Create a Staging Site from WordPress Dashboard

By on March 8th, 2019


A website staging environment is an environment which is commonly used for testing something on a website that exactly resembles the production environment. Everyone needs a staging environment to test the working of the website before going it into Live because managing the LIVE website is too risky. It may cause website downtime that results from plugin malfunctions, page crashes or broken code. In this case, we can use this duplicate site to perform testing and make changes in an environment which is completely invisible from the visitors. A WordPress staging site is an offline clone of your website. There is an easy method to clone your website by using a WordPress plugin WP Staging. In this documentation, we are going to discuss how to clone a website using the WordPress plugin.


1) Login into your WordPress Dashboard using your wp username and password.

2) Navigate to the “Plugins” option.

Staging site


3) Select the “Add New” tab.

Staging site


4) Now you can search staging plugin from the “Search” tab in the left-hand side.

WordPress Dashboard


5) You can see the “WP Staging” plugin on the page. Now install the plugin by clicking the option “Install Now”.

Staging site


6) Once the installation has been completed, activate the plugin by clicking the “Activate” button.

Staging site


7) If you want to purchase WP staging pro, then you can choose the option “Buy WP Staging Pro” from the page, otherwise, you can choose “Skip-Start Cloning” to use the free version.

Staging site


8) You can start cloning your website by selecting the option “Create New Staging Site”.

Staging site


This will lead to another page and there you need to specify your staging site a name and then click “Start Cloning”. It will clone your website.


If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.


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