Database Map Tool in WHM

Posted on March 8th, 2019


In cPanel&WHM, there is a feature known as Database Map tool is available which gives you the privilege to assign ownership of databases and database users to specific cPanel accounts. The cPanel user who owns a database can manage and access through the cPanel interface. The ownership is maintained within the internal mapping of databases to users and will grant the management of the databases from inside the owner’s cPanel interface. In this documentation, we are going to discuss about the Database Map tool used in the WHM panel.


1) Log in to WHM with username and password.

2) Navigate to “SQL Services” tab from the left hand search option from the home page of WHM.

DB map Tool


3) Go to “Database Map Tool” from the page.

DB map Tool


4) Here you need to choose either the domain name or username of the cPanel user. You can also use the “Search by” option to search the list of domains or users. Then click the “Select” button.

DB map Tool


5) Here in this page, you can enter a comma-separated list of database users in the “Database users” text box which you want for the cPanel user to own.

DB map Tool


6) In the Database names text box, you need to enter a comma-separated list of databases which you want for the cPanel user to own.

DB map Tool


7) Click on the “Submit” button to update the changes.


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