File Manager in cPanel

Posted on July 21st, 2016

In this documentation, we can learn about File Manager in cPanel.  File Manager allows you to manage your site through HTTP, FTP, or third party application. By utilizing File Manager, your cPanel account grants you the ability to: add, delete, access, modify, and view files from your account.


Accessing the File Manager

1) Login to cPanel.

2) Select the “File Manager” from the section ‘Files’.

File Manager


3)  After selecting the File Manager, you will get prompted and select the directory from the file.

4) Select the “Show hidden file” to see the hidden files.

5) Click Go

6) After that, the “File Manager” is opened in a new window.


The File Window

The file window displays the selected directory content. If no files or folders exist in the selected folder, the file window we can only see is, “This directory is empty.” Also, we can see the details of files and sub-folder.

File Manager


File and Folder Actions:

When we select a folder or file we can see a menu of actions.

Move – Move the selected folder or file to new location you need.

Copy – Copy the selected folder or file to new location you need.

Rename- Rename the selected folder or file.

Change Permissions- User can change the permission of the selected folder or file.

Delete- Delete the selected file or folder.

Compress- Compress the selected file or folder in an archive and store into a directory.

Password Protect- You must enable the password protection.


Search for a file

In the top of the File Manager window we can see a search tool. It is used to search the file you want.

1) Select the directory you want to search.

2) Enter the filename in the text box.

3) Click Go

A new window will open with the search result. That is how we can manage sites using File Manager.


If you need any further assistance on this topic please reach our support department.



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