Enabling SPF and DKIM Record in cPanel

Nowadays, the majority of spam emails have fake data in the ‘from’ field. Spammers and fraudsters use special tools to send their mail on behalf of the real owner of their e-mail address. To reduce spam, you can use just two records in your domain name system(DNS). These are SPF and DKIM record. The records reduce the spam and improve email delivery in a different way.

A Sender Policy Frame(SPF) record indicates which mail server is authorize to send mail for a domain. SPF record is an effective and simple method which lets you avoid spam issues. If your domain name has a correct SPF record, then you can assured nobody is able to send fake e-mails on behalf of your domain name. Email recipient perform a check for ‘is the email is coming from an authorized mail server or not’. If not, then the email is considered as a spam. Your SPF record lets the recipient server perform this verification. The SPF record verifies that an email comes from authorized servers.

A Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is another method of e-mail authentication. This method uses information about domain which is published by the domain owner. That information allows the receiving server to verify if the e-mail message was sent by an authorized owner of that domain name. DKIM record adds a digital signature to the emails your mail server sends. The e-mail recipient servers perform a check: “Does the signature match?” If so, then the email is from a trusted sender. Your DKIM DNS record lets the recipient server perform this verification. The DKIM check verifies that the message is signed and associated with the correct domain.

You can reduce the potential for spam email appearing to be sent from your account if you have both an SPF and DKIM record in place. Many of the major email providers use these technologies to help reduce spam.

You can enable the SPF and DKIM record for your domain from your cPanel account.


Enable SPF and DKIM 

Here we can discuss about how to enable SPF and DKIM record from your cPanel interface.

1) Login to your cPanel account.

2) Scroll down and select the ‘Authentication icon’ from the e-mail category.



3) Then a new window will open and here you can see the options to enable SPF and DKIM records. Click ‘Enable’ and the records will be added to the DNS zone.



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