How to Create and Access Email Accounts in VestaCP

Posted on March 30th, 2017

In this tutorial we can learn how to create and access email accounts in VestaCP

Vesta Control Panel is an open, free control panel with webserver email database and DNS functionalities built in. Vesta supports Linux os such as CentOS, Ubuntu and Redhat. It is a user-friendly control panel with a simple and clear interface. Vesta control panel consist of both apache and nginx webservers. In this tutorial, we can discuss about how to create and access email accounts in VestaCP.


Follow the below steps to create Email account.

1) Login to VestaCP using the link https://serverip:8083.

Email Account


2) Navigate to ‘Mail’ section.

Email Account


3) Select the domain you want to create the email account for and click on ‘Add Account’ button to create an email account for that domain.

Email Account


4) Enter the username and password for the email account and click on ‘Add’ button to create the email account.

email accounts


5) You can access your webmail now by clicking ‘Open Webmail’ button.

Email Account


You can also access your webmail by using the link >>


If you need any further help please contact our support department.



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  1. Nazmul Haque says:

    How to do the same thing via Command Line Interface?

  2. Puneet jain says:

    I have created a mail, but my mails are not recieving onth other side. But others mail are recieving on my side.

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