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Posted on June 14th, 2016

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Due to the overwhelming demand for our web hosting service, InterServer has implemented a Daily Web Hosting Capacity limit. When a new customer joins our service there is an extra load on our support department. Often times, the customer needs a little help during the initial configuration. An overwhelming amount of customers are not happy and have been turning to InterServer for a superior hosting experience. InterServer has always been about quality over quantity. In order to maintain our standard of quality, we have decided to implement a daily sign up limit. This daily limit will reset at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Interserver limits signups. Competition overwhelmed at the door.

While we carry a heavy load, are goal is never to overload.


We have established a reputation for providing unwavering support. As our customers have grown we have grown along with them over the years. Our main goal isn’t just to acquire new customers, but most importantly is to retain our old customers through meeting and exceeding their expectations. We offer dedicated support 24/7 at no additional costs and in order for that to remain the same we felt the need to implement these daily limits in an effort to ensure our core principles are never compromised.

Our customer support agents work with one customer at a time.

At InterServer our goal is to work on the behalf of our customers. For that reason we offer a fully managed and free migration process. If you happen to be following our industry recently you might have heard about the acquisition of several hosting companies. Throughout these transitions customers have reported various issues surrounding support and up time. As a result many customers have suffered directly causing an influx of them to seek a new home.


Customers become fed up with our competition and come to us.

High renewal rates

Our competition has high renewal fees.


Every industry is filled with marketing gimmicks and our industry is of no exception. For years our competition has attracted thousands of customers through advertising very low introductory rates. However when the time to renew comes around customers are left feeling blindsided by the high renewal fees. For these reasons we don’t lock our customers into a contractual obligation the only thing we lock them into is a price lock guarantee. Our price lock guarantee means that the rate in which you sign up will remain your locked down rate for the lifetime of your account. No fine print, no need to sign on the dotted line, just try out our service and rest assured that you can cancel at anytime.

Will InterServer ever raise the daily limit?

Will we raise the daily limit?


In short, the daily limit will remain the same and will not change anytime in the foreseeable future. In the event any changes or modifications are needed to meet demand. As a team we will take all the necessary steps in order to ensure that service and support is never compromised.


The limit for the day has been reached. Can I pay extra to sign up now?
Wait until midnight for ordering to restart.

As much as gaining new customers excites us, we will not accept extra payments in order to bypass the daily limit system. If you are interested in becoming a customer of ours, you can always try again a few hours later. The counter will always reset at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

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