cPanel User Manager usage and features

Using cPanel User Manager we can control all the user accounts in our cPanel account. Also it will show all the user accounts, email accounts or FTP account that are associated with our domain. By using this user manager, it allows to add new user and associate them to FTP and email account. Also, we can edit the accounts, change password of the account, and also we can delete the account from our cPanel.

We can view all the account of our cPanel here and it includes our system accounts too.  We can see a colored Inbox icon; it means that the account has an email address.

We can use User Manager to:

1) Add a new user

2) Edit and change password of an account

3) Delete an account


Add a new user

Add a new user and also give the user access to email and FTP.

1) Click “Add User” button on the right side of the user manager interface.

cPanel User Manager


2) We can see a window like the one given below and add all necessary information.

cPanel User Manager


3) In Services section, we can enable the services for that user account. To enable the service click the switch to enable or disable the services.

cPanel User Manager


4) Finally click on the “Create button” to create the user. You will then return to the user manager interface or click “Create and Add Another User” to create another user.


Delete an account

We can see a window like the one given below to delete an account.

1) Click on the delete link under the domain of the selected account which we want to delete.

2) Now confirm to delete the account.

cPanel User Manager


If you need any further assistance please reach our support department.