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cPanelID is a set of credentials that allows customers to login to various cPanel websites and services. It is a combination of username and password. cPanelID is used to reduce the number of usernames and passwords that the cPanel users need to remember. Using cPanelID the customer only needs to remember a single username and password for the cPanel Store, the cPanel ticketing system and the billing system. cPanelID uses a single username and password authentication database on the back end. cPanelID is used to login to resources like cPanel store, cPanel ticketing system and manage2 billing system.


Obtaining cPanelID

The resellers, cPanel accounts, and cPanel account users must register to obtain a cPanelID. All cPanel and WHM owners already have a cPanelID.  Click ‘Login via cPanelID’ of the cPanel, WHM or Webmail interfaces and click Register link.

cpanel ID


In cPanel and WHM version 54, an external authentication is used to allow users to login to cPanel, WHM, and Webmail with a third party identity provider account. The difference between cPanelID and panel external authentication is that, cPanelID is a combination of username and password where as cPanelID external authentication identity provider is a module which allows to link a cPanelID to cPanel, WHM, or Webmail account on a server, and then log in to that service. cPanelID act as a key where as cPanelID external authentication identity provider act as one of the many locks into which the key fits.


Enable/Disable “Login via cPanelID”

Navigate to Home>>Security Center>>Manage ExternalAuthentication.

cpanel ID


Accessing cPanel using cPanelID

 1) Access cPanel URL domain.com/cpanel

2) Click the option ‘Login via cPanelID’.

3) Link cPanel account with cPanelID.


If you need any further assistance please contact our support department.



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