Efficiently Embed Google Maps in WordPress using WP Google Maps Plugin

Posted on May 16th, 2022

WP Google Map Plugin is the easiest and popular WordPress map plugin. It allows you to add customized Google Maps to any post or page easily. You can easily embed google maps in any post using shortcodes. Moreover, you can also add buttons to Get Directions and Set markers.

The WP Google Maps Pro Version allows you to create custom Google maps with high-quality markers. It contains locations, descriptions, images, categories, links, and directions. You can also use the contact map page, routes, maps showing directions, and delivery areas. You will have two options,  you can either choose Google maps or Open-layer maps. The plugin provides 9 different map themes. However, you can also add or create your theme. This plugin also allows you to add the Google Map on the WordPress site’s sidebar or any widget area.

It also gives you full-screen functionality. Thus, users can easily get clear location maps. There are four types of Google maps available – Roadmap, Terrain, Satellite, and Hybrid. Moreover, you can also define the width, height, and zoom level of your map. For a more attractive style, it will also let you add animations to map markers. The WP Google Map will allow you to add unlimited markers on the maps. It has more than 500+ pre-designed markers. You will have store locator functionality as well. Additionally, you can also moderate store locator features by restricting the search by country.

If you want to explore more features, then you can purchase the Pro version. Pro version consists of multiple maps and filter markers by category. Moreover, you can also import KML/KMZ files to your maps. You will be able to see your visitor’s location on the map as well. It allows you to add descriptions, links, and images to your map markers. So, let’s discuss the basic features in brief,


  • The plugin offers options for multiple Google maps like roadmap, satellite, hybrid, terrain.
  • It also allows us to set the width, height of the map, and zoom level.
  • WP Google Maps is a fully responsive and multilingual, WordPress network-friendly plugin.
  • It adds unlimited locations with various information. Also, it will let you assign multiple locations on a single map.
  • You can create multiple maps. However, you need to purchase the Pro version.
  • The plugin is compatible with all the browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • You will have a store locator feature. Additionally, you will have more advanced features in the Pro version.
  • You can list your map markers in the four ways – basic list, basic table, carousel, refined table

Pricing Details

WP Google Map plugin offers three paid plans – Pro-add-ons, Developer Bundle, and a Lifetime license. The Pro add-on plan costs $39.99 and provides a license for three sites. Also, the developer bundle costs $99.90 and gives licenses for ten sites. A lifetime license retails for $199.99 and provides the license for unlimited sites. Moreover, you will have access to all future versions.

How To Install And Activate WP Google Map Plugin

In order to use its features or embed the maps, you will require to install and activate the plugin. We have explained step by step guide to install the WP Google map plugin below,

Step 1: First, you need to log in to the WordPress admin dashboard.

Step 2: Now, you will see the option “Plugins” on the left-hand side panel. Click on “Plugins,” then select “Add New.”

Step 3: You will find a search bar on the right-hand side corner. Search “WP Google Map.”

Step 4: Now, click on “Install Now.”

Step 5: After installation, you need to activate the plugin in order to use it on your site. Click on “Activate.”

Now, you have successfully installed and activated the plugin. You can now use it on your site.

How To Use WP Google Map Plugin

After activation, you can start using this plugin on your site. However, you need to adjust some settings. You will have a welcome page asking if you want to “Skip intro and create a map.” You can start creating your map directly. If you like to adjust the settings before creating a map the follow our step by step guide explained below,

Step 1: First, you will see “Maps” on the left-hand side panel. Click on “Maps” and select “Settings” to get the main configuration menu.

Step 2: On the setting page, you will see six tabs – General settings, info window, Marker listing store locator, Advanced settings, and GDPR Compliance. First, you need to select the map engines. You can use Google maps or Open layer maps.

There is a setting that will display the info windows of your open markers on the maps you build. You can display an info window with a message in case someone clicks or hover on the maps.

Step 3: Choose any settings for info windows.

You will also have a marker listing option. It will show marker listing layout and display options. Fill these in how you want them to display on your site.

Step 4: You need to enter the store locator radius. A Store Locator will show a map of your locations. It lets your visitors find the store, business or market nearest to them by entering an address and selecting a radius/ distance from them.

Step 5: You also will find some more advanced settings for the plugin. You can add custom scripts from this tab.

The WP Google Maps plugin consists of a tab to ensure that your site is GDPR compliant in this aspect.

Step 6: If you want to ask for consent from a user before showing the map, you’ll need to check this box.

Step 7: Make sure, before going further, you have saved the settings. After completing the settings, you are ready to create maps.

How To add Google maps

Step 1: Click on “Maps” > “Maps” on the left-hand side panel. It will take you to all the maps. You will see one map that is displayed. You just need to name and edit the way you want to display it.

Step 2: Now, click on “Edit” to go for more setting options.

Step 3: You will see the two more tabs – Themes and directions. The main settings we have already completed. However, you can also edit the settings anytime for any particular map.

Step 4: Once you enter the details in map settings, you need to “Save Maps.”

Step 5: You will have a marker section below the map settings. This section allows you to build your map markers and see how they will display. You can easily add new markers by entering address/GPS. Moreover, you can also use animations in the marker.

Now, scroll down a little bit and you will see the address and location portion of the markers section.

Step 6: In this section, you can edit and create all your locations and apply markers to them. These locations will display on the map that you have made.

Now, you need to save the settings. Then take the shortcode provided and put it on any post or page you want.


It’s very easy to embed location maps on your site using the WP Google Maps plugin. Using this plugin, you can customize the options like marker settings and more. If you like to create multiple maps, then you can purchase their Pro version. You will have various advanced features like marker icons and animations. In order to use the functionality, you need to install and activate the plugin. We have mentioned step-by-step guides for how to install and use the WP Google map plugin. You can follow the steps to create or embed the maps on your site.

We hope this article will help you to install plugins and create maps for your website.

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