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Posted on September 8th, 2016

Webuzo is a solitary client control board/Application Director which permit clients to convey mainstream web applications like Word Press, Joomla and Drupal and so forth with a single click. No System Administrator level skills are required to introduce such applications. You need to concentrate on utilizing the application as opposed to keeping up that applications and is similar to cPanel. Webuzo is perfect for use in enterprises, small to medium business situations and just about 240 web applications are supported by Webuzo. It is reasonable for web engineers to use alongside web applications, framework applications like MongoDB, Apache, NGINX, Java and so forth.


1) Webuzo PageCookery Stack

PageCookery is the main open offering of single-client form of the open source microblogging program. PHP + MySQL based design is an arrangement of effectiveness and steadiness, to “share revelation” for the idea of Web 2.0 answers for smaller scale blog.


2) Webuzo PmWiki Stack

PmWiki is a wiki-based framework for community oriented creation and upkeep of websites. PmWiki pages look and act like ordinary site pages, with the exception that it contains “Alter” that makes it simple to change existing pages and include new pages into the site, utilizing fundamental altering rules. You don’t have to know or utilize any HTML or CSS. Page altering can be left open to general society or limited to a group.


3) Webuzo Quick.CMS Stack

Quick.CMS is far reaching and simple to tweak Content Administration Framework helpful in your site administration. This device empowers you to effortlessly broaden usefulness and change format of your site.


4) Webuzo Nibbleblog Stack

Nibbleblog is simple, quick, and a free CMS blog. The database utilized depends on XML records and along these lines it is not important to utilize MySQL or comparable DBMS.


5) Webuzo Mantis Bug Tracker Stack

MantisBT is a free famous online bug tracking framework. It is composed in the PHP scripting dialect and works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases and a webserver. MantisBT can be introduced on Windows, Linux, Macintosh OS, OS/2, and others. Any web program ought to have the capacity to work as a customer.


6) Webuzo Glue Stack

Glue is an open source pastebin forked from the first pastebin.com script. It’s finished with a fresh out of the box new plan and elements. For example, watchword secured glues, chronicles, custom formats, and more still to come.


7) Webuzo phpScheduleIt Stack

phpScheduleIt is an Open Source electronic reservation and booking framework, permitting clients to enlist and after that, spot reservations on any sort of assets, for example, gathering rooms, machines, PCs, and so on. The managerial side permits complete control over client authorizations, asset information, reservation information, and has numerous configurable settings.


8) Webuzo Monstra Stack

Monstra is a quick and little substance administration framework written in PHP! Monstra is the best CMS to deal with a little business site. Monstra gives astounding programming interfaces to modules, topics and center engineers!


9) Webuzo Redaxscript Stack

Redaxscript is an ultra-lightweight site motor, disentangling the universe of complex online projects. Experience the eventual fate of web outline and advancement.


10) Webuzo ExtCalendar Stack

ExtCalendar is an open-source logbook application, with an incorporated occasion management framework. ExtCalendar is an effective multi-client electronic timetable application. Highlights incorporate: multi-dialects, subjects, repetitive occasions, classifications, clients and gatherings administration, environment and general settings, layout setup, and item redesigns.


11) Webuzo Impleo Stack

Impleo is a basic PHP-script for dealing with your record gathering. It’s conceivable to include, alter and erase records. Every record contains the name of the craftsman, title of the record and year of discharge. It is conceivable to include any point of interest of your decision.


12) Webuzo EPESI Stack

EPESI is a web application for overseeing business data. It makes information sorting out and sharing simple, disentangles interior correspondence and makes work process more effective. EPESI has a particular configuration which makes it adaptable and simple to adjust. Its base comprises of CRM application with PHP system, both free and open source, that can be stretched out with specific modules. EPESI is anything, but difficult to utilize. It has a decent, perfect and natural interface. Numerous functionalities are composed particularly to give the client a chance to work more viably. EPESI likewise has loads of short-cutting techniques permitting you brisk access to your information.


13) Webuzo Arfooo Stack

Arfooo Registry is the most capable free and open source index script on the planet. The catalog script incorporates numerous adjustable elements with a solitary snap, concentrated on and intended to fulfill the best number of website admins around the world. With its propelled highlights, Arfooo index is not a straightforward connection registry script. Arfooo Catalog permits you to make indexes without asking to join (URL) in accommodation structure. Hence, you can make a wide range of catalogs (business index, work …) Arfooo Registry is created with most recent advancements: MVC engineering, PHP 5 (OOP), JavaScript/Ajax (jQuery) and utilizes UTF8 encoding. This catalog script is produced and composed by an expert of website streamlining (SEO) and incorporates engineering and capacities particularly devoted to help you improve your SEO index in all point of interest: URL Revamping, hostile to copy content, conceivable advancement of every field (html title, meta portrayal, h1 label), and Sitemap.


14) Webuzo eXtplorer Stack

eXtplorer is a php-based record chief for your own particular web space. It’s cross-program agreeable and offers all that you require. eXtplorer is a PHP-and JavaScript-based Document Supervisor, which you can put all on one web space.


15) Webuzo Aardvark Topsites Stack

Aardvark Topsites PHP is a free topsites script based on PHP and MySQL. A top-sites list positions a gathering of related destinations by prominence. Website admins join the top-sites list and are given a catch to put on their webpage and connection back to the top-sites list.


16) Webuzo MyWebSQL Stack

MyWebSQL is a definitive desktop trade for dealing with your MySQL databases over the web. With an interface that works simply like most desktop applications, you do not have to continue changing over site pages to complete basic things.


17) Webuzo Trellis Work Area Stack

Trellis Work area is an intense and hearty help work area answer for your business. Enhance your organization’s administration by permitting your clients to rapidly and effortlessly submit bolster tickets to your group. Trellis Work area brandishes a scope of cutting edge applications that empower your business to handle client bolster all the more efficiently.


18) Webuzo ArticleSetup Stack

ArticleSetup is the capable, adaptable, and shockingly straightforward web programming that you can use to setup your own particular article registry site. This premium script is not hard to utilize, adaptable, component rich, completely upheld, and best of all, it’s totally free. ArticleSetup is the free PHP article index script that permits you to distribute articles put together by writers; like EzineArticles or ArticleBase.


19) Webuzo PhpGedView Stack

PhpGedView is a progressive lineage program which permits you to see and alter your family history on your site. PhpGedView has full altering abilities, full protection capacities, can import from GEDCOM records, and backings media like photographs and archive pictures. PhpGedView likewise rearranges the way toward teaming up with others chipping away at your family tree. Your most recent ancestry data is dependably on your site and accessible for others to see.


20) Webuzo GPixPixel Stack

GPixPixel is a FREE yet effective million-pixel script, in light of the well-known advertising idea. Propelled settings incorporate, among others, the capacity to utilize intertwined pictures, briefly bring the webpage down for upkeep, and set it back online when all progressions are done, and empower/cripple blog remarks. Different installment modules are accessible for pixel buying, including Authorize.Net, PayPal, NOCHEX, PSiGates, and others. More are being included constantly. PayPal IPN is completely upheld, as well!


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