How to Enable Demo Mode in WHM?

By on September 4th, 2018

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss about how to enable/disable demo mode in WHM. This feature allows you to convert any cPanel account on your server to a demo account in which we can provide the clients with a demo cPanel account so that the users can log into the account and browse. It restricts the users from making live changes to the website. The demo account appears to be fully functional but restricts the user’s ability to alter files and folders. It is commonly used as a sales tool for showing the appearance of their control panels to their clients. You can refer the following steps to enable demo mode in WHM.

1) Log in to your WHM.

2) Click on the “Account Functions” icon.

Demo mode in WHM


3) Click on the “Manage Demo Mode” icon.

Demo mode in WHM


4) Select the account which you want to enable demo account and click the “Modify” button.

Demo mode in WHM


5) Click the “Enable” button.

Demo mode in WHM


6) Click the “Disable” button if you want to disable this feature.


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