Enabling SPF and DKIM Record in Breadbasket

Posted on February 27th, 2017

SPF and DKIM is needed to verify the ownership of your sending domains before you can send the email through your account. A received email that is rejected with the reason unsigned indicates the sending domain hasn’t been setup properly. The majority of spam emails are sent with fake data in the ‘from’ field. The spammers use special software or tools to send mails on behalf of the real owner of their email address.  The SPF and DKIM records can be used in your DNS to reduce spam.

The Sender Policy Framework(SPF) is a type of DNS record that identifies which mail servers has the permission to send email from your domain. The main advantage of SPF record is that it can prevent spammers from sending mails from your domains. If your domain has a correct SPF record, then nobody is able to send the spam emails on behalf of your domain.

The Domain Keys Identified Mail(DKIM) is another method to validate the authenticity of emails. When an email is sent, it is signed using a private key and then validated on the receiving mail server using a public key that is in DNS. This process also verifies that the message was not modified during transit.

If you enable both SPF and DKIM records for domain, then there is a better chance that spam won’t be sent from your domain.

You can enable the SPF and DKIM record for your domain from your Breadbasket account.


Enable SPF and DKIM

Let’s discuss about how we can enable the SPF and DKIM record in your Breadbasket panel.

1) Login to your Breadbasket panel.

2) The SPF and DKIM records can enabled in Breadbasket when you create Addon domains.

You need to click on the button ‘Add Domain’ under the section “Domain” which will lead to you the next page. There, will be an option “Mail Validation records” and a check box next to it. Make sure it is checked, before clicking on “Add Domain” button so that the mail validation records like SPF, DKIM and DMARC will be added to the domain automatically.

Please refer the screen shot for any clarification.





3) The SPF and DKIM enable for the primary domain on Breadbasket, follow the steps that change your primary domain name. Please access the Breadbasket control panel >> Webuzo Webuzo Config:



4) After that, go to the ‘Manage Domain’ section ,then delete the primary domain and add back as Addon. At this time, the main domain that we changed earlier will change the status of a primary. It becomes a parked primary domain so that it can be removed.





5) Finished the SPF and DKIM setup for the primary domain. For checking whether its successful or not, access the ‘DNS Zone Settings’ from menu. It will display the SPF and DKIM records. Please be aware that this method will change the primary domain.



6) If the SPF and DKIM are enabled successfully, then you will see the records in the DNS Zone.



If you need any further assistance please contact our support department.



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