Error While Adding Addon Domain in cPanel

By on December 6th, 2018


In a single cPanel account you can host multiple independent domains and for that, you have to add those domains as addon domain in your cPanel account. Addon domain works as an independent domain with separate document root in your cPanel account.

Create an addon domain
In order to add a new domain as an addon-domain in your cPanel account, first login to the cPanel account and click on the option “Addon Domains” from the DOMAINS.

Then you need to enter the domain name in the field “New domain name” which you are planning to host as an addon-domain in your cPanel account.

Even if you are hosting the domain as an addon domain, cPanel will consider it as a Subdomain. While adding the addon domain cPanel will generate a subdomain and Document root corresponding to the new addon domain name.

In some cases, you will end up with the error while adding a new domain as an addon domain. If you are getting the following error, please follow the below steps to resolve the error and add the domain successfully in your cPanel account:

“Could not determine the nameserver IP address for “”.

The first thing you have to make sure that the domain which you are adding is registered with a valid domain registrar.

Please follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

1) Login to WHM.

2) Navigate to Home >> Server Configuration.

Error in addon


3) Select the icon ‘Tweak Settings’.

Error in addon


4) Click on the tab ‘Domains’. Find the option ‘Allow unregistered domains ‘and turn it on.

Addon Domain


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  1. Gloria says:

    My WHM doesn’t show “Tweak settings” tab. It only shows “Basic webhost manager setup”. Please what can I do? Thank you so much

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