GetResponse vs. MailChimp: Comparison and Complete Review

By on November 9th, 2021

When you tend to advertise a brand or product, it is necessary to be familiar with social media marketing or trends in the latest marketing strategies. Also, it should reach effective media. In the dilemma of selecting from various choices in the marketing world, you will come to know about Email Marketing. These services are more beneficial for those who have e-Commerce stores because these services offer Woo-commerce integrations.

Email Marketing is the old concept of social marketing. But it is an effective way of communicating with the actual audience. The audience provides their Email address by trusting the platforms. If they are entitled to keep them updated with the new information, the marketer should select communication wisely and effectively. If you choose Email marketing to explore your brand or product among an audience, the two best Email services are Get Response and Mail Chimp. These services are known for their fastest performance as well as their multiple features.

These Email marketing tools provide reasonable online marketing solutions. Also, it empowers entrepreneurs to enhance their business and Its Growth. For operational planning, the marketer should be familiar with the 4 P’s – Price, Product, Place, and Promotion. To select the best and cheapest services, we have mentioned the detailed complete review and comparison of best Email marketing services Get Response Vs. Mail Chimp. Both Email marketing services are suggested by the world’s leading brand and the leaders among the various Email marketing solutions.

How does the GetResponse service differ from the MailChimp service?

Both the services are the world’s leading platforms entrusted and recommended by famous brands. Still, there are some differences in their features and tools provided to their customers. They are comparatively cheaper. We have explained the detailed analysis of these Email marketing services. You can select the right marketing services based on their features which can suit your site.

#1. Email Marketing Services: GetResponse Vs. MailChimp

GetResponse is one of the best Email marketing platforms. It serves over 3,50,000 small businesses, brands, and marketers. It helps marketing strategies and solutions to its customers. Moreover, it integrates more than 300 professionals globally.

They aim to offer a robust solution and scale for small and large companies. It also helps users to build a targeted subscriber list. You can also send newsletters, videos, Emails, campaigns. These all include responsive mail design, landing page creator with statistical analysis tools. Get Response offers a complete suite of robust and straightforward solutions. It is scaled and customized for small and large companies.

MailChimp was designed to enhance small businesses and large businesses by finding more customers for their platform. This service serves millions of customers around the world. They aim to provide the alternative to those oversized and expensive email software.

That software doesn’t give high-end tools and resources access to new technology. That helps users to explore their particular brand or product. It is a cloud-based email marketing solution. It allows businesses of all sizes to design and automate. The service manages marketing campaigns across various email platforms, ad channels, and more.

With the help of Mail Chimp, you can create campaigns and connect with the audience. It also combines with apps and web services to integrate other features and tools on your platform. So that you can one step up in marketing strategy.

Which Email marketing service is more advanced in comparison with each other?

Ans: Get Response has more tools and services than Mail Chimp. Integration tools are more effective in Mail Chimp compared to get Response.

#2. Design: GetResponse Vs. MailChimp

While conversing with your clients or subscribers, you have to take care of branding. Design and branding play a vital role in the presentation of your product in front of your clients. So let’s see how Get Response and Mail chimp differ from each other in this aspect.


Get Response provides a drag and drop email editor, Image editor. Also, it comes with dynamic content and real-time Mobile Preview. Drag and drop editor allows you to create templates of any kind. It furnishes many options such as snippet archives and Basic block creation.

For Security of content or message of Email, they provide spam checker tools powered by Spam Assassin. This tool will analyze the content’s formatting, amount, and type of links and images and code spam words. It ultimately provides you with tips about the area that requires correction.

Mail Chimp provides the same drag and drops editor to switch up content and customize layouts of emails like getting Response as it contains Mail Chimp’s content manager. So that you can store images and files for campaigns, in the content manager, you will find a code editor. These codes will help you to embed URLs in images.

#3. Branding Features: GetResponse Vs. MailChimp

GetResponse provides autoresponders that start the conversation with the subscribers from when they sign up for further updates. E-course, the educational cycle is managed by a drag and drop organizer. Its advanced segment features create a group of similar contracts and send highly targeted relevant messages.

