How to Generate SSH key in Windows

Posted on March 1st, 2016

In this documentation, we can check how to generate SSK key in Windows server using Putty.


1) Download the putty from the following site.

2) Start the puttygen.exe generator.

3) Go to the section ‘Parameter’ and choose ‘SSH2 DSA’.

SSK keygen


4) Click the button ‘Generate’.

5) Move the mouse randomly on the blank screen to generate the key pairs.

SSK keygen


6) Enter the key comment.

SSK keygen


7) Enter the key passphrase and confirm it.

8) Click the button ‘Save private key’ to save the private key.

9) Click the button ‘Save public key’ to save the public key.

SSK keygen


10) Make sure to copy the text in the field ‘Public key for pasting into openSSH authorized keys file.


That is how we can generate SSH key in Windows using putty.


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