Error Fix: Joomla ‘SMTP connect () failed’ Error

Posted on October 25th, 2018

Error Fix: Joomla ‘SMTP connect () failed’ Error While Sending Mails

Joomla ‘SMTP connect () failed’ is a commonly encountered error while sending emails. When users try to update contact form they may face this type of error. By default, Joomla uses the PHP mail function to send emails. This setting can be changed from Joomla admin dashboard.

1) Login to your Joomla Admin Dashboard.

2) Click on the ‘Global’ menu under the ‘Configuration’ category.

SMTP Error


3) Select the tab ‘Server’.

SMTP Error


4) Under the ‘Mail Settings’ section, change the ‘Mailer’ as SMTP. From the drop-down box for Mailer, choose SMTP instead of PHP Mail:

SMTP Error


5) Configure the below SMTP settings.

SMTP connect


Enter the name of your mail server in the ‘SMTP Host’ section. This is your domain name or Enter the port and SMTP authentications such as username and password you are using.


6) Click on the ‘Send Test mail’ to confirm that the email was sent successfully.


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  1. Avadhesh says:


    Please tell me, in my local system smtp mail is not sending. Same configuration is working on live site..


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