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By on October 21st, 2017

Cloudflare is a free web service that secures and accelerates the website performance by the act as a proxy between the website viewer and Our servers. Through this technology, you can protect your web sites against malicious visitors and DDOS attacks and also you can save Bandwidth and reduce the page load times which will boost the website performance.

When you activate Cloudflare for websites, your sites become part of the Cloudflare network with routing technology and 23 data centers around the world. Let’s have a look on Advantages of Cloudflare technology:

1) Site Performance Improvement: Cloudflare stores Cache of your website static contents and delivered the cached contents from the closest caching box.

2) Mobile Device Optimization: it makes website pages as fast and efficient for all devices such as Mobiles, Tabs, etc.

3) Bot and Threat Protection: Cloudflare delivered data from its own database to protect the websites from malicious visitors and various attacks.

4) Offline Browsing Mode: If any case our servers are unavailable, visitors should still able to view the website because the Cloudflare uses Cache.

5) SSL Support: Cloudflare provides free SSL certificate for the websites.


Let’s discuss how we can enable Cloudflare via our cPanel Cloudflare plugin.

1) To enable Cloudflare, you need to login to your cPanel and choose “Cloudflare” under “Software” section.

Enable Cloudflare


2) Login to your Cloudflare account. If you have not signed up yet, you will need to sign up by click on “Signup” at the bottom of login Page. Enter the Email ID and Password of your Cloudflare account to login.

Enable Cloudflare


3) The next step is to enable the Cloudflare for a domain, to activate the Cloudflare for the domain you need to the add the domain to the Cloudflare and click on the gray cloud next to the domain name.

You can view the domains DNS record details under “Domains” tab and you can disable Could Flare for an individual record. Under “Settings” tab you can enable auto minify CSS, HTML, JavaScript and under “Analytics” tab you can view the Bandwidth usage and requests.

Enable Cloudflare



If you need any further assistance please contact our support department.



2 Responses to “Enable and setup CloudFlare with InterServer”

  1. Pankit Mehandru says:

    i’m unable to route throught cloudflare from CPanel.

    getting error No or invalid host_key

    • Hello Pankit,

      Greetings from InterServer.

      Please make sure you have a cloudflare account created from their website and you should be able to login to Cloudflare dashboard using those credentials from our cPanel. If you still find any issue with it, please drop us a support request to support@interserver.net

      Have a nice day.

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