How to Generate an SSH Key on Windows using PuTTY?

Posted on October 14th, 2016

You can generate an SSH key on Windows using the PuTTY SSH client.

To generate a key with PuTTY, you should:

1) Download and start the puttygen.exe generator.

2) Under the “Parameters” menu select SSH2 DSA and press Generate.

ssh key


3) Click the Generate button.

ssh key


4) Randomly move your mouse in the area below the progress bar. When the progress bar is full, PuTTYgen generates your key pair.

ssh key


5) Type a passphrase in the Key passphrase field. Type the same passphrase in the Confirm passphrase field. You can use a key without a passphrase, but this is not recommended.

ssh key


6) Click the Save private key button to save the private key. Warning! You must save the private key. You will need it to connect to your machine.

ssh key


7) Right-click in the text field labeled Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized keys file and choose Select All. Right-click again in the same text field and choose Copy.

ssh key


That is how we can generate ssh Key on Windows using Putty.


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