What is Git? Common Git Commands

In this documentation, we can check what is Git and common Git commands.


Git is an efficient open source version control system. It tracks contents such as files and directories. It manages changes to a project without overwriting any part of the project.


Install Git on Linux

We can install the Git on Linux servers using the following commands:

In Fedora:

       yum install git

In Ubuntu:

       apt-get install git



Initializes a git repository.

git init


Add file to the repository.

git add


To commit commands.

git commit  -a


View the current log.

git log


Check the current status.

git status


Create branch.

git branch branch_name


List all branches.

git branch


Delete the branch.

git branch -d branch_name


Create a Tag.

git tag tag_name


Delete the Tag.

git tag -d  tag_name


Push Tags.

git push –tags


View all the merge conflicts.

git diff


Set configuration values

git config


Make a git repository copy from a remote source.

git clone


Remove files from index.

git rm


Check out a different branch.

git checkout


Merge branches.

git merge


Reset the index and working directory.

git reset


Fetch all the objects.

git fetch.


Show all the remote versions of your repository.

git remote


Show information about a git object.

git show


Show tree object.

git ls-tree


View the type of an object.

git cat-file


Graphical Tcl/Tk based interface to a local git repository.



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