Google Site Kit – Analytics, Speed, Search Console, and AdSense

By on July 14th, 2021

The internet is huge! And there are many tools to monitor your site. But, One of the best Analytics and Search console provider is obviously, Google! There are many other networks too, but Google is the biggest and the most popular search engine. It’s Google Analytics is also the best Analytics software available for tracking users on your site. AdSense, by Google is also one of the best Advertising and Publishing networks right now.

We can understand that running a website needs a full eye on it; In terms of analytics, continuously improving your content, performance testing, and more. It is difficult to manage everything in one go. That’s why Google introduced Site Kit plugin for WordPress users.

Site kit helps you connect the following six Google services with your WordPress site:

  1. Analytics
  2. PageSpeed Insight
  3. Search Console
  4. Adsense
  5. Optimize
  6. Tag manager

By using Site Kit, you don’t require an individual plugin for integrating each of the above services with your WordPress site. It helps you keep an eye on users and Search performance too!

Benefits of using Google Sitekit:

  • Adaptable stats directly on your WordPress Dashboard
  • Quick setup for multiple Google tools
  • Official insights from multiple Google tools
  • Provide straightforward suggestion for improvement
  • Flexible user-interface

The SiteKit plugin makes the process of setting up these services a lot easier. Let’s look at what the site kit has to offer by installing the plugin on WordPress.

Plugin Setup

Here are a few steps to set up the plugin on WordPress. To understand practically, we need to install and activate the plugin.

1. Install and activate the plugin

Installing the plugin is an easy process. In your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins >> Add New and search Site Kit by Google. Find the correct plugin from the search result. Then, Install and activate it.

Site Kit - Google's Official WordPress Plugin

It will prompt you to begin the setup process right away.

Sign in with Google to continue.

2. Verify site ownership and Set up search Console

Verify the site ownership in Google Site Kit

To verify your ownership and set up your search console properly, Google wants to access your site and your account data.

After that, choose the email that you can connect with. It will ask for permission to view and manage search console data for your site. To proceed, click on the Allow button for each prompt.

If you’ve already connected your wordpress site to the search console, then google will automatically integrate it. If you don’t, you’ll be urged to do so.

Click on the Allow button in all the steps and Google will handle the rest. The plugin will then be ready to use.

The basic setup procedure is now completed.

3. Integrate the site with Google services

Once you complete the setup wizard, you’ll be able to see how your site is doing in search. On the top of the plugin dashboard, you’ll see links to connect AdSense, Analytics, and PageSpeed Insight.

It’s a one-click setup process. Google will ask for permission and account confirmation to set up each service individually.

You can also add more services by visiting Site Kit >> Settings >> Connect more services.

That’s it. You can set up the service in a matter of minutes.

Setup More Google Services in Google Site Kit


  • Monitor site traffic
  • Test website performance
  • Powerful analytics
  • Website monetization using AdSense
  • Add tracking pixels and snippet

Why Google Site Kit?

The plugin gives you full flexibility to use its services. Unlike other plugins, it does not pressure you to connect its all services. For example, if you only want to use analytics as a service for analyzing data then it is not necessary to start all other services as well. To customize your setups, you’ll need to visit each service individually. Also, the data you will see on this plugin is officially displayed by Google from Google’s servers to Google’s official plugin. So, you can be worry-free when it comes to the maintenance and future updates for the plugin.

You can integrate your wordpress website with Google Site Kit in just a few clicks. It is a big time saver.

It takes only a single click to start any service. And most important, the plugin shouldn’t slow your loading time. Overall, it simplifies the process dramatically.

The plugin is open-source, You can use Google Site Kit for absolutely free. 

That’s it. We hope after going through this article, it helps you connect your website with Google Site Kit easily.

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