Create Manufacturers in AbanteCart

Posted on December 13th, 2016

AbanteCart is an eCommerce store management system. It allows you to create and manage an eCommerce store without any knowledge of programming. With InterServer, you can launch your own eCommerce store with AbanteCart in minutes. As the eCommerce market is growing, you should have new features in your store regularly to make people’s lives convenient. One of the best ways to do it is by providing an advanced filtering system. With the help of filters, your customers can easily find the product they want.

One important filter is Manufacturer or Brand. It is because many people are loyal to brands that they are used to. So, they will probably look for a product from their favorite brand. If you are using AbanteCart to manage your eCommerce store, there is good news for you. In this tutorial, I am going to show you How to manage manufacturers in your AbanteCart store.

Manage Manufacturers in AbanteCart

Log in to your AbanteCart admin panel. Now, Click on theĀ Catalog option from the left sidebar of the admin panel. You will see a drop-down menu with more options like Categories, Products, Manufacturers, etc. Click on the Manufacturers option to navigate to the manufacturer and brand manager.


On this page, you will get a list of Manufacturers and Brands available on your store. You can change the sort order, update a manufacturer, or delete a manufacturer. To create a new manufacturer or brand, click on the “+” button given on the top-left corner of the table, just like the following image.


It will redirect you to a new page with a form to create a new Manufacturer or brand. Enter the name, keywords, sort order, and tags as per your choice. Finally, click on theĀ Submit button given at the bottom of the page to save a new Manufacturer.


So, this is how you can create a new manufacturer in AbanteCart. Now, Let’s see how to update and delete Manufacturers. To update or delete a manufacturer, go to the Manufacturers and Brands section and click on the Update, Delete or Save button corresponding to the row you want to update.


The save button on this list is only to quickly update the Manufacturer name and sort order. Sort order is important in AbanteCart. So, this is how you can manage Manufacturers in AbanteCart. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial or manufacturer management in AbanteCart, please let us know in the comment section below. Or, if you are an Interserver customer, contact our support department for quick help!

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  1. Larry says:

    When a manufacturer is created does the manufacturer have the ability to add,update and
    delete their products without the need of assistance from
    The admin

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