in beta! cPanel apparently has been caught by surprise that Centos8 and Cloudlinux8 have been release over a year.

InterServer has no choice but to pass the price increase along to our customers as well.

On the bright side, we have been building our relationship with DirectAdmin over the last year. We will soon be offering the Direct Admin Personal license completely FREE with the purchase of a VPS or Dedicated server. We will be introducing this offer in our control panel before the year’s end. cPanel to DirectAdmin migrations are possible.

Below are the new prices that will take effect immediately for new orders. All current licenses will be updated to the new pricing structure on 1/1/2021.


Plesk Edition | Current Price > New Price

VPS Plesk Admin Edition | $9 > $12

VPS Plesk Pro Edition | $10 > $19

VPS Plesk Web Host Edition |  $15 > $29

Dedicated Plesk Admin Edition | $9 >$12

Dedicated Plesk Pro Edition | $15 > $19

Dedicated Plesk Web Host Edition |  $35 >$50


Cpanel Edition | Current Price > New Price

Admin Cloud | $14.50 > $22

Pro Cloud | $19.50 > $32

Plus Cloud | $27 > $39

Premier Cloud | $34 > $48

Premier Metal | $34 > $48

* $.20 > $.28 per account over 100



11 Responses to “cPanel & Plesk Price increase 2021”

  1. yousuf says:


    do you offering any other alternative control panel of plesk?

  2. Muhammad Azeem Uddin says:

    Its REALLY shocking….we just UPGRADE to DEDICATED VPS & already BARING higher fees…..THIS i rasing concern on our FUTURE with INTERSEVE services & quality

    • NAGENDRA says:

      Hello Muhammad,

      Hope you are doing good.

      cPanel and Plesk panel costs have been changed Globally. When it comes to the quality of the service it will be never dropped. We have 24/7 support staff available working at DC too.

  3. Steve says:


    When will DirectAdmin be available for a VPS slice? It only shows up as available on CentOS7, and that doesn’t work.


  4. Thomas says:

    This sucks all hosting fees will increase soon.

  5. Kenny Obajimi says:

    Are these prices for monthly or yearly subscription?

  6. Fausto Solano says:

    I have used directadmin for years, it´s the best cPanel alternative on the super fast Interserver VPS.

    I hope you continue collaborating with directadmin for many more years

    • NAGENDRA says:


      Yes, we will continue to collaborate with DirectAdmin.

      If you have got any questions please feel free to contact us.

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