Subscribers engagement is essential for branding, so optimizing message delivery with perfect timing is the must for effective branding. For optimization of message delivery, you will have a travel time feature. Email marketing services should have a reputable delivery status and be trusted. Well, Get Response is delivering 99% of its service.

By following subscribers’ lead, the service is providing A/B testing. It helps you to moderate all the fields from email addresses to design and content. MailChimp provides fewer sections in graphics compared to getting Responses. It contains a great range of HTML forms to create and design email templates. Like Get Response, Mail Chimp also delivers automation for starting conversations with clients, such as RSS to mail.

A/B and multivariate testing also lead to smartly knowing the audience by testing new subject lines, layouts, and images on audience segments.

Get Response has optimized landing page features. MailChimp lacks this feature though you have to pay $15 per month to utilize it. But you can also use the free version to create a landing page in 1000 views.

Final review: Both Email marketing services offer advanced features, including RSS to mail and A/B testing. But in the creation of the landing page, GetResponse has optimized features.

#4. Integration: GetResponse Vs MailChimp

Both the services are well integrated with leading tools that make the marketing process smooth. Mostly there are major payment channels like Pay Pal, big commerce. It also integrates other social media marketing platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and many more. So with the help of these platforms, you can track everything via social share analytics.

MailChimp has integrations with most of the services as an industry leader. At the same time, Get Response is integrated with many benefits like the Zapier service. And it has 123 apps integrated like amazon payment integration, Bing ads, etc.

Final review: it is seen that this section goes in favor of MailChimp. As Get Response doesn’t integrate with Google Drive, which is an essential need for clients. However, both services have multiple integrations which enhance your store’s business.

#5. Pricing & Plans: GetResponse Vs MailChimp

GetResponse is one of the popular Email marketing platforms. The plans are well categorized for various users, whether beginner email marketers, growth-focused marketers or entrepreneurs.

There are monthly, yearly and for two years plans with a specific discount on one-time payments. There are four plans- Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise. All the plans will have two essential features like Email Marketing. It contains Autoresponders and a landing page. Email costs about $15 per month, and Pro is $49 per month.

Unlike Email and Pro, Max had all the advanced features such as campaign consulting and webinar 500 attendees. It costs about $165 per month, limited to 5 users. If you purchase the annual package, you will get an 18% discount on all plans. And in the two-year package, you will get a 30% discount on plans.

Mail Chimp has cheaper plans than getting Response. It mainly consists of three plans- Free, Grow, and Pro. Free plans are suitable for beginners, including almost all the features except testing, Advanced segmentation. Also, you can send time optimization with 200 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

While in Grow and Pro, you will have all the features with unlimited subscribers and emails per month. Unlike Grow, Pro provides Multivariate testing. This costs $199 per month. And the Growth plan costs start from $10 per month. However, you can also estimate monthly rates based on subscribers and list size.

Final review: Get Response doesn’t offer a free plan though it starts from $15 per month with limited features. MailChimp offers a free plan to estimate rates based on subscribers and list size with almost all elements.


Both the services provide pretty similar things but selecting the best options for your business. And we have detailed reviews of them—the 4 P’s stand for Price, Product, Place, and Promotion. If you choose email marketing for branding and design, you should try these two services.

Get Response aims to offer a robust solution and scale for small and large companies. It also helps users to build a targeted subscriber list. It also allows you to send newsletters, videos, Emails, follow-up campaigns. MailChimp was designed to enhance small businesses and large businesses by finding more customers for their platform. Also, you can see the details of plan pricing above. Thus, you can quickly check which services are cheaper. However, Get Response doesn’t offer a free version. And Mail chimp provides a free trial and version.

Moreover, Email marketing services offer advanced features, including RSS to mail and A/B testing. But in the creation of the landing page, Get Response has much more features.

We would recommend you to use Get Response over MailChimp for those who want to grow their business. However, Get Response is more expensive than Mail Chimp, but you will get the best and pro features. We have mentioned a review of getting response and Mail chimp. We hope this article will help you to choose the right marketing service for your site.

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