Enable Litespeed Cache for All WordPress Websites in cPanel

Posted on January 10th, 2019


What is Browser Caching

When a user visits a website, the elements on the page they visit are stored in a cache, so the next time if the user again visits the same site, your browser can load the page without having to send another HTTP request to the server. Install WordPress plugins which will help capture caches more effectively and ensure a faster website. You can enable Litespeed cache WordPress plugin on your website which results in the best practices that make for a high PageSpeed score, and more importantly an exceptional user experience.


How to Enable Litespeed Cache

Litespeed cache for WordPress is a plugin which helps to improve the website performance. The LiteSpeed WHM plugin includes a section for managing LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress.  From there you can enable the cache for all your WordPress installation. To do this, please follow the given below steps:

1) Login to your WHM interface.

2) Navigate to the ‘Plugins’ section.

lightspeed cache


3) Click on the icon ‘LiteSpeed Web Server’.

Litespeed Cache


4) On the next page click on the icon ‘Mass Enable/Disable Cache’ for enabling the WordPress cache for all the WordPress installation on the server.

lightspeed cache


5) A new page will open and here click on the option ‘Manage Cache Installations ‘. After clicking the mentioned option, you can also scan to discover all active WordPress installations on your server.

lightspeed cache


This is how you can enable Litespeed cache for all WordPress websites in your cPanel server. After enabling the Litespeed cache the website performance will increase.


If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.


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  1. Amarantus says:

    Hello, I have a question about LiteSpeed Cache. Whether there are positive differences in website speed – you need to use these third-party cloud and redis services in this plugin. And why, after installing this plugin, the database is many times larger. I have a small website on the lite speed server totemat[.]pl and I do not know why it is that when I run this plugin, the website works a bit slower – according to google page speed. What could be the reason?

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