Edit SQL Query Settings from PhpMyAdmin

Posted on August 17th, 2018

The SQL stands for the Structured Query Language. It is used mostly in database management systems. As the name indicates, the SQL Query indicates a query in a Structured Query Language. The MySQL is a common database management system. It is used in cPanel for database management needs. It is a relational database management system and it is open-source.

The MySQL can be managed using MySQL commands but it may be challenging for beginners or normal users don’t have much command line experience. The cPanel offers PhpMyAdmin to make database management system administrative tasks handy. The PhpMyAdmin is an administrative tool that can be used to manage MySQL or MariaDB. The PhpMyAdmin is free and open-source. As the name indicates, it is written primarily in PHP.

There are many tweaks we can make using PhpMyAdmin for SQL query settings. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to edit SQL query settings from PhpMyAdmin. Please follow the steps below for adjusting SQL query settings from PhpMyAdmin.


Steps to Adjust SQL Query Settings from cPanel

1) Login to cPanel

You could login to the cPanel by entering the IP address or hostname of the server followed by a colon and port number. Ex: http://hostname:2082. If you need to access the cPanel secured URL, you need to replace the port number with the cPanel secured port number in the address bar of the web browser. https://hostname:2083. Please note, you need to access the WHM, cPanel or Webmail accounts via SSL connection (Secured connection) for the encrypted connection.


2) Go to PhpMyAdmin

Now you need to go to PhpMyAdmin. The icon is located right under the Databases section. Please click on the PhpMyAdmin button to go to the PhpMyAdmin interface.

Now, the system will redirect to the PhpMyAdmin interface. You can see the Settings button on the top bar. Please click on the Settings button as shown in the screenshot below.

SQL Query


Now, a few additional buttons like manage your settings, features, SQL Queries, Navigation panel, Main panel, Import and Export will be displayed just below the settings button. You need to go to the SQL Queries tab. A screenshot is attached for reference.

Query Settings


Now, you will be redirected to the SQL queries settings page. This is the interface you can adjust various SQL query features. Please refer the below screenshot if you have any doubts.

Query Settings


As shown in the above screenshot, you can make required changes from the above interface. Please click on the button Apply to save the changes you have made.

There is also an option to go to SQL Query box settings. Please click on the tab SQL Query box to go to the corresponding settings page. This tab is highlighted in the below screenshot.

Query Settings


This is how we can adjust the SQL query settings using PhpMyAdmin from the cPanel interface.


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