DNS Resolver Configuration in WHM

In this documentation, we are going to see how to configure the domain name resolver or DNS resolver of your server from the WHM. Before going to that, a little description of the terms used here is added below.


What is a DNS Resolver?

The DNS Resolvers are playing an inevitable role in the domain name resolution. They are the servers on the ISP side to provide the requested information to the client machines with the domain name resolution results. To use a resolver, we need to specify the resolver IP address on the server configuration.

In a Linux based server say a server running on Centos, we can specify the resolver IP address at the file /etc/resolv.conf. The WHM also offers an interface to configure the resolver IP address of a server. What the WHM does is to edit the /etc/resolv.conf file. Let’s see how to configure the resolver with the help of the WHM.


Steps to configure Resolver in WHM

Step 1: Login to WHM

First, you need to login to the WHM. You could login to the WHM by appending the WHM port to the hostname of the server or IP address of the server. Please note that the hostname needs to be pointed correctly to the server to use the hostname to connect to the WHM. An example is given below.

Eg: https://server.domain.com:2087

Please replace the server.comain.com with the hostname of the server or IP address of the server.


Step 2 Go to the Resolver Configuration in WHM

After logging into the WHM, you need to go to the Resolver configuration. You could locate it under the Network Setup. You could also find the feature by making a search on the top left search box.

DNS Resolver


Now another window with the text boxes to edit the resolver IP addresses will come up. You need to click on the button Proceed and you will be lead to the next page where you need to digit in the desired resolver IP addresses. As we’ve seen earlier, it will edit the /etc/resolv.conf file.

Resolver Configuration


Resolver Configuration


In this page, you could add the primary, secondary and tertiary resolver IP addresses and click on continue to proceed further. This is how we can configure the resolver IP address using WHM.


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