Google AdSense Tips and Tricks

By on October 14th, 2016

What is Google AdSense?

The Google AdSense is an advertising placement service by Google. This application program allows the website publishers to display targeted text, image, or video advertisements on the webpages of the websites. The publishers will be paid when a website viewer clicks on the advertisement. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue based on the either per-click or per-impression. This is how Google AdSense works. The application was initially released on June 18, 2003. Let’s see some helpful tips and tricks that would allow you to use the Google AdSense effectively.


Tips and Tricks

The most important thing is that you need to use the units aggressively. This can make a noticeable change and increase your income. We are going to see some tips and tricks that will allow you to use the application in an efficient manner.

1) Use large units

2) Above the fold

3) Use AdSense for search

4) Publish new contents regularly

5) Use fine keywords and keep good keyword density

6) Keep the contents user focused

7) Color coordinate the ads


Insert large units in your website

It is always recommended that using large units in your websites if you really wish to make money from the AdSense. Using large units will increase the clicks and will give you more income as of the experience of many users.

You are advised to use the following sizes.

1) 120×600 large skyscrapper

2) 300×250 rectangle

3) 336×280 large rectangle

4) The 728×90 leaderboard is also recommended

Above the fold

Most people will place the units between the post and comment section of the blogs, but it is better that you should place the large units always above the fold. What is this “above the fold”?  The area visible for a website without scrolling the website down is called “above the fold”. It may feel that there is some lack of privacy when using this method, but you should remember that you must place the units above the fold if you wish to make money from AdSense. However, you should keep in mind that the number of units should not go beyond the limits otherwise it will irritate your customers.

Use AdSense for search

AdSense is also another way to get maximum clicks. This is just another product and it can help your browser to get maximum earnings.

Update the contents regularly

The next tip is updating the units regularly. You should publish new contents regularly on your website. If the visitors has seen content that they have seen before even a week, it will not be good for a website that has reasonable traffic. Keep publishing new content on your website regularly and it doesn’t have to be daily.

Use fine keywords and keep good keyword density

Better key words are the most important factor of Google advertising. You should always try to use better key words because it will bring visitors to your websites. You should not use very competitive keywords and low competitive keywords, but you should keep moderate competitive keywords in the ads.

The keyword density is another factor that matters to the traffic your website. You should check the keyword density before publishing the advertisement. Good keyword density will improve traffic to your website in search engines.

Make the website informative and user focused

You should use the ads logically on the websites. Try not to overwhelm your viewers with an abundant amount of ads. Keep in mind that your income is not something the users are concerned with. They want your website to be a guide to the products or services they have used or purchased. If you fulfill their needs and satisfy their conditions, then traffic to your website will be increased. Keep in mind that the website should encourage the viewers, but not mount a load on them. An informative website will be always the first option to users.

Color coordinate the ads

Color coordination plays an important role in the setting of ads. Usually people will not click on something that looks like an advertisement that is not related with the content in the webpage. When ads look different from the overall setup of the page, it will be off putting to users. People will try to avoid visiting websites that are loaded with ads. From your control panel, you can set the appropriate border color, link color, text color, and background color so that the ad will match the overall theme of your website.

We’ve seen a number of tips and tricks that will increase the traffic to your website and will let you earn more from Google AdSense. There are many methods to use Google AdSense effectively, but these simple and easy to implement tips.


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