How to Create Category in Zen Cart?

Posted on February 1st, 2017

Zencart is an open-source E-commerce store management system. It allows you to create an E-commerce store without any technical knowledge. It is an open-source project, It means that you will get updates and patches for free forever. You can also modify the codebase of the project as per your requirements. With InterServer web hosting, you can easily install ZenCart within minutes on your domain name.

With Zen-Cart, you can manage your store from its admin panel. You can organise your product in categories as well as sub-category. Zen-Cart provides an interface to manage your categories and sub-categories. While you create a website it’s normal to display your products in manner. So, with the zen cart, you can do it in few steps. Let’s see how we can create a category and its sub-category.

Create Category in Zencart

Step 1: Go to the login page of the administration panel. Type your Username and Password in the form.

Step 2: Now click on the Submit button.

How to add category in ZenCart - Step 1 and 2

Step 3: Now Find a tab section and find the Catalog tab and click on the Triangle to expand that tab.

How to create a category in Zencart - Step 3

Step 4: Now Click on Categories/Products.

How to add category in Zencart - Step 4

Step 5: Now that tab menu will take you to the section where your product’s main category and their child category will display. So, now click on the button called New Category.

How to add category in Zencart - Step 5

Step 6: To add a new category there are two sections. The first section is a category where you need to give information about your category. For example, Category name.

Step 7: the second section is for photo upload. You can upload your category image from here.

How to add category in Zencart - Step 6 and 7

Step 8: Type the Details of your category. See an example in the following image.

How to add category in Zencart - Step 8

Step 9: Upload your category image from Browse Button and fill in the below details.

How to add category in Zencart - Step 9

Step 10: Now to create a category just click on the SAVE button.

How to add category in Zencart - Step 10

Step 11: That SAVE button will take you to the main category /Product page where you can see and manage your product category. Now create a sub-category click on your Existing Category. For example, main category MEN.

How to add category in Zencart - Step 11

Step 12: Now click on the New Category button to add a sub-category.

How to add category in Zencart - Step 12

Step 13: Fill the details again for Sub Category. For example sub-category shirt in MEN.

Step 14: Click on SAVE Button. It will save the process.

How to add category in Zencart - Step 14

So, this is how you can create and manage categories in Zencart. It is always good to properly organise your products. It allows your customers to find the right product without too much efforts. We hope this tutorial was helpful for you. If you have questions, feel free to use the following comment section. We are happy to help!

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