How to Create Product in Zen Cart?

Posted on February 1st, 2017

ZenCart is a powerful E-commerce store management system. It allows you to create an E-commerce store without technical knowledge. If you want to start an E-commerce store within 10 minutes, you can do it using the InterServer web hosting plan. With Softaculous(provided with the plan for free), you can install ZenCart on your domain name within minutes.

ZenCart provides us an awesome interface to work on our store. It is very easy to add products in your Zencart store. You can add all the details along with the photos of the product. It also allows you to organise your products in categories and sub-categories. In this tutorial, I will show you How to create new products in ZenCart. So, Let’s get started with the first step.

Create Product in ZenCart

Step 1: Open the administrator login page of your ZenCart store. Type your Username and Password in the Textbox.

Step 2: Now click on the Submit button.

Create Products in ZenCart - Step 1 and 2

Step 3: Now Find a tab section and find the Catalog tab and click on the Triangle to expand that tab.

Create Products in ZenCart - Step 3

Step 4: Now Click on Categories/Products.

Create Products in ZenCart - Step 4

Step 5: Now Click on New Product Button To add new products.

Create Products in ZenCart - Step 5

Step 6: Fill the details in appropriate manner. Fill the information about your products.

Create Products in ZenCart - Step 6

Step 7: After filling in the information click on the Preview button to see your product information how will look online.

Create Products in ZenCart - Step 7

Step 8: If there’s any need for modification then you can click on Back Button to edit the information about the product. If you are satisfied with the preview then click on Insert Button to insert Product To be live on your website.

Create Products in ZenCart - Step 8

So, this is how you can create new products in ZenCart. It is a pretty straightforward process and does not require any special explanation. However, If you are facing any issue, please let us know in the comment section given below. We are happy to help!

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