How to Disable Server Wide Directory Browsing?

How to Disable Server Wide Directory Browsing?

Directory listing is disabled by default in most servers for security purposes. You can disable/enable the directory listing option from the Apache configuration. You can improve the server security by disabling this feature globally.


Method 1:  Steps to disable directory listing via WHM panel

1) Login to WHM.

2) Click “Service Configuration”.


3) Select Apache configuration.


4) Navigate to Global Configuration.


5) Untick Indexes option in “Directory ‘/’ Options”.


6) Click the Save button.

7) Rebuild Apache conf.


Method 2: Disable Directory Browsing via SSH

1) Login to server via SSH

2) Open httpd.conf

3) Search “Options” and Remove the word ‘Indexes ‘from options

 “Options ExecCGI FollowSymLinks IncludesNOEXEC Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch

Options Includes Indexes FollowSymLinks”


4) Restart Apache

 # service httpd restart


